i can't help it


So I found the full Life Is Strange soundtrack through this wonderful person (they are going to upload music from the second episode so I’ll crop and sort that too) and after an hour of cropping and making sure the files will be sorted in ITunes for everyone, I have done it! 

It’s a RAR. file so all you need to do is extract the files (I didn’t put them in a folder so create a folder first unless you’re not like me whose computer is music clutter madness)



The finale is so full of tiny details to savor. Can’t have enough of Lisbon’s reaction to Jane’s ‘I’m not married’ and I love how both of them are trying to do their best to control their feelings here. She’s immensely happy he said that, and he’s trying to play it cool and says it as a matter of fact thing immediately continuing his house talk but he must be secretly watching for her reaction and trembling inside because he’s nervous, he knows he’s about to make a huge step for both of them, and pronounce the words she can’t wait to hear. This is perfect acting and so true to the character’s psychology.

  • Me:We don't have that great of a chance to win, honestly.
  • Non Pens Fan:Yeah you're probably gonna get swept.
  • Me:EXCUSE THE FUCK OUT OF ME??? We're gonna win it in 6 bitch, get ready.