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Victor tends to get excited about the most mundane things as long as it somehow involves Yuuri. "yes thank you, I do have a nice watch! My fiance got it for me!" "Yes, the weather is WONDERFUL, this is Yuuri's favorite weather!" "omg let me tell you about this SCARF I wore it on our first date!" Yurio is so exasperated coz he can't hold a conversation with him without bringing Yuuri into the topic lmao Vitya is too love struck

First Encounters.

This wasn’t requested by anyone but I saw a prompt on tumblr and I thought it would be cute to write about. So whoever posted the prompt thank you for the idea! @tvshows-obsessed all done!

Madi had been out adventuring as Clarke liked to call it, she’d left Clarke to fetch the fresh water. Madi knew Clarke didn’t mind collecting the water alone because she’d take a moment to radio her friends on the Ark. Madi knew almost everything about them now, Clarke would tell her stories every night before bed and sometimes Madi envied Clarke, she wanted to have as many adventures as her mother-figure, Clarke had been teaching her all she knew but she was eager to explore the scorched Earth. It was something she was unable to do when her parents were alive, her father would forbid her to leave her village, it was too dangerous they would say. Granted they were right, she was a night-blood and if someone had found out they would’ve dragged her to Polis.

Madi clambered up a tree to get a good view of the dead trees, the entire land except where Clarke and her had taken care of the land, was dark. It reminded her of her nightmares, a place where only demons lie but yet it intrigued her. Clarke had told her when she turned fifteen she’d take her to explore the world. So far they only been to Polis, most of the rivers and lakes near by, they’d searched for supplies that survived Priamfaya, the rover being amongst the things they found. Clarke had taught her to drive, although Clarke wasn’t exactly an expert herself. She said it was just a precaution just in case something happened to Clarke, Madi couldn’t imagine life without Clarke anymore. She’d found her and taken care of her as her own when she was fragile and still slightly sick from the radiation. Clarke had still been covered in boils herself, but she pushed herself to take care of the pair of them. Madi had found Clarke crying most nights, she didn’t open up for weeks but when she did Madi crept into Clarke’s bed to sleep beside her. It only helped her nightmares slightly but she didn’t mind them so much now.

A snap of a twig caught Madi’s attention, she almost slipped out of the tree when she saw a large metal object landing in the rotten trees, crushing them and landing softly on the ground. She’d never seen anything like it. She remembered Clarke had told her that her friends had gone up in a rocket–a metal object much like this one–but she wasn’t sure if this was what a rocket looked like.

She was quick to climb down from the tree–climbing was her strong suit. And she landed with a thud on the floor, leaves crunching beneath her feet. She hesitated on whether to go rush to get Clarke but it was far and she was worried these people would leave if she left. Madi warily took a step forward, the ship was just ahead, behind a bunch of bushes. She heard a clank and a bunch of voices they sounded slightly echoed, like something was covering their mouths like a mask.

When she stopped behind the bushes her eyes were fixed on the suited humans, there were three women and by the looks of it three men. Madi flickered back in her memories, Clarke always named six people other than her mum but she had told her her mother was in the bunker. Madi stepped out of the bushes, she had to take a risk. This was for Clarke. She’d want to know if her friends were finally home. The sound of her muffled movements made the seven spin to face the little girl fast, almost startling her but she stood her ground, hands raised when one of the boys, one quite small pointed a gun at her. She and Clarke had ones familiar to it and she knew the harm it could do. But she remained still. One of the men in the suits stepped forward, pushing the other mans gun down.

“Monty, she’s just a kid.” The deep voice scolded, Madi liked whoever it was already. But when she heard the voice she smiled, she’d found them. Clarke would be over the moon. The tallest man looked towards her, eyes meeting her, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “How are you here? Are you from the bunker?”

Madi lowered her hands and shook her head. “I’m a night-blood. The bunkers been unreachable since Praimfaya,” Her words made most of their eyes widen, confused on how she knew about the contact with the bunker. “The air is safe, it’s been safe for a year now. Clarke’s been waiting.”

