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What you asked for: “Shiro/Keith, Shiro/Allura, or Shiro/Ulaz.”

Well @wolviecat​, I was your secret gift person for the Voltron Positivity Exchange.  Bless you for giving me the opportunity to draw such a happy Shiro.  I hope you like it!

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Okay so imagine. A 2A Sapphire trying really hard to tell a joke and she's just completely flopping, can't remember how it goes, oh god help her But Ruby is doing the 1D thing really hard to try to make her feel better like HOLY SHIT THAT'S HILARIOUS

and then they fuse into Garnet

Being near you is enough to make me feel like I’m safe from myself, and that’s hard as hell to do.
—  I just need you here.

I’m pretty sure this has been done but whatever but I was eating lemon cake with a spork and this happened

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  • Akashi: I have an idea!
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun, your last idea was murder.

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(Same old deseace anon) It's okay you can take your time to answer this. Your health is much more important than this, after all! I'm having trouble picking a decease, actually... I've thought about it and I still can't find anything, and I thank you so much for taking your time to help me!! I really appreciate it!!

Hi again, love!  I’m very sorry for the wait, but I think I’ve found something that will help you…

Coming Up with Illnesses for Your Characters

WebMD has a feature called the Symptom Checker, which is actually pretty awesome!  You start by entering your character’s gender & age range (to increase accuracy) – then it gives you a full body model (I winked out a sensitive area), with body parts to click on and expand.  Here’s an example:

Each symptom you click will add to the list in Section 2, which screens the WebMD database for compliant illnesses, diseases, disorders, etc.  Some symptoms will prompt questions to get more information:

This gives you more of an idea of how the symptoms affect your character’s daily life.  Once you’re finished, Section 3 will give you a list of possible conditions, listed by accuracy of the match.  For example: I started the test with bruising and color change (they were at the top of the list) and added headaches, and I wound up with these results:

So.  Give this a shot – start with the symptoms you want (I believe you mentioned headaches & general chronic pain?) and maybe add a few more, then see what you come up with.  You’re probably going to need to be more specific for the engine – because a lot of diseases cause chronic pain and headaches, which made this question nigh impossible to answer.  But hopefully, this is a better answer than I could’ve brainstormed!

Again, sorry for the wait!  I wish you great luck with your story, love :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Memory Loss { suffering/responses } ||Starter Sentences||
  • Suffering
  • "Who are you...?"
  • "I'm sorry, who are you again?"
  • "This isn't my house..."
  • "Why would you bring me here? I don't remember this place at all.."
  • "Who are all these people in the [photos/videos]?"
  • "I don't think I can remember.. I'm sorry.."
  • "We aren't [dating/engaged/married]! I don't even KNOW you!"
  • "Well.. well, what if I don't WANT to remember any of this?"
  • "I just wanted to start over.."
  • "Would you just quit trying? I'm a lost cause at this point, don't you think?"
  • "This isn't my child.. I never even HAD a kid.."
  • Responses
  • "Come on, you have to remember your [insert relation here]!"
  • "Okay, knock it off. Quit trying to gain attention, you're being self-centered!"
  • "Okay, so what about this person/place/thing? That has to jog your memory.."
  • "Don't you remember? We've been [dating/engaged/married] for [insert number here] weeks/months/years!"
  • "You really don't remember me, do you?"
  • "I'm sorry, but I don't want to help you remember.. maybe this is for the best.."
  • "Don't worry.. we can start all over. I'm by your side, no matter what."
  • "I can't deal with you not remembering me.. us..."
  • "Do you remember [him/her/them]?"
  • Certain shippers: oh boi, i hope they won't cut out the scene where eren looks at armin.
  • Wit studio: *doesn't cut out the scene where eren looks at armin*
  • Certain shippers: okay but it was CLEARLY shorter than in the manga. Also, they changed EVERYTHING. In the manga, eren and armin looked at each other for ten minutes straight. And mikasa clearly didn't thank eren for everything and tried to kiss him. HOW DARE those homophobes change an eremika scene into an eremika scene like that!
Ghost Hunt and Cinnamon Rolls

John: Classic Cinnamon Roll 
Ayako: Violent Cinnamon Roll 
Bou-san: Punk Cinnamon Roll 
Madoka: Chirpy Cinnamon Roll 
Masako: Cinnamon Doll 
Yasuhara: Cinnamon Troll 
Lin: *Shady Cinnamon Roll 
Mai: Spunky Cinnamon Roll 
Gene: Dreamy Cinnamon Roll 
Naru: Savage Cinnamon Roll

*throws shade, pun intended (it was this or Cinnamon Cyclops XD)


I’ll tell you this. The fact that Alec only acted because Valentine took Jace as hostage and Jace himself told him that Valentine and Magnus had switched… It still makes me cringe.

