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Okay so I know there are a lot of fics in which Peter is on the spectrum (and sometimes I've seen Gwen as also being autistic in fics but details) but I'm not sure if that's a canon thing or if it's just been widely assumed based on his manerisms and etc but I was curious as to whether or not you have any headcanons for an autistic Peter Parker/how that ties in to his actions as Spidey?? {This is all prob really silly but idk I was just wondering and yeah idk haha ignore me I'm awkward}

I can totally see why people think Peter is autistic because he does have a lot of the traits/habits. 

(I just want to say, (in case I don’t portray it accurately) I am not autistic but my brother is, and I do stimm and have a lot of sensory problems, so this is purely just from my (and my brother’s) experiences. I am by no means an expert) So please don’t crawl through your computer and hurt me. 

  • Getting the Spidey powers and enhanced senses was really hard on Peter. He already had a hard time blocking out noises and smells, but all of a sudden it seemed impossible
  • And his Spider-Sense was a horror because whenever he is more stressed or anxious it seems to act up. And before he knew what the sixth sense was, it tended just to freak him out more. 
  • To help with his problem Peter had his headphones in most of the time and even wore sunglasses while inside on worse days, always wrapped up in his softest hoodie. 
  • His Aunt May seemed to pick up on the fact that he wasn’t doing too well, so random stimm toys (fidget spinner, those random toys from the Dollar Tree) started showing up in his room, and they ate a lot of Peter’s favorite dishes for dinner for a couple weeks.
  • (Now because he wasn’t allowed to wear sunglasses or headphones in school Peter made small wireless headphones and he took his regular glasses and made them light deflecting) That helped while he had to be in public during a bad brain day.
  • Becoming Spiderman actually helped. His mask blocks out a good amount of the input he gets and being able to listen to his Spider-Sense instead of ignoring it helped melt some of the stress off. 
  • Being Spiderman is the best part of Peter’s day, he is allowed to be hyper and make all the jokes and quips he wants and no one can say ‘boo’ because it is just part of his charming personality. 
  • Of course, there are bad days while out on patrol too. Days when Peter gets thrown into the smelly and grimy sewer and can’t seem to get the smell off of himself. 
  • Other days when he has to run through a burning building and make sure he grabs everyone, only to feel itchy and raw from the adrenaline high and touching so many different people. 
  • Those are the days that Peter goes home shoves himself into some fleece pajamas and end up eating whole bags of Cheetos while he watches dumb anime in the dark safety of his room. 
  • I think getting his powers is what really helped Peter to express himself. Before the spider bite, he was just some dorky science nerd (and yes that is still who he is) but putting on the mask gave him the freedom of anonymity, freedom to be his whole self. 
  • And I like to imagine that the superhero community just accepts Peter’s behavior without question. “Because that’s just how the kid is.”
  • Spider-Man flapping his hands in excitement,
    Spider-Man screaming like a little girl as he gets thrown around,
    Spider-Man singing as he web-slings,
    Spider-Man having to stop mid fight to pet a puppy,
    Spider-Man stealing everyone’s food and then judging said food,
    Spider-Man wearing a too big hoodie over his suit,
    Spider-Man spouting off all the elements of the periodic table,
    Spider-Man finding random wreckage and playing with it, 
    Spider-Man nonstop talking, Spider-Man not talking,
    Spider-Man cackling for no reason,
    Spider-Man having a no touch day,
    Spider-Man having a clingy day,
  • Yeah…yeah that’s all normal and the other Supers don’t really even notice it anymore.

I would include Daredevil helping Peter to control and learn his new limits when it comes to his senses, but I’ve already done that so I’ll just leave now…