The name made the tall male perk up against, one of the woman too. The girl pulled off her helmet and stepped closer to Madi, Madi didn’t step back, from Clarke’s story these were good people.

“Clarke’s here? She’s alive?” The brunette spoke, her face filled with disbelief. The tall one had now gone silent, the others seemed to be intrigued now, all listening to her. Madi nodded.

“You’re Raven, right? Clarke’s best friend?” Madi questioned, she was trying to decipher who was who but it was hard with the glare of the mask. But seem as Raven had removed hers she could tell by the characteristics. Raven glanced down at the floor then back up at Madi, her defense shield going up as she moved angrily closer to Madi. This time Madi backed up, she knew an angry face when she saw one.

“Raven, hey! Stop!” Another voice broke out, lurching forward to grab Raven’s arm keeping the brunette away from Madi. One by one they took of their masks, within seconds Madi identified them. Bellamy had been the tallest one, the one with the tattoo over her face was Emori, Murphy had been the one holding Raven back and Monty was the small male who’d been stood closely beside a girl of medium height which she guessed could only be Harper and the final female could only be Echo.

“Where is she? Clarke?” Bellamy asked, he didn’t meet the child’s eyes but his voice was telling her he was eager to see her, to see for himself that the blonde was alive. Madi had heard about him most and she remembered Clarke’s drawings, she drew him perfectly, getting the freckles too. Madi glanced at Raven anxiously but she stood straight and smiled.

“She went out to collect water, but she’d probably be back home soon. She’s been talking to you everyday, waiting ever since she found me six years ago.” Madi gestured for Bellamy to follow her and he stepped forward but Echo spoke up her voice wary and sharp.

“What if she’s lying? This could be a trap, Bellamy and your just about to walk into it.”

“Are you lying?” Bellamy asked Madi, Madi shook her head. Bellamy nodded, giving her a gentle smile and placing a hand on Madi’s shoulder. “Then let’s go.”

The others were hesitant but they trusted Bellamy’s judgement and followed.

They reached the cave and everyone but Madi seemed exhausted, she figured they weren’t used to climbing and walking so much seem as they’d been up in space for six years. The cave was seemingly empty but the others didn’t seem to panic, they just nonchalantly sat down against the wall to take a breather. Except Bellamy, Madi could feel his anxiety radiating off of him and she gave him a reassuring smile when he glanced over at her.

“She’ll be home soon, I promise.”

Bellamy simply nodded, still holding doubt. “How did you two meet?”

Madi smiled at the question. “Praimfaya had swept over my village, it killed everyone. Except me, I guess. Clarke had came to me village looking for things that had survived and she found me instead. She’s been like my mum ever since.” Bellamy was looking at her now, a genuine smile plastered on his face.

“I didn’t know the princess had it in her,” Bellamy smiled softly, “And there are no other night-bloods?”

“No, just me and Clarke.” She answered, twiddling her hair with her fingers, eyes dropping to her lap. She almost forgot the others were there but a voice spoke up and she looked at the others.

“How old are you?” It sounded like the question had come from Harper.

“Eleven.” Madi smiled, she found it weird thinking she was only five when Clarke discovered her, she remembered being frightened, terrified and knees to chest in the corner of her fathers shop, her mother inches from her boils and blood covering her body. She blocked out the memory when she heard Clarke’s humming and she was on her feet and darted to the entrance of the cave to greet the blonde. Clarke stopped humming and smiled at Madi. She loved it when the young girl ran to greet her.

“Hello my little night-blood,” Clarke beamed, “I thought you’d still be out exploring.”

“I found something, you’ll love it.” Madi told her, wanting to surprise her. Madi quickly took the water out of Clarke’s hands using both hands seem as it was really heavy and place it to the side and snatching Clarke’s hand pulling her excitedly.