Because all that was madness and I wouldn’t ask Alec to believe Magnus from the beginning. It’s not like “Valentine” says “Alec it’s me, Magnus, I remember our date in Tokyo” and Alec would have to believe him right away and “oh I see, okay love, let’s get you out of here right now”. Valentine is a manipulative bastard, we all know about that. And it’s just natural for Alec to not believe it at the beginning, it was even the responsible thing to do…

… But you can’t tell me that Alec couldn’t have done more.

Because he could. He could. When he went to see “Magnus” and he noticed all the things that were off (Magnus’ attitude, Azazel’s presence)… It could be just Magnus being affected by Azazel? Yeah, it’s possible. But then there was “Valentine”, saying he was really Magnus… Okay, maybe Valentine was trying to trick him. It’s not as if he had to believe him just because “Magnus” is acting kinda weird, is it? It could be just a coincidence. And “Valentine” knowing about their Tokyo date? Spies, Azazel himself maybe. It’s possible.

But then again, we’re talking about Magnus here. Alec’s boyfriend. The man he’s in love with. Couldn’t Alec at least, I don’t know, do something else to make sure that “Valentine” wasn’t saying the truth? He told Jace. Yeah, that was good, but Jace couldn’t possibly know. He could give his opinion, but nothing else. Alec needed something more tangible. How about going to “Magnus” again and trying to ask some things that only Magnus would know? Or trying to talk more with “Valentine”, to ask him more intimate things about them. Maybe even calling another warlock in consult.

Alec had his doubts. Since the beginning, that’s why he asked Jace his opinion. But he didn’t acted on it. That’s what makes me cringe, that he didn’t acted on it, until the very last minute, when the truth was exposed in front of his eyes.

I really want Alec to be close to Magnus now, specially now. To take care of him. I want Alec to be there for Magnus, until Magnus is ready to let him in… I know he loves Magnus and wants to help him, I really don’t doubt that, and I know that he’s sorry for everything that Magnus went through. But knowing that Magnus was so close to die and the last thing he would have seen would be Alec, walking away from him, refusing to listen to him, to believe him…

I’m just so pissed off. I can’t help it.

I destroying myself to fix the ones I love. Until I'm completely gone and there is nothing left of me for them to love. Then they leave...
Emeto starters 2
  • 1. Some of it got in your hair...
  • 2. I'd appreciate it if you DIDN'T vomit on me.
  • 3. I'm not gonna throw up, alright?!
  • 4. I can't go back out there! Everyone saw me puke!
  • 5. Ugh, that smell makes me want to hurl.
  • 6. Let's find you a clean set of clothes, okay?
  • 7. You should probably know, I have a really weak stomach...
  • 8. Um...not to be rude or anything, but are you throwing up in there?
  • 9. You can't be mad at me for throwing up. You're the one who gave me this germ.
  • 10. Seriously, I'm fine. Don't w- oh god never mind, I'll be right back.
  • 12. It's...it's all over the carpet...
  • 13. I'm sorry I brought you here, I didn't know this was going to happen!
  • 14. It's okay. Just breath. You can do it.
  • 15. Um...what did you put in the food again? I don't think it agrees with me...
  • 16. That didn't sound good.
  • 17. This medicine should help...if you can keep it down that is.
  • 18. Come on, you need to keep your strength up. Just finish the sou- okay, um, never mind.
  • 19. I guess I'll have to clean this up...
  • 20. You'll feel better once you get it over with, you know.
  • 21. I can't leave the bathroom...I've been throwing up all day.
  • 22. Don't use your sleeve! I'll be right back with a wet cloth.
  • 23. So that's why you suddenly cancelled the plans...and here I was thinking you were mad at me.
  • 24. It's okay, everyone gets sick once in a while.
  • 25. Don't be ridiculous, of course I'll stay with you. It takes more than a little puke to scare me.

Okay but imagine riding Harry and looking down to where you two connect and he’s bucking his hips so he can get deeper into you and you can see the ferns move next to his happy trail and the butterfly is rising and falling as his chest heaves and hes breathing quick and little whimpers escape between his pink lips and he looks at you and his eyes are glassy and he’s silently begging you not to stop as if his life depended on it and he’s so desperate and fragile and needy I’m not okay.