i can't let you go



My mother warned me about drugs and alcohol. I remember being 13 and she said those type of things can kill a man. They creep through your veins and destroy the life in you. My mother warned me about drugs and alcohol but she failed to warn me about love. She failed to warn me how addicting and poisonous it is. How the warmth of my lover’s touch would haunt me. She forgot to tell me that I can become so intoxicated off you that I’d feel like I’m drunk and dazed every day of the week. You see my mother warned me about drugs and alcohol but she failed to warn me about you. She didn’t warn me about the sound of your voice and your hellos and how I’d have nights when I miss the sound of your footsteps as they climbed up the stairs. She didn’t warn me that vodka can’t drown the taste of your breath or burn the kisses you planted on my chest. No matter how many bottles I intake, it’ll only numb me temporary and I’d wake up to an empty bed, a raging headache, and the bitter taste of love. You see, my mother warned me about drugs and alcohol but she never warned me about love and how when you lose it, it destroys everything in you.
—  You are my Drug

i’m crying because i’ve watched the handshake at least five times and this is actually not a handshake, john shakes sherlock’s hand once then for almost two seconds they’re just holding each other’s hand before sherlock shakes john’s hand one last time, then lets it go in a lingering touch.

they’re holding hands for one entire second. this is for me the briefest and most romantic touch they ever shared.


I love you.
I’ll never say those words again. Not to anybody else, ever.
Those words, from me, are yours now.


"The reason you caught me is that we’re just alike.”


AU - Sick of the never-ending arguing between Regina and Snow, Henry finds a way to go back in time with the intent of preventing their feud from ever starting in the first place. His plan to stop Snow from giving up Regina’s secret is put to a halt when he is accidentally sent back to the day Snow and Regina first met. It is now Henry who finds himself in need of rescuing and he is saved by non other than a young, kind Regina Mills. They form a quick bond, one that Henry has difficulty giving up with a return to Storybrooke. An inevitable trip that he now finds to be an impossible task now that Storybrooke no longer exists and his very own existence is now on the line. His arrival having prevented Regina and Snow from ever meeting and The Evil Queen from being born, he now must make a choice: Find another way to reignite Regina’s hatred of Snow White allowing The Evil Queen to take form so that he may live? Or prevent Regina Mills from ever becoming The Evil Queen by protecting Regina’s happiness at the cost of himself?