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First for everything when making stuff. I think it’s the Lucky Palms sidewalk texture that someone extracted for CAW. I don’t know who because I’ve been hoarding textures like forever. :P Scaled the original 1024 image down twice (it’s almost like making seamless textures) and that made the perfect match to the sidewalk. 

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hey i saw ur into gajevy???!! what is it u like about them im curious!!!!! also love ur blog <3

uhHHH what’s NOT to like about gajevy amirite or amirite? honestly i’m just the biggest sucker for ships like this — some form of hate to love (obviously it’s not exact but they definitely didn’t start off as best buds), big grumpy guys and bright sunshine girls who don’t take their shit, it gets me good.

just… they obviously had the rockiest meeting. he faux-crucified her and her friends for fuck’s sake, after destroying her guild. and maybe it’s partly because gajeel is my favorite character and his redemption means so much to me but watching him actively trying to earn her forgiveness in his own way (taking blows from her teammates, risking his life for her, offering to help her) just makes me so happy. 

he tries so hard to make up for his phantom lord days and loving and being loved by levy is like the culmination of all of that, y’know? she’s the perfect balance for him and he’s been by and large alone for a long time so levy is kind of like, well if she can forgive and love me then maybe i’m on the right path now. maybe he doesn’t! have! to! be! alone! anymore!!!

she’s the light to his darkness and all that. and i love that kind of stuff. a fic i recently read had a line that really stuck with me, and i can’t for the life of me remember what it was but it was something about how his life was fine, but levy, levy had saved his soul. and that’s kind of what gajevy’s about to me.

The Suitors and Song Quotes

Leo: Wise men say/ Only fools rush in / But I can’t help/ Falling in love with you  - Elvis Presley “Can’t Help Falling In Love

Sid: You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals / So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel - The Bloodhound Gang “The Bad Touch”

Nico:  Talk to me, baby / I’m going blind from this sweet, sweet craving /
Let’s lose our minds and go fucking crazy / Ah ya ya ya ya / I keep on hoping we’ll eat cake by the ocean - DNCE “Cake By the Ocean”

Byron:  Time stands still / Beauty in all she is / I will be brave / I will not let anything, take away / What’s standing in front of me / Every breath, every hour has come to this - Christina Perry “A Thousand Years”

Rayvis:   Cause all of me / Loves all of you / Love your curves and all your edges / All your perfect imperfections / Give your all to me / I’ll give my all to you / You’re my end and my beginning / Even when I lose I’m winning / ‘Cause I give you all of me / And you give me all of you, oh oh - John Legend “All of Me”

Robert:   It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear / When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year / I’ll be there for you (When the rain starts to pour) / I’ll be there for you (Like I’ve been there before) / I’ll be there for you ('Cause you’re there for me too) - The Rembrandts - ‘I’ll Be There For You’ ~ Theme from “Friends”

Louis:   I see the whole world in your eyes / It’s like I’ve known you all my life / We just feel so right / So I pour my heart into your hands / It’s like you really understand / You love the way I am - Rachal Platton “Better Place”

Giles:  Gloves are off, Ready to fight / 
 / Like a lion I will survive. / Will I? Will I? / You gotta stand for something / Even if you stand alone, don’t be afraid / It’s gonna be alright - Backstreet Boys “ Show em’ (What You’re Made Of)

Alyn:  Wanna be there just in time / Wanna be your shining knight / Protect you like a soldier / I wanna be the first in line / Be the one to save your life / All I wanna do is hold you - Backstreet Boys “Soldier”

Albert:   Now I know why I was born / You feel my feelings one by one / Can’t see the world I’m walking through / 'Cause baby I see only you, oh yeah - Backstreet Boys “It’s Gotta Be You”

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I'm obsessed, I can't help the urge to give another prompt! Hopefully you don't get annoyed of seeing me appear for them 😸! My prompt might be oddly specific but: Marichat; Marinette putting her life on the line to save Chat Noir from an akuma attack

“You should be safe here,” Chat Noir said, placing Marinette down on the empty roof of the Grand Paris hotel. “You should get inside though, there’s no telling where he’s at.”

The akumatized victim, named Battery, got his name from the energy blasts he could should shoot from his hand. Chat Noir had sprang into action, swiping Marinette from the street and taking her away from the dangerous situation. Although Battery had no interest in Marinette, Chat Noir couldn’t stand the thought of her being in harm’s way.

“Please be careful, Chat,” Marinette begged. “He’s really dangerous!”

“Don’t worry, Princess,” he said with a wink. “This cat’s got nine lives.”

Unfortunately, Chat Noir didn’t notice when Battery, from down on the street, launched a blast straight at his back.

“Chat!” she screamed, her body giving into instinct. The only thing she knew in that moment was that she couldn’t lose Chat Noir, no matter what it cost her to save him. She threw herself at him, covering his body with her own.

The ball hit Marinette squarely in the back, sending the both of them tumbling to the floor.

“No!” Chat Noir cried, gathering her in his arms. She was alive, but unconscious. He turned a murderous glare toward Battery, vowing that the damage would be returned ten times over. He set Marinette down on one of the lawn chairs before snatching his baton and diving into the street.

“Marinette!” Tikki shouted, trying to rouse her charge. It took a little while, but Marinette finally opened her eyes.

“Tikki? What happened?” she asked, starting to sit up. “Why does my back hurt so bad?”