“You didn’t bring home another two-headed bunny, did you?” Clarke muttered, but when she was pulled into the flame lit cave and her eyes landed on the seven people all stood, eyes on her. She froze, Madi squeezed Clarke’s hand with a squeal.

“I found them, Clarke!” She exclaimed happily, she couldn’t tell if Clarke was going to tell her something because her mouth had fallen open, eyes scanning the room over and over again as though it was a dream. But her eyes were looking for a particular person.

“You’re really here…” A low voice rang out throughout the cave, Raven had snapped out of her shock and she stepped aside, she knew Bellamy had been waiting for this moment for six years. Clarke felt as though her feet were stuck to the floor when she saw him, his shaggy hair only a couple inches longer and  slight stubble growing on his face, but he had the exact same burning brown eyes, ones perfectly matched to hers. She felt herself hold Madi’s hand tighter for support but she was careful not to hurt the child. “I thought I’d never see you again.”

Before she could do anything Bellamy was before her and his arms had wound around her middle like he’d never left, his arms returning the safe, happy feeling to her body. His familiar warmth unfreezing her and she wrapped her free arm around Bellamy’s neck whilst her hand remained in Madi’s hold. Clarke practically melted in Bellamy’s hold, tears brimming in her eyes until she could no longer fight holding them back and her hand slipped out of Madi’s so she could fully wrap her body around Bellamy until there was no space left between them.

“I was wondering if you’d ever come down,” Clarke said but it sounded like a mumble in his shoulder, choking out a laugh. Madi had stepped aside now, letting the two have some space as they reunited. The others had been watching the two, smiling at the pair. But patiently waiting for their chance to greet their old friend. Clarke pulled out of the hug, her hand cradling Bellamy’s jaw, her eyes tracing every inch of his face although she had already memorised it, her thumb brushed his own wet cheek, swiping the tears away and smiling through watery eyes at him, letting her forehead press against his head before bumping noses with him to press her lips against his. Reveling in the feeling. She’d been waiting longer than she could remember to do this, she’d promised herself if she saw him again that she wouldn’t hold back not anymore, not when they always get separated. “I love you so, so much.”

Bellamy had made a promise similar to hers and hearing her words, he planted a quick kiss on her lips once more, a grin smeared across his lips. “I love you just as much, Clarke, I can’t believe you’re alive, you’re actually here.”

“I’m really here.” Clarke let out a laugh, her hands still holding either side of his face. Madi cleared her throat, knowing the others wanted to see her too but Clarke’s eyes snapped away from Bellamy, her hands falling to her sides and cheeks running red when she realised the young girl had seen the kiss. “Sorry, um, I see you’ve already met Madi.”

Clarke ran her hand through Madi’s hair before tugging the girl gently into her side, a smile on her face as she looked down at the small brunette. Bellamy smiled, the child reminded him of Octavia when she was small, Bellamy knelt down to Madi’s height which wasn’t exactly small and held out his hand. 

“Time we officially met then,” Bellamy grinned as Clarke beamed at the pair before moving to greet Raven, colliding with the girl in a bundle of laughs, they were happy to be together again, Clarke had missed all of their companies. “Bellamy Blake.”

“Madi or as Clarke likes to call me, Little Nightblood.” Madi grinned straightening her beanie before extending a hand with a friendly smile. “It’s good to finally meet you after all this time.”

“It’s good to meet you too, Madi.” Bellamy said with a light chuckle. He liked her already.










Finally introducing you my d&d OCs, tumblr. ahaha…
From left to right is my cleric Chichi, bard Buns Bonnie, and rogue Aya.
Bottom set are Buns Bonnie’s friends Bunnett, Pyon, Alice, & Whiskers. BonBon is also included there training Buns.
All of them are from different campaigns. We finished the one that I play as Aya. Buns Bonnie one is on hold for I don’t know how long but I miss her lol. And I might play as Chichi soon again, which I’m excited!
Chichi has a very motherly or older sister personality.
Buns Bonnie is my very… dumb character. But she has some sad backstory which I hope to complete.
Aya is wannabe callous character, sometimes sheds some real feel. No, she is not a cabbage thief.