Undertale - Starter Sentences
  • SPOILER WARNINGS AHEAD! Please proceed with caution. As always, feel free to change any pronouns/words to your liking.
  • "You're new here, aren'tcha?"
  • "Golly, you must be so confused."
  • "Hey buddy, you missed some."
  • "Is this a joke? Are you braindead?"
  • "You just wanted to see me suffer."
  • "Ah, do not be afraid, my child."
  • "Welcome to your new home."
  • "Here, take my hand for a moment."
  • "I should not have left you alone for so long."
  • "Surprise! It is a butterscotch-cinnamon pie."
  • "I want you to have a nice time living here."
  • "I have seen it time and time again. They come. They leave. They die."
  • "I am only protecting you, do you understand?"
  • "Hmph. You are just like the others."
  • "Attack or run away!"
  • "I know you want to go home, but..."
  • "I promise I will take good care of you here. I know we do not have much, but... We can have a good life here."
  • "My expectations... My loneliness... My fear... For you, I will put them aside."
  • "Do not worry about me. Someone has to take care of these flowers."
  • "Quick, behind that conveniently-shaped lamp."
  • "I will bathe in a shower of kisses every morning."
  • "Hmm... Maybe this lamp will help you."
  • "He's playing poker by himself. He appears to be losing."
  • "I can't be your friend!"
  • "I guess this means I have to go out on a date with you?"
  • "All that pressure to succeed... Really got to her..."
  • "You know what would be more valuable to everyone? If you were dead."
  • "You think I'm gonna be friends with you, huh?"
  • "We're gonna be best friends!!"
  • "Envision these vegetables as your greatest enemy! Now!! Pound them to dust with your fists!!"
  • "Uh, you know, like a robotic TV star or something."
  • "Now he's an unstoppable killing machine with a thirst for human blood?"
  • "Yes, she scrawls her name in the margins of the notes. She names programming variables after her. She even writes stories of them together, sharing a domestic life. Probability of crush -- 101%."
  • "Yeah, you gotta save your money for college and spiders."
  • "D-Dude... I can't... I can't take this anymore! Not like this!! Like, [NAME]! I like... I like, LIKE you, bro!"
  • "I found a gun in the dumpster!"
  • "He's like, my robot husband. He just doesn't know it yet."
  • "You've still got time. Don't live like me. I'm 19-years old, and I've already wasted my entire life."
  • "Never interact with attractive people."
  • "Why do people find him so attractive? He's literally just a freaking rectangle."
  • "Future? What future? I'll probably be trapped at this stupid job forever."
  • "This was all just a big show. An act. [NAME] has been playing you for the fool the whole time."
  • "All so you would think she's the great person that she's not."
  • "Nice day today, huh? Birds are singing, flowers are blooming..."
  • "We could be like... Like a family..."
  • "You really are an idiot."
  • "Killing me is the only way to end this."
  • "If you let me live... I'll come back. I'll kill you. I'll kill everyone you love."
  • "Don't you realize that being nice... just makes you get hurt?"
  • "Let's go to the garbage dump!!"
  • "She's so confident... And strong... And funny..."
  • "I'm just a nobody. A fraud. All I've ever done is hurt people. I've told her so many lies, she thinks I'm... She thinks I'm a lot cooler than I actually am."
  • "If she gets close to me, she'll... She'll find out the truth about me. ... What should I do?"
  • "Let's roleplay it."
  • "I kiss her back... S...softly... I... l-look gently into her eyes... I START HOLLERING!! [NAME]!!! I LOVE YOU!!! [NAME]!!! KISS ME AGAIN, [NAME]!!!"
  • "...WHAT did you just say?"
  • "You don't have to lie to me. I don't want you to have to lie to anyone anymore."
  • "[NAME]... I want to help you become happy with who you are."
  • "Anime is real, RIGHT?!"
  • "[NAME] and I finished our training early. Very early. So I sent her home. Very home."
  • "Is that your ex? Gee, that's rough, buddy."
  • "OH MY GOD. Will you two just smooch already?!"
  • "It's all your fault. It's all because you made them love you."
  • "Your life will end here, where no one remembers you..."
  • "No! I don't need anyone!"
  • "[NAME]... Do you know why I keep doing this? Why I keep fighting to have you around?"
  • "I'm doing this... because you're special. You're the only one that understands me."
  • "I care about you, [NAME]. I care about you more than anyone else in the world."
  • "I'm not ready for this to end. I'm not ready to say goodbye to someone like you again."
  • "I'm so alone... I'm so afraid... [NAME], I... I... I'm so sorry."
  • "I always was a crybaby, wasn't I?"
  • "I wish I could tell you how everyone feels about you."
  • "I understand if you can't forgive me. I understand if you hate me. I acted so horrible. I hurt you. I hurt so many people. There's no excuse for what I've done."
  • "Maybe... The truth is... [NAME] wasn't really the greatest person."
  • "You're the type of friend I wish I always had."
  • "Take a deep breath. There's nothing left to worry about."
Soulmate/Supernatural Sentence Prompts
  • "I've heard that you gain a pair of wings every time you meet your soulmate, but I've never seen someone gain three pairs at once before."
  • "I thought you couldn't speak English - oh, wait, doesn't that mean we're soulmates?"
  • "I'm not giving up my gills for a life on land; you have to give up your lungs if you want me."
  • "When I called the ocean my lover, I didn't expect to be seduced into a relationship by the ocean and the moon."
  • "I wished I could see colours without you."
  • "That song you played - how do you know it?"
  • "Who burned off your wings?"
  • "It's tiresome that you always shapeshift when flustered or sick; I have no use of a giraffe in the living room."
  • "Did you have horns yesterday?"
  • "You're made of fire; if you touch me, I'll evaporate."
  • "I've dreamt about you, and I bet you dreamt about me, but my dreams didn't say that you already have a soulmate."
  • "Excuse me, but your tail is in the way."
  • "I found your heart in the alley, and I think I will keep it."
  • "You're such a pretty doll... Let me give you life."
  • "I don't need your blood."
  • "The spell was supposed to show me my soulmate, not summon them."
  • "The devil asked for his violin back."
  • "You're precious, which is why you're mine."
  • "Fairydust can't help you."
  • "Your name is on my heart."
  • "Shed your skin and show your true self."
  • "Demons shouldn't be able to enter."
  • "My soul has been incomplete without you."
  • "I didn't pray to you for you to find me, I prayed because I thought you wouldn't listen."
  • "Your blood called out to me."
  • "You shouldn't be here - my soul is still mine for six more months."
  • "My soulmate compass is broken, so how did you find me?"
  • "Your thoughts are... I'd say disturbing, but it doesn't feel enough."
  • "You made me fall from Heaven, you have to take responsibility."
  • "I've seen you die for as long as I remember - you can't be in love with me, it would be too cruel."
  • "You still have one wish left for me to fulfill."
  • "Our soulmarks match, did you know that?"
  • "Angels and demons can't be soulmates, this must be wrong."
  • "Don't you want to return to the ocean?"
  • "Yours is the saddest siren song I've ever heard."
  • "Who made you like this?"
  • "Why would three fairytale beings be interested in me, a simple human?"
  • "I've seen you before, in the shadows."
  • "You- you're a ghost, aren't you?"
  • "If you haven't noticed, I'm already dead."
  • "Beings of water shouldn't mix with beings of air."
  • "Did you say that you're a cambion?"
  • "I've never met an incubus/a succubus before."
  • "Are you hiding goat-legs under that robe?"
  • "My senses are on fire when I'm with you."