“There’s no time to worry about that! Chat Noir needs your help right now, or he’s going to destroy all of Paris!” Tikki explained, gesturing to the street.

Chat Noir and Battery were locked in a fierce battle, Chat being fueled by such a tremendous rage he gave no care for their surroundings. Energy blasts were deflected into buildings, cars, everywhere. Chat’s baton smashed into anything it could come into contact with on its way to Battery.

“Tikki, spots on!” Marinette said.

Luckily, Ladybug felt none of the pain Marinette had sustained. She hoped that her lucky charm would erase that later, but for now, she had work to do.

Once the akuma had been dealt with, Ladybug looked at Chat Noir and said, “You can’t let your temper go like that.”

“I know, I just couldn’t help it,” Chat Noir told her, running a hand through his hair. “I can’t talk though, I have to go check on my… on someone.”

“If you’re talking about Marinette, she’s fine,” Ladybug lied quickly. “I saw her leaving the roof on my way in.”

Chat Noir let out a sigh of relief as his ring beeped in warning. “Thank goodness. I gotta scram, though, so I’ll catch you later.” He pounced off, leaving Ladybug alone in the street.


Unfortunately, as soon as Ladybug landed in her room and dropped her alternate ego, Marinette collapsed to her floor in pain. Her lucky charm evidently didn’t work on her civilian self.

“Marinette, are you okay?” Tikki asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, I think,” Marinette told her, examining her back in the mirror. “It’s just a really bad bruise.”

She had just settled on her chaise with a crescent, a cup of milk, and some Tylenol when her trap door flew open. Chat Noir landed lithely in her room, his eyes snapping onto hers. He marched straight up to her and knelt in front of her.

“Are you okay?” he demanded, voice urgent.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she said again. “A little uncomfortable but-“

He cut her off, looking suddenly angry now that he had had confirmed she wasn’t hurt too badly. “How could you do something like that?”
“Something like what?”
“Something so reckless! You threw yourself in the path of an incoming attack!”

“I did it to save you!”
“I’m a superhero!” he snapped. “Being in danger is part of my job! I have a suit and reflexes and a lot of other things to protect me! You could have died!”

She crossed her arms, wincing at the pain in her back. “Are you really mad at me for trying to save you?”

“Yes, I am!” He paused to take a deep breath, putting his head in his hand. “Even if I get hit, I’m not going to die. But that’s not a guarantee for you. And I just couldn’t stand it if I lost you.” His voice broke on the last word.

Marinette pulled his hand away from his face so she could lean her head against his. “I can’t lose you, either.”

He pushed his lips against hers, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. When he pulled away, he said, “Promise that you’ll never do something like that again.”

“I promise,” she told him. Of course, Ladybug hadn’t promised, she thought. “But you have to promise that you won’t get hurt.”

“I’ll always come back to you,” he vowed. “No matter what.”
I love getting repeat customers! :D It makes me feel like I’m doing my job well, so feel free to request as often as you like! I’m so glad you like my work!! I hope you enjoy this one just as much!! 

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Whenever I see your art, I can tell it's yours because of the expressions and how simplistic your lines are. I can't do a simplistic style to save my own life, but yours just feel so clean and expressive. It reminds me a lot of that quote going around of a girl describing art as "draw a line around your think".

That’s… actually super encouraging to hear?  Wow, gosh!  I’m glad going simplistic with my art seems to have been successful!

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i've always wanted to go deeper into Tsubasa's 'you're much cuter in person' line to Honoka... also Kotori's thing for Alpacas is always a fun subject

the tsubasa and honk comic is coming soon!!

I also like my Kylo surprisingly gentle y/y

Which also makes Hux nervous. (But what doesn’t make Hux nervous, though. The man is more high strung than power lines on a transmission tower)

  • Zelena: ahahaaaa I was Marian, I got to make out with Robin and I got Hook to bridal-carry me, swoon
  • Regina: wait what that's not fair
  • Regina: Hook's supposed to be the hot one, why didn't you turn into Emma or something and try to kiss HIM?
  • Zelena: are you kidding me?
  • Zelena: that would break them up
  • Zelena: I can't break them up
  • Zelena: Emma is finally kissing him for reasons other than saving his life
  • Zelena: and they're holding hands and being cute look
  • Zelena: my OTP is finally together properly
  • Regina:
  • Zelena: pfft breaking up Captain Swan, what do you take me for
  • Zelena: I may be wicked but I mean there's a line Regina
  • Zelena: I've invested too much time and effort in this ship to purposely sink it
  • Regina: oh my god my sister is a CS shipper
  • Charming: WELCOME ABOARD THE HMS CAPTAIN SWAN DESTINATION TRUE LOVE YEEEAAHHH (we have t-shirts) (well I have a t-shirt)
  • Regina:
  • Regina: seriously screw you guys I'm gonna go hang out with Tinkerbell

(if all you see is black with stars and a green thing in the middle, adjust your screen’s brightness)

I was thinking…what if Peridot got her own room in the temple (either post-redemption or in momswap)? I thought it might look something like this, I’ll explain why under the cut.

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  • Teacher: We're going to do a lot of diagrams today so instead of notebook paper use this printer paper. *passes out paper*
  • Me: Mrs. you know damn well I can't write in a straight line on paper without those blue lines to save my life, so unless you want my essay looking like a piece of modern art let me use notebook paper.