i can't help it; i'm dyslexic,

pizzasarcasm  asked:

HANKKKK You're few references & descriptions about being mildly dyslexic made me look into and learn that I am moderately dyslexic. 1. Thank you! I can't describe how great it feels to know. Better. It feels better. 2. I'm starting college soon, and I want to do well. Can I ask for some study/information absorption tips? Again, thank you! And I'll see ya next week in Portland :]

I don’t have problems writing, so that was always my strategy. Transcribing something (my notes from class, or even chapters from books) was always much more helpful than reading something. Obviously also more time consuming…but there were times when I would transcribe one page of notes three or four times to get it all in there. 

See you soon!