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I'm a Murse as well! I just finished my first year of nursing school and I can't decide between the ICU and the ER. I've seen a few of your posts about it that you've said but what are more in depth thoughts one vs the other? What you do, or learn compared to one another? Or why you enjoy the ED vs why you enjoy the ICU? If you've already posted this just tag your previous post! Or copy/paste!

Dear Anon,

There are pros and cons of working in both units. Again, I could write a whole chapter in my book about working in both the ICU and ED, but I’ll keep my answer to your question relatively short. (lol, yeah right)

Originally posted by haidaspicciare


ICU - Generally speaking, you keep the same 1-3 patients for an entire shift, which can be good or bad depending on how sick they are and how well-behaved they are (or aren’t). And if you work several shifts in a row, you could have the same patients for multiple days, which, again, could be good or bad depending.

ED - You constantly have new patients. Depending on how busy your ED is, you could easily have double digits by then end of a 12-hour shift. Again, if you have bad patients, it’s good to get them out quickly, but it just means that you’ll get another unknown coming in. Unlike the ICU, you’ll have new patients every shift… well, generally speaking. You’ll also get those frequent ED fliers who come in for the same shit every time and you’ll roll your eyes and be like…

Originally posted by datgifarchive

Critical Thinking

OK, so, when I told my mentor that I was leaving the ICU to go work in the ED, she was genuinely disappointed. She told me that I would be wasting my critical thinking skills and my talents. I tend to disagree, but I do see some validity in her argument. Allow me to expound…

ICU - In the ICU you are hanging multiple critical drips and are constantly titrating those drips to keep patients alive. Some nights you’re riding the pumps and constantly re-assessing the patient; listening to their lungs for signs of fluid overload, or doing repeat EKGs looking for signs of an MI. You’re starting IVs on seriously ill patients, suctioning vents, and countless other focused assessments that require non-stop critical thinking.

ED - Contrary to what my mentor believes, nurses most certainly use critical thinking in the ED. A nurse triages the patients and a nurse is the first to see a patient, so we have to be thorough in our assessments to look for the subtle signs of something more severe. The doctors and nurse practitioners rely on the nurses to guide them in the right direction. ED nurses are looking for different things than ICU nurses. ICU nurses know what the patient’s diagnosis is because and ED nurse and the team they work with helped to find the diagnosis.


I think the main difference between skills in the ICU and ED is that ED nurses start a shit-ton more IVs and drop a shit-ton more NG tubes. ED nurses don’t usually have to deal with patient’s on multiple drips, but it doesn’t mean they’re not capable. And while ICU nurses are certainly adept at starting IVs, most ED nurses could probably find a vein in their sleep.


If you like something new every day and a fast-paced, always changing environment, then the ED sounds like a good fit. If you’re more meticulous and like your IV lines neat and organized, then you’d fit right in with the ICU crew. The ED can be stressful because of the trauma you see and for the sheer volume of pain and suffering that comes through the door. The ICU can be stressful, too, but for other reasons. 

There is not a cut-and-dry answer to your question. I like my lines and cords neat and tidy and I’m very thorough in my assessments, but as a former firefighter and EMT, I’m used to the chaos and fit right in with that group as well.

There’s nothing stopping you from trying both! Work in one for a year or so and then try the other.

I hope this “short” answer helps. Thanks for taking the time to ask a question! As always, I open the floor to other nurblrs to share their thoughts!

Mursenary Gary

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Could I please ask what makes you ship eruri? I'm just really curious because it's so popular but it's not something I've ever really got (but I want to because the fanart is amazing for them)

Of course, I always love to talk about Eruri! Though I think I mostly answered this question in an earlier ask prompt post I made: Erwin x Levi - but I will answer your question a bit more specifically. My answer will contain spoilers.

I’m a multishipper, so I understand other people’s reasons for shipping different ships, but Eruri is my otp, and my feelings for them have reached an intensity no other ship has ever been able to cause for me. With the things I’m going to write it is not my goal to put down other ships or invalidate them, it’s an expression of my personal feelings and the way I interpret canon material.

To me Erwin and Levi have an intense bond, something beyond the very real and canon “Ackerbond”. On the basis of that alone we already have a lot that supports a very close relationship, this is also obvious if we look at Uri & Kenny, and Eren & Mikasa, but as I said, there’s more.

I will not talk about Levi’s miserable life in detail, there is no need and I don’t want to cry any more than necessary while writing this. I don’t know if you have read and watched ACWNR, something you could also call “the birth of Eruri” in my opinion. Erwin has given Levi hope, a life, a purpose, has seen his potential, was able to look beyond his stoic expression and distant behavior, and Levi has found someone to trust, to follow, Erwin’s dream is his purpose and together they fight to achieve it.

From things like the boyfriend jacket (this is so blatantly canon it almost hurts) to the way Levi remembers Erwin’s face in the most painful moments of this manga, there have been many hints in official magazines and interviews that Erwin and Levi have a very, very close relationship.

They have been at each other’s side for many years, step by step the people around them died, leaving them, especially Levi, behind. It’s canon that they both barely sleep and you can not tell me that they don’t spend this time together. Either working or talking, because both of them have so many demons to fight, inside and outside of them. There aren’t many people left for them, not many people who understand and they knew all along that they could die any moment, any day. Their relationship is full of trust, someone like Levi, so strong yet hurt gives all of himself, his power, his ability to Erwin, and someone like Erwin gives every bit of that trust back, he knows exactly what Levi can do and how special it is to have him so close.

From all these quite intense (I mean, this is a shounen manga..) canon hints I started to draw more and more headcanons about the way they feel for each other, the time they spend, the gazes and touches and the way this is their only comfort in this cruel life they lead.

Their story is tragic and beautiful, there’s so much hