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the walking dead meme — characters [ 4 / 10 ] — (kenny)

You don’t just end it ‘cause it’s hard. You stick it out, and you help the folks you care about.


I need a screenshot of this group chat where Mac is asking for help from three cryptids as old as balls on how to properly romance her gf.

Honestly I just need a side story of the cryptids’ group chat.

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➋ (blurplebotdino mun)

➋ Have you ever roleplayed with someone that just left an unforgettable impression on you?

Ohhhhhh boy absolutely. Prepare yourself, this is going to be a longggg post.

@medic-mum , @betterdoctorthanyou , @gunsinlegs , @wheeljackingit , @rung-not-ring , @thebesttyrant , @sniproscope , @tarn-nation and @ratchets-clinic have all pretty much been there since I began, and I love each of them. Seriously guys, if anyone out there is worried about talking to muns OOC, these guys are proof that you all have absolutely nothing to fear! They’re all so talented at rping and writing and aaAA you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t follow them <3

@chiaroscuros-void and @immortalwanderer are also absolutely amazing as well. Both in character and out of character that is! Seriously guys, their OC’s are really good and they’re just really friendly and I’m terrible with words but I think you get the idea ;p 

Someone else who is equally amazing, and equally talented at roleplaying is @mnemoiisms who’s Trepan I absolutely adore. I also love their ideas as well, and their writing, it’s good shit guys. I will also absolutely not forget @perceptor-and-brainstorms-child who I absolutely adore talking to, and who is incredibly creative and friendly as well oml!! The exact same goes for @noblestdecepticon (who is actually one of the sweetest people I have met in a LONG time, I’m not even exaggerating I’m such a fangirl???) as well as @bunch-of-size-queens , @landongalaxies@athenafire and @theyoungerwitwicky who, once again (I know I’m repetitive but bear with me) are all just complete and utter gifts. Very talented and very friendly. All rated 10/10! 

Also, @bumblebeethescout , @retired-rung , @claytonsparrow , @paniicea , @verdigrisprowl , @hitbyspacejunk , @sunstreaking are all people which I haven’t talked to as much OOC, but I know from when we have spoken and in the time I’ve followed them that they’re incredible as well! Seriously, all of these guys are so nice and creative!

And, of course, you @blurplebotdino I also love! I adore all of your OC’s and you’re just such a god damn friendly person as well <3

silverliening replied to your post: Has Gwyn smoked pot again after that one time with…

Would Augus ever try and incorporate drugs of some sort into a scene or is that a no no for both of them?

From Augus’ perspective, he already has? There’s a scene in The Court of Five Thrones where he makes Gwyn take two drugs that alter his physiology/metabolism pretty significantly. (And he makes a mild miscalculation on one of the doses in the process as Gwyn doesn’t always react properly to drugs with his metabolism). One was certainly significant enough that Gwyn had had it used on him before as a literal torture device.

Augus is actually pretty knowledgeable about different fae drugs, especially the ones made from plants, and he’s made a good trade selling them in the past (along with painkillers and medicines). (The waterweed from his hair has properties that can be used for a lot of different potions/ointments etc.) He doesn’t like working with mind altering substances in scenes because they can be unpredictable, and in his line of work, he just thinks it’s flat out irresponsible. So he tends to stick to physiology altering drugs, which he’ll pretty happily use. (He was pretty damn delighted in the scene where he used them, it’s the chapter called Heat if you want to check it out!)