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Star. Star. Freking Star. You. Are. A. Narutal. Like, omg, it's like I'm watching the actual anime when I hear your voice. Would you be offended if I made it my ringtone? I mean, your voice is really good! I can't imagine where you'd be now without your voice & dubs. Just, always be you & keep doing what you love 😄💎💛🙌




OH GEEZ I’m glad yall seemed to like it so much ah

maybe I should do a face-cam video of me just fucking around with my mic doing animu voices 

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Might be a bit out of your field, but I'm curious: is it possible for someone blind to be successful in voiceover? I saw an Indian movie a while back featuring a blind character doing extensive cartoon dubbing and I can't help but think it's unrealistic even for movie logic.

What about it is unrealistic, in particular?

When you consider that more often than not, the character sides I receive (especially for commercials or promos) have no visual references whatsoever, I actually imagine it could be one of the easier careers for a blind person to adapt themselves for. Being able to focus more on pure description and key terms (without letting the visuals risk guiding you into a narrowed mindset regarding voice type) can actually be a huge boon when it comes to playing around with voices.

I’ve actually given serious thought to whether I could/would continue this career if I ever managed to completely lose my eyesight, and I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as I am willing to put forth the effort into memorizing my lines (either having them read to me right before repeating, or receiving Braille scripts), there’s really little to no reason why I couldn’t double down on my listening skills and let the world of my imagination take over for my lack of direct sight.


Anonymous said: Hey! Could you do a fic where reader has a huge crush on charlie? But dean is the only one who knows? Thanks!!


Word count: 1,577

Pairing: Charlie x Reader with some Best-friend!Dean

Warnings: None.

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“So, of course that’s one of the reasons Hermione would be able to perform high-level spells even as a third year,” Charlie said quickly, her eyes concentrated on the computer screen in front of her. “I mean, wizarding family and blood doesn’t really play a lot on your magic capability – unless you consider Ginny, who was the seventh daughter in the family, but she was also just very good – so one of the strongest suits that came into play with Hermione was the fact that she had a good memory and that she practiced more than everybody else in her year. I think things came mostly naturally to Harry, at least in defense…”

You didn’t notice that your mouth had been hanging open this whole time, your book laying on your lap and long ago forgotten. It was lucky, in your case, that Charlie could talk and type at the same time, else she might have seen the way your eyes glazed over the curve of her lips whenever she pronounce certain letters, or how you admired the fast, calculating movement of her eyes across the laptop.

The one thing that always distracted you, though, was the brilliant shade of her hair. You loved the way it bounced off sunlight whenever you went on supply trips or hunts, a furious hue of ruby-colored strands that blushed under the sun. But then it seemed like the darkest shade of auburn in the night, smoothly running to her shoulders (although never touching them for too long), and always jumping with her laugh.

“…but, I mean, Harry is kinda underrated, don’t you think? He’s like this…precious cinnamon roll that nobody admires because they get used to his point of view throughout the series. He’s so amazing and brave, though,” she went on, finally looking away from the keyboard.

Her dark green eyes suddenly met yours. You blushed, quickly averting your gaze to the inky words printed on the white pages of the book. You didn’t even remember where you had left off.

“Yeah, he is,” you said, clearing your throat. Your tongue darted out, nervously licking over your lips as you prayed that Charlie wouldn’t say anything.

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Honestly even if you would rather die than watch the 2003 fma you have to at least listen to Vic Mignona’s cover of ‘brothers’ and his character song for Ed 'i promise you’ which is a banger because they only touch on the canon that both brotherhood and 03 share and he sings them with Ed’s voice?? Like who wouldn’t want to hear Ed sing about how much he loves his brother and how he would do anything for him???

Muslim Middle Eastern Feminists vs. Western Atheists
  • Western Atheist: In order for women to get equal rights in the Middle East, Islam must be abolished. It is the only way brown people will get rid of their barbaric ways.
  • Muslim Middle Eastern Feminist: Um, actually, these kinds of statements are what make it harder for Muslim feminists to get their message heard. The Arab world already does not have good feelings towards the west because of the Iraq war, and it's support for Israel & other oppressive dictatorial regimes throughout the Middle East. If you continue saying things like this, no one will hear us because they will think we are sympathizing with westerners or trying to be like them when in reality, the concept of equal rights is not a western creation. There are many great Muslim reformists out there who are getting suppressed by governments who take advantage of the fact that people like you are constantly perpetuating an Islam vs. The Civilized World war. Governments use the Clash of Civilizations hypothesis to silence those who go against their own version of Islam. They make it seem like everyone who disagrees with it is sympathizing with the people who are currently occupying their lands, stealing their resources and killing their people. Plus, we have a voice of our own. Why are you trying to speak for us?
  • Western Atheist: Islam is bad and must be reformed.
  • Muslim Middle Eastern Feminists: & what do you think we're trying to do?
  • Western Atheist: SSHHHHHHH SSSSSSHHHHHHH my godlessness makes me superior to you. Religion is evil. Abolish it. Imagine a world without religion. Atheism is peace. Atheism is love. Atheism is tolerance. Accept it. Only fools believe. Be rational. Listen to me. Ban burqas in France. Burn the Koran. I know what's better for your country even though I probably can't even name the leader of it.
  • ~replace the word "atheist" with Christian & change the last paragraph to one about accepting Jesus as the lord and savior and this is still accurate~

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Kara can't sleep without reader by her side, so she flies over to readers house and cuddles up to her.

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“Y/N?” Kara taps on your window and peers into your dark bedroom.  Your figure stirs in your bed and she smiles to herself as you get up.  In a few seconds, you open the window and Kara crawls inside.

“Hey, are you alright?” your voice is filled with tired concern and she nods immediately.

“Yeah, I just couldn’t sleep.  Not without you.”


˝What do you want me to do Dean?! Do you want me to just accept what you did? To just accept that you’ll die instead of me? ˝ you yelled at the men in front of you, tears streaming down your face.

˝What was I supposed to do? ˝ Dean’s voice broke in the end. ˝I can’t live without you Y/N. ˝

˝And you think I can live without you Dean? ˝



Happy birthday to the sexiest, funniest and greatest person ever, Danny Jones! I hope you have a great one, you deserve all the best, your fans couldn't be more proud of you. We'll never find someone like you, with the same warm smile, stupid sense of humor, and that fucking voice. Danny, you're truly are one of the most special and talented people i know, and i can't even imagine a life without being your fan. I love you, and, I will always be here to support you. Thank you. 

And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town.

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I need reassurance.. do you think Cas will die? And if he does, do you think he'll be back for s11 anyway? I just.. idk, I can't deal with Charlie and Cas. And I can't imagine spn without cas/misha involved anymore.

Darling Anon,
I wish that characters were like Tulpas – that they could be everything that we believe them to be, that they could represent us, could give us a voice when a part of us is mute. I wish characters were ideas that could never be killed.

But..I suppose they are in a way. Characters are ideas in the way that they can be eternal to each and every one of us. Characters can live on because we believe in them, because we make them a part of us. Because we can hear their voices inside our heads, because they can encourage us use our own voices to speak our convictions.

It doesn’t make it hurt any less to think of it this way. But I hope this is something that each and every one of you can carry always. Characters are ideas, they belong to us all, and everything that they meant to you…no one can take that away from you. Not ever. Not really. Just keep believing in them. And keep believing in you.

Anon, I know everything seems bleak right now. I do. I get it.
It’s the bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded, and someone is about to blow up the fucking stadium.

I wish I could give you certainties, rather than just reassurances. But there are not certainties in Supernatural. Just as there are no certainties in life.

But I can reassure you.

I can tell you that Castiel walked into that barn in Pontiac, Illinois with nothing but doubt in God’s Plan and tenuous faith in a Righteous Man. Castiel questioned the merit of life. He looked inside of Dean and saw his guilt and his anger and his pain and questioned what was worth living for - what was so worth saving? Castiel looked into Dean, past the guilt and the anger and the pain and remembered how his soul shone like lighthouse, calling to Castiel through the abysm of Hell. And Castiel remembered exactly what it was about humanity that was worth saving – that light. That immutable light. I can tell you that back then, Castiel didn’t exactly understand why he was drawn to it because it was illogical and intangible and fragmented and so full of something that was so familiar and yet entirely abstruse. I can tell you that whatever it was Castiel saw…it gave him something to believe in. It gave him faith to choose the side of the downtrodden. It gave him a cause he would die for, time and again, because he believed in the mission of two brothers and an old drunk. He believed in them.

