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Pride before the fall

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The white road

I am 24 when my doctor tells me that I was abused. She doesn’t tell me what happened to me, or plant any memories that weren’t already there. She takes what I have told her and she puts it all inside those six letters, that one word.

Before she takes my memories and gives me that word, I tell her that I have made the appointment because I want to know why I can’t stand being touched. I tell her that I’m 24 and I’m sick of flinching when shop assistants hand me my change, just in case their fingers brush against my palm and there is that fire again, the one that rushes up from my bone to the membrane of my skin any time it comes into contact that I wasn’t expecting. I tell her that I have been trying to do this properly, from dating to everything else, and it’s like I’m blocked. It’s like I’m missing a piece of myself that makes me an adult, or perhaps even a human, and I don’t know where it’s gone.

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“I don’t wanna fight you, Alex. Please don’t make me. Cuz if… we do… who’s gonna fly the ship?”

“What happened to you?”

The Expanse 2x08, for @silver-89


y’all shall know i reach the maximum of sin and crackness when i end up doing this.

make me choose

anonymous said: gx or arc-v?

You rrrrrreally thought you could pull this project through to completion without making frequent backups.


Well, you won’t be making that poor judgement again for a bit, will you?