  • me: I'm going to avoid tumblr and all spoilers for the musical episode so I can be surprised
  • also me: *looks at all the spoilers, and all the articles, and all the sneak peeks, and listens to all the songs, and cries because it's all so beautiful and amazing and CAPTAIN SWAN IS GETTING MARRIED AND MY HEART CAN'T HOLD ALL THESE EMOTIONS*
Happy Pregnancy! Part 1: Revelation
  • [Bakugou and Uraraka are in their 20s at their apartment when Uraraka emerges from the bathroom to their bedroom as Bakugou gets dressed.]
  • Bakugou: You're what?
  • Uraraka: ...I'm pregnant. -_-|||
  • Both: I can't believe it!
  • Bakugou: F#&k yes! When did that happen? I lost track of how many times we -
  • Uraraka: Katsuki! Stop saying stuff like that out loud.
  • Bakugou: Oi, Ochako, *pinches Uraraka's cheek* even though you're having my kid, you don't seem that excited.
  • Uraraka: ^^ I'm really happy that I'm having /our/ child. You can't tell anybody, though. I just broke into the top 20 pro heroes, and we're only engaged. Things like this are harder for women, you know? So wait, okay? *holds her finger up to her mouth*
  • Bakugou: I gotta go work. *grumbles and heads out the door to report for duty*
  • Uraraka: Katsuki? You heard me, right? Right? T-T *chases after him*
  • [Next]
  • Baby: Went to bed in a protective style for the first time. So big. I can't.
  • Grace: Scooped up an entire handful of whipped shea butter and tried to wipe it on my face. Currently sleeping.
  • Smash: Asked his teacher to google "666" for him. That was an interesting phone call.
  • Pete: Adolescence may kill us both. The attitude. The whine. The crying. The stomping. The hunger. The YouTube video with "sexual game" in the title I caught him watching today. Send help. Or book recs.
  • Wife: Made me Reece's cupcakes today. She's the best.
  • Me: Holding the anxiety at bay, mostly. Work is a mix of very exciting projects and mind numbing budget planning. Ahh, nonprofit world, you suck, you rule, I can't decide.
  • Old dog: Farts, gets confused, farts more, snuggles awkwardly with his giant head.
  • Young dog: Mellowing? Maybe? He only ate one McDonald's toy and two pencils tonight. Progress?
  • Cats: Indifferent.
  • 9pm: Everyone asleep. Time to find the hidden Oreo stash. Is this what being an adult is?

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Omg my fiancé is such a tease. We were sitting on the couch and I got up to go grab a drink from the fridge. After a minute she got up and followed me. So she came up behind me, grabbed the drink out of my hand, sat it down, pushed the hair off my neck and slid her hands around my hips and up my shirt. So here I am getting all excited and shit then suddenly she blows a raspberry into my neck pulls away, smacks my ass and steals my drink. I can't wait to marry my little asshole of a girl😍

Hold on to her and treasure her you lucky poo

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Hello! Welcome to the sickfic side of tumblr! How about some sick and borderline delirious Keith with Lance trying to take care of him. But Keith is so sick and Lance is sort of out of his element and nothing he's doing is helping. So in the end Keith is just delirious and in pain and he can't sleep so Lance just gets in bed with him and holds him and Keith eventually is able to doze off.

(My dude you have hit my weak spot I only have time for a tiny snippet though I hope you enjoy some pining Lance)

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I have been waiting for Asahi since I first discovered your blog a while back. I'm so excited and can't wait to see what he can do!!!!

Hello ~ (・∀・ )

I’m sorry that my slump this week has put every thing on hold ~ I had planned to update the Strip Club AU this week but apparently has no motivation/inspiration. I’m trying to build it though! Please be a little more patient and I’ll hopefully update it next week ~

Something Just Like This
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 3/10 ***CHAPTER 1 (Part One + Part Two) and CHAPTER 2***

Rating: Mature
Archive Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence

Six months after their fake dating stint in Mumbai, Kala visits Wolfgang in Berlin.

(sequel/companion to ‘Hold My Hand, And Don’t Let Go’)

Over a month ago, I finished my kalagang fake date au, and you guys loved it so much that you asked for a sequel. I’ve been working on it since then, doing my best to deliver a great story. I am so excited to share this, and I hope you tag along on this journey with me. So, this goes out to you guys! To show how much I love and appreciate you all <3 

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Hi! So I grew up Jewish in the only attending high holiday services sense of the word, and now I'm looking to get more involved in a community where I'm currently living. I'm torn between going to a conservative or reform synagogue. (My parents took us to a Conservative temple when we went.) I've been doing some research online but I still can't get a clear picture of the differences between the reform and conservative movements. Could you possibly help me understand what separates them?

Hi there!

What an exciting time for you!

Although there are some fantastic articles written on the subject (posted below), it’s important to understand some of the basic, fundamental differences and similarities:


  • Theologically, Conservative Jews hold that a liberal adaptation of Halacha (Jewish law) as binding and Reform Jews do not.
  •  More Conservative Jews than Reform Jews will often observe Shabbat and festivals in a traditional manner.  But, in Conservative communities, those that observe traditionally are extremely limited and often only include the rabbi and cantor.
  • The Reform Movement is much larger than the Conservative Movement.  Beyond having more shuls and camps, the Reform seminary ordains more rabbis and cantors in each of its four campuses (NY, LA, Cincinnati, and Jerusalem) each year than the Conservative seminary.
  • Slightly different cultures exist within both movements.  Often the Conservative Movement has a stronger “Ashkenazi bent” and is slightly more traditional in its language where the Reform Movement chooses to more often speak closer to Hebrew than Yiddish.
  • A Conservative service infrequently includes music or microphones, where Reform Jews specifically use music to enhance their services.
  • The Reform Movement is more often outspoken against the Israeli Occupation than the Conservative Movement.


  • Theologically, both do not believe that Moses received the Torah from Sinai in its completion and therefore hold a more liberal understanding of Jewish practice.
  • Both celebrate all of the major holidays and festivals, major lifecycle events/services, have similar goals in religious schools etc.
  • Both movements are very proud of their egalitarian spaces in which women (and people of all genders) are ordained as clergy and are all equal.  A minyan (traditional ten Jewish men) in both Movements is 10 Jewish adults.  Women and men wear talitot, wrap tefillin, and wear kippot.
  • Both Movements are extremely attracted to social justice issues and are involved in activity that condemns racism, islamophobia, and antisemitism.  Both ordain LGBT clergy, marry same-sex couples, and have official programs and statements that promote transgender, gender non-conforming, genderqueer and other gendered folks.  The Reform Movement has their own social justice lobbying organization (the Religious Action Center) in Washington D.C.
  • Both face the same discrimination in Israel regarding weddings, rights for converts, issues with the Western Wall etc.

Articles:  X X

I would love to help you out as much as you might need!  Feel free to shoot me a message.


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Can I ask for a scenario where Fumikages' s/o hurt their leg/ankle and can't walk home by themselves and so he carry them? Thank you! (Sorry for my english ><)

Admin Speaks: Return of the Tokoyami Edgelord requests! (Your English is fine don’t worry about it!)

Sparring matches were today’s training, and you were excited…Maybe a little too excited. Tokoyami sighed as he helped you walk to Recovery Girl’s office. “I told you to be careful, are you alright?” he had his hand placed on your waist, holding you close to his side so he could help you walk, “I’m fine Toko, my ankle is just a little sore.” you smiled up at him and he leaned his beak onto the top of your head and sighed, “Good. I would hate for you to get hurt too terribly.” “What you you mean TOO terribly?” you looked up at him with a fake hurt expression and  he chuckled, “You know what I mean.”

Then the two of you reached stairs. “Um….. Toko…” you looked at him and you could see him trying to think of a way to get you up them. “Here.” he turned to you and lifted you up, one hand under your knees and the other supporting your back. Dark Shadow chirped and came out to cuddle into your stomach, “Dark Shadow that isn’t helping.” Tokoyami rolled his eyes slightly and you laughed a little, “You don’t need help.” Dark Shadow teased and nuzzled into your chin. Tokoyami sighed and shifted you closer to his chest as he walked up the numerous stairs, “He’s just jealous.” Dark Shadow whispered and you giggled. “Oh hush you demon.” he chuckled and shook his head at his quirk.

“Well you sprained it pretty badly, but I’m not going to heal it since it should be better in a day or two on it’s own. Just keep off of it.” Recovery girl smiled and you nodded as she told Tokoyami to go back to class but for you to stay here so you didn’t have to go train. Dark Shadow whined and you pet his head and pressed a kiss to Tokoyami’s beak, “I’ll be fine, you go back and I’ll be here at the end of the day, alright?” Tokoyami nodded once and hugged you, “I’m glad you’re alright dear.” You hugged him back and Dark Shadow wrapped himself around you as well, “Do we have to leave you here?” Tokoyami pulled back and nodded, “She’ll live, come one we need to go back to class.” He turned to Recovery Girl and nodded once in thanks and left. “You have him wrapped around your finger, you know that?” she laughed a little and you blushed, “H-He just cares a lot.” you smiled a little at the thought of him, “I care a lot for him too.” She smiled and turned back to do whatever she was doing before you had gotten there.

The final bell had rang and Tokoyami still wasn’t there. You were shifting uncomfortably on the bed he had sat you on when he left, he shouldn’t take this long. What if he had gotten hurt?! “Did he possibly forget?” Recovery Girl asked and you shook your head, “Not my Toko. Never.” you took a deep breath. He had a reason, but you wish he would have told you beforehand. As you sat there with Recovery Girl someone pushed open the door, “(Y/n)!” Dark Shadow threw himself onto you and you laughed, relieved he was here. “I’m sorry dear, I had to find someone to get your stuff from the locker rooms, I brought your clothes.” he handed you a pile of your clothes, neatly folded, and then you saw that he had all of your school things as well. Your bag, your binder, and all of his stuff along with it, as he tried to control Dark Shadow from pressing you too far into the mattress, “Dark Shadow, it has been forty-five minutes. Let (Y/n) breath.” he sighed. You giggled and pet Dark Shadow’s head as he nuzzled into you, “It’s been an hour and we both know you’ve been keeping track so don’t lie.” Dark Shadow eyed him and he turned away with a small blush creeping up his beak. You leaned up and pressed another kiss to his beak, “I missed you too Toko, let’s go home.” Recovery Girl gave you a knowing look and waved after the two of you as he held you to his side again as he helped you walk.

“Toko I can carry my stuff.”you offered and he shook his head, “No, I got it.” he said and kept you close to him, “Toko-” “It’s fine (Y/n), let me help you.” He turned down to you and you pouted slightly, “Tokoyami, you’re already helping me by being mine, let me carry something.” He blushed and looked away with a sheepish smile. “I got it!” Dark Shadow popped out and took your stuff, “See, I was hoping he was going to be helpful sooner or later.” Tokoyami smiled down at you and you rolled your eyes, “Yeah ooookay.” you laughed and he joined you quietly. He watched as you limped slightly, stepping a little too far away, and he quickly closed the space between the two of you, “Recovery Girl said to stay off of it….. Here, hold your stuff.” he said and you stood still and waited for him to explain himself. As you stood he bent down and scooped you into his arms again, holding you like he had earlier when he carried you up the stairs, but you had your stuff in your lap. “Much better.” he smiled at you and you pressed a kiss to the underside of his beak, “Yes, much better.” you said and leaned into him as he carried you home.

Eldigan/Odin C-A support

Written by  memalogyoftheholywar



Eldigan: I hate to interrupt your… ritual… but you just killed someone.

Odin: I did it to protect you, Lord Xander!

Eldigan: I think you might have the wrong man. I am Eldigan.

Odin: How could my eyes deceive me so? My apologies! I am Odin Dark! Mage of Nohr! Twilight traveler! Infinite-

Eldigan: Are you trying to summon some kind of dark god?

Odin: Summon? I am a dark god! A dark god of legendary weapon names! Does your weapon have a name?

Eldigan: Well, it came with one.

Odin: Finally, another that shares my passion for naming weapons! What is it called?

Eldigan: Mystletainn.

Odin: Mystletainn?! My sword hand twitches… it has not twitched in years! And to think it was lost forever…

[Eldigan and Odin have reached support rank C.]


Odin: Eldigan! Wielder of Mystletainn!Where did you find such a blade?

Eldigan: The divine blade Mystletainn, sometimes known as the Demon Sword, has been passed down for many generations, and then it came to me.

Odin: So that’s how it can be obtained… If I claimed you as my father, would it be passed to me?

Eldigan: Assuming he’s still alive, it would be passed to Ares. My actual son.

Odin:… Oh, here comes Leo! Prince of darkness! Man of umbral moods! Farewell, wielder of Mystletainn! Darkness be with you!

Eldigan: I kind of feel bad for him… *sigh*

[Eldigan and Odin have reached support rank B.]


Eldigan: Hello, Odin Dark.

Odin: Hello, Eldigan Dark.

Eldigan: I know we have only known each other for a short time, but I have never seen you upset.

Odin: The darkness has gotten darker…

Eldigan: Would you like to hold it?

Odin: What?

Eldigan: Mystletainn.

Odin: You would let me?

Eldigan: We’re friends.

Odin: Can't… CONTROL!!!

Eldigan: That’s the Odin I know.

Odin: I can feel its darkness coursing through my veins… such power…

Eldigan: Feel free to do whatever you would like with it, as long as I get it back.

Odin: So excited! BLAZING BLAAAAADE!!!

[Eldigan and Odin have reached support rank A.]

signs and "Winnie the Pooh" quotes
  • ARIES: “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.”
  • TAURUS: “So perhaps the best thing to do is to stop writing Introductions and get on with the book.”
  • GEMINI: “He was telling an interesting anecdote full of exciting words like 'encyclopedia' and 'rhododendron'.”
  • CANCER: “Some people care too much. I think it's called love.”
  • LEO: “And really, it wasn’t much good having anything exciting like floods, if you couldn’t share them with somebody.”
  • VIRGO: "I used to believe in forever, but forever's too good to be true."
  • LIBRA: “Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”
  • SCORPIO: “You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”
  • SAGITTARIUS: “- What day is it?
  • - It's today - squeaked Piglet.
  • - My favorite day - said Pooh. "
  • CAPRICORN: “I'm not lost for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.”
  • AQUARIUS: “Just because an animal is large, it doesn't mean he doesn't want kindness; however big Tigger seems to be, remember that he wants as much kindness as Roo.”
  • PISCES: “How sweet to be a Cloud Floating in the Blue! It makes him very proud To be a little cloud.”

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Hi, yes, I just wanted to tell you that I am excited for Mike's new movie but I also don't want to see my favorite in pain even if he is just acting. Why can't Mike be in a happy show where he is a happy boy? That is all, friend.

He’s in a movie? That’s cool. He cannot be happy in a show because if the camera ever got hold of that smile, everyone would faint from the sheer joy it brings. That is why. #FaistFact



omg i must admit that i almost throw a fit to myself when i see your message , i was screaming actually and then i started to sing IS THIS THE REAL LIIIIIIIFE IS THIS JUST FANTAAAASYYYYY ? (8) and go back to scream ahaha