I can tell you that as Castiel fell from Heaven and submerged himself in the trenches of war, he learned just how tangible the light he was drawn to really was. It was within Dean, within Sam, within Bobby, within every person they saved, within every action and within every word. Castiel learned that Family hands you a beer when you’ve fucked up and claps you on the shoulder when you’re probably about die because actions are simple and words cannot ever possibly express the immensity of sorrys and goodbyes.

I can tell you that somewhere between watching Dean rake leaves and giving himself over wholly to a pyrrhic war, Castiel learned that at the heart of that immutable light was love, and he would die to protect it.

I can tell you that somewhere along the way, Castiel started to think of himself as just Cas, as not something made to serve an allegiance to a high power, but as someone who was destined to fall into the arms of humanity and learn the value of salvation. I can tell you that somewhere along the way, Cas’ journey became inextricably linked to Dean’s, that their paths divert and converge with the tides, leaving them to face their demons and decide who exactly they are on their own, independently, yet together. Always together.

I can tell you that Cas has learned that the maddest thing a man can do in the life he has created for himself is to let himself die by his own melancholy – disenchanted and lost under the weight of the guilt and the anger and the pain that is intrinsic to humanity. Cas has learned that there is no absolution in death, only tears and grief for the people that are left behind. I can tell you that Cas has learned that his self-worth is not predicated upon the validation of his choices because he could be proven wrong, because he could fail and waffle and backpedal and become stuck in anther infinite loop of mistakes and utterly crash and burn.

I can tell you that Cas is still learning. He is learning that the key to success, to a life well-lived from the structured pursuit of meaningful happiness, is ignorance and confidence. Cas has learned that obsessing over the melancholy of his past mistakes is a long, self-defeating road from which there is no redemption. Cas has to learn that confidence is bred from knowing everything he’s done right – succumbing to his doubt, rebelling against Heaven, fighting for humanity, saving humanity…Saving Dean Winchester.
These choices…they made him infinite. In ways that that the lifespan of angel could never truly reach. These choices…they were missions that became values that became blind faith in doing the right goddamn thing. Cas has learned that Fate is always going to be fighting against him, but he has also learned that he can take back control.

I can tell you that Cas has learned that ignorance isn’t a personality trait, but rather a lack of knowledge that cannot be subsumed with pop culture references. Ignorance is a state of inexperience. Ignorance is the ultimate opportunity for growth. I can tell you that Cas has learned that new ideas, that new visions of how the world should operate, of how humanity should be saved, are built upon the foundations of ignorance and hubris and stupidity that make false Messiahs of man. I can tell you that Cas has still to learn that ignorance is something that has to be deconstructed, brick by brick. I can tell you that Cas has to learn that the deconstruction of ignorance must be replaced with a foundation of experience, with the knowledge that there is much yet to learn, that there are an infinite number of questions to be answered. I can tell you that Cas is willful and that he has much yet to learn, and that his capacity for growth is as infinite as his lifespan because he may have seen the first fish crawl upon the land but he knew absolutely nothing until the moment his Grace touched Dean Winchester’s soul in Hell. 

I can tell you that Cas is an angel and he has been gifted with humanity. I can tell you that Cas has learned the meaning of love and devotion in his journey to find out exactly who the fuck he is. He is an angel, he was a human. He is a brother. He didn’t fit the mold of a father, but he is a loyal and devoted friend. Cas is a lover and a warrior. He just needs to learn that, ultimately, it doesn’t matter who or what he is, it only matters what he does. Through it all…all of his choices, everything that Cas has learned has been in the pursuit of the understanding of that immutable light that marks humanity. At the heart of mankind -  at the heart of the one guy who turned his entire existence upside down - is unconditional love. And Cas loves. Unequivocally.

Anon, I cannot give you certainties when it comes to Supernatural. But I can tell you to remember Cas’ journey, from beginning up until today. I can tell you how much he has left to learn and how much life he has yet to live.

I can tell you that to me, Cas isn’t expendable. He is a Winchester. And he is as infinite as the Winchester prophecy. Cas is the missing piece that makes the family whole, that makes Dean whole.

I cannot give you certainties, but I can reassure you with what I know.
And what I know is that Cas’ story…it is far from done.