i can't keep from breaking down

Pretty. Odd. (a song by song break down)

Hello, here I am yet again to tell you everything about another panic! album so you can rethink your life while re-listening to the entire album.

While reading please keep in mind that Pretty. Odd. is Panic!’s age of self exploration, it was very different from there first album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. The theme of the writing in this work mainly points to finding yourself. And even with as much as we know all these years later only the band knows the real meaning. Also for those of you are new to Panic!, the band line up when this album was released was Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith and Jon Walker. All songs were written by Ryan unless otherwise stated.

Note: I have tried very hard to keep Ryden out of each individual description but keep in mind that Ryan is the Sun and Brendon is the Moon. 

  • We’re So Starving
    • This is a simple intro into the new album. They’re saying that they’re still the same band, not the same sound. They’re still Panic, and they still love their fans. 
  • Nine in the Afternoon
    • About: This song was written by the full band together, while it was literally 9 in the afternoon. Essentially they’re saying that they’re back in studio where they started their career, except for their previous style is dead, which will be come more and more apparent throughout the album. They mention that maybe they shouldn’t read what the tabloids say, but they’ve looked anyway, and they feel good about this album. Pretty much everywhere you look and its been said if you ask Pete Wentz, he’ll tell you they were all high while writing this. Your pupils dilate when your high which would be the reason our boys comment on the size of each other’s eyes. (they also mention feeling good as lovers. take from that what you want, it’s not 2008 anymore so i’m gonna leave it be.)
    • This is the only song from Pretty. Odd. still preformed live since mid-2011.

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