i can't look at your puppy eyes anymore


DELPHINE “I am so puppy happy to see you.” CORMIER

  • Natsu: >.> Sooo... explain to me again why I can't date Juvia.
  • Juvia: Juvia would like to know as well. >.>
  • Erza: Because it messes up the whole chart, don't you see?! -_-* Juvia is smitten with Gray, who is obviously just playing hard to get. Then you have Lucy, who is CRAZY for you, Natsu! You're best friends, so you'll have a really good relationship when you come to grips with your feelings for her. *nods sagely*
  • Natsu: ... Erza, don't take it the wrong way, but that chart is crap. I don't even know where half the pairings on there come from. >.>
  • Juvia: And you're clearly leaving some things out... like Lyon's infatuation with me (where did he suddenly pick up an interest in Meldy, anyway?), Loke-san's flirtatious attitude with Lucy, Ichiya-san's obsession with you...
  • Erza: Don't even GO there. >.> Look, this is the final product, alright? Yes, all those people MIGHT have complicated the chart in the past, but everything's settled now, and we are ALL. HAPPY.
  • Natsu: Yeah, I'm happy with Juvia. >.> Look, Erza, you can't just go choosin' who's gonna be paired up with who. I don't like ya lockin' lips with Blueberry, but you don't see me whippin' up some weird-ass chart to break you two up.
  • Erza: o.o Wh-What?
  • Juvia: Juvia will always be grateful to Gray-sama for showing her the beauty of a cloudless sky, but Juvia has moved on because Gray-sama will not give Juvia the time of day. But Natsu-sama gives Juvia... everything... @.@
  • Natsu: And you'll always be important to me, Erza, but I can't take bein' in the friendzone anymore. So go on 'n keep your Blueberry, and I'll keep mine. Fair? ^__^
  • Erza: But... But... But...
  • Natsu: C'mon, Ju! Let's go have some... fun... ^_____^
  • Juvia: Punishment Game?! *__*
  • Natsu: Eh, why not? You been a bad girl, Ju-chan?
  • Juvia: *pout* Very, very bad, Natsu-sama. Juvia must be punished. Punish Juvia 'til she cums...? *puppy dog eyes*
  • Natsu: *wraps an arm around her shoulders* Alright, alright... C'mon, you naughty girl... ^__^ *leads her away from the redhead*
  • Juvia: ^__^
  • Erza: *watches the two leave with a wounded look; sniffles* Nat...su...?
  • Jellal: *shuffles up to her guiltily* Erza...? I need... comfort...
  • Erza: -_- Of course. What did you do this time...?
  • Jellal: I... I stepped on a tadpole...
  • Erza: ...
  • Jellal: It... It wiggled under my foot, and I killed it...! Oh, why?!
  • Erza: ... **What have I done...? Natsu, come back!!!** T_T