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 highschool au

 genre: pure, complete fluff

 pairing: jungkook // you

 word count: 6k

 warnings: none

Summary: Your grades are slipping too low for your liking, you’re reprimanded by the student council president, Jeon Jungkook has got you feeling some type of way, and additionally, you agree to go to his basketball game. What could go wrong?

A/N: the first fic oops i don’t really know if this blog will go in the fic direction, i’ll see how it goes. feedback is appreciated!!

You slam your locker door shut after you throw in your gym clothes, breathing out of your nose as slowly as you can as you lean against the locker, hands clenched so tightly the veins were visible.

“Woah, what’s up with you today, Y/N?” Tzuyu, Jackson, and Yerim,  three of your closest friends, gather around you. All three of them have concerned looks on their faces.

“That little…” you mutter angrily, looking up. Tzuyu’s eyebrows rise at your frustrated look.

“Hey, I asked you, are you okay?” She pokes your shoulder. You wordlessly yank out a rumpled piece of paper out of one of the many folders in your arms and flap it in front of her face.

“Just look at this,” you seeth, eyes smoldering. “My average for physics dropped. All because I wasted my time to help Golden Boy study. How am I supposed to be valedictorian now?”

At that, Yerim rolls her eyes as Tzuyu scans the paper. “Are you serious? You’re upset about, like a 2% drop? I have a 87 for your information.” Jackson just snorts.

“You should know how Y/N gets about her grades, Yerim. She’s ranked one, so obviously she has to keep her grades up if she wants to keep her ranking.”

“Well,” Tzuyu says breezily as she hands the piece of paper back to you, “I don’t get what you have against Jeon Jungkook. I mean, he’s actually really nice, smart, and good looking. Oh, and athletic since he’s also the basketball team captain now that Yoongi is injured.”

“He asked you nicely if you could help him too,” Yerim adds. “Always a first.”

“You don’t get it,” you grit out, brushing the hair falling over your eyes out of your face. The four of you begin to make your way back to your homeroom classrooms, with Jackson bidding a farewell as he is a year older.

“One, he’s not attractive Tzuyu-” you begin, disgusted (you’re lying to yourself but no way were you admitting that), “and two, I helped him for two hours studying for that huge test, and while I only got a 94, he got a perfect. His grades are better than mine at this rate. It’s not fair.”

You may be sounding a bit unreasonable. But your history with Jungkook went a long way. You know how every school has that one popular boy? Well, Jungkook was the one for your school (well in your case, there were seven). You swore he could be the  school’s mascot.

Jungkook and you grew up together as neighbors, but your friendship was a complicated one as especially after you journeyed into middle school, and now high school. You still talked, bickering to each other during the classes you had with each other, occasionally walking to school together, and helping each other study. You weren’t quite best friends, but you weren’t strangers either. His parents and your parents were close, and often times you ate at each others houses. Frenemies or rivals were really what you were, as both of you insulted each other whenever you could, and competed in everything.

But you and Jungkook were different in terms of social status at school. He was more well known as the popular jock who picked up girls left and right, and you were known as the future valedictorian, the student council vice president, the brains. You generally hung out with different friend groups, him with the wilder crowd who talked about youth and living life, while yours were more reserved and careful, following a future set in stone.

Not to mention, the boy infuriated  you to no end. Jungkook had been the one who handed you the paper with your semester grades after all.

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I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]


Don’t remove the written portion of my art posts for any reason.

You’re welcome to respond to them and disagree with them in any way you want! But I consider the text portion to be as much a part of the post as the pictures. It’s hiding the text from everyone else who views the work off your blog, and everyone who then reblogs the textless version.  

Thank you and extra brownie points to everyone who’s asked me first before making edits to my work. Whether it’s a major or minor change to the original, I feel really appreciated as the creator when you ask and I usually say yes to everyone.

scipunk63  asked:

A.K.A: Gravity Falls never happened because no one, not even Bill, took Ford seriously enough to actually work with him. Fidds would get the call from in and go "You want me to travel 9 hours to Gravity Falls so that "the bad triangle man" will be your friend...?"

bruh bill doesn’t even wanna work with him because he sees the notes he’s taking in his journal and they’re absolutely unreadable

(also I think I found out that the original “ford can’t draw au” is thanks to @dragoncatkhfan!)

(Oh wait a lot of people had this idea!)

What if we could risk
everything we have
and just let our walls cave in

I love to play New Game+ with tales of the abyss. It’s literally the funniest thing when Luke eats the apple in Engave during the first chapter of the game. He’s like “what’s gald?” And I’m like “listen here boi you’ve got more than 10 million gald in your pockets right now I think you know what gald is”

I saw Ariana live and it was so amazing. She has such a beautiful voice live, like you watch videos of her singing live and it’s pretty but watching her live is so different and incredible. You hear her voice so purely and it’s so amazing, like I can’t explain it. I will never be able to get over tonight or Ariana’s talent.


I’m going to redraw all of the chief knights eventually… Here’s Oz! 🔥

No progress shots this time, but I do have a video of my progress from start to finish that y’all are welcome to check out ;O

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valkyrie-baal  asked:

The amount of gay in this chapter was off the charts, and we didn't even have a moment between Kurogane and Fai! Could you imagine?? I am so glad you noticed Nokoru sleeping in Suoh's lap, because this is very important for science *flails* but also did I miss something because I'm so used to you calling characters by other names that I legit saw the name "Suoh" and was like, "who the hell is that"? NICK. SINCE WHEN DO YOU CALL MINOR CHARACTERS BY THEIR ACTUAL NAMES. I CANNOT COMPUTE.

OH MAN. I’m so beyond amused that you actually noticed that. That is incredible. 

But FULL DISCLOSURE; I totally had to google Suoh’s name halfway through typing the tags because I legitimately couldn’t remember it. 

More Full Disclosure: I do this often. 

Especially when it comes to minor characters like the Clamp Detectives. I know that one of them is named Nokoru but I can’t for the life of me remember which one that is. And what is the name of the third detective? Who even knows. It’s a mystery of the universe. Literally no-one knows. 

See look now I have to google it halfway through making this post.This is how ridiculous I am. 



renegade-zer0  asked:

I like all the yonko commanders so far. Marco is a pineapple, Jack is a wholly beast, and dogtooth is actually pretty and this weird feminine/masculine clash. They're all insanely powerful and it makes me want big mom pirates to survive just so we can see a yonko vs a yonko? Like kaido beast pirates v big mom pirates idk i'd pay to see that

yesss i love them all!!  they’re all so….big and badass and different from one another, it’s great.  and omfg i never thought about that before but it’d be super rad.  i really doubt the big mom pirates will be taken out this arc, but i also doubt we’ll ever get to see them face up to kaido’s crew either….you never know, though, and i would be so excited if we did.  

especially since idk, i get the feeling that with the pace this arc is going we won’t get to see big 1v1 fights with smoothie and katakuri showing their full strength, and it’d be hype af to see them actually go up against other yonko commanders of their level.  as it is for now i’m just hoping we WILL get to see smoothie and katakuri go full strength at some point, vs kaido commanders or not.  though on the other hand maybe not bc i don’t want any of the protags to get freakin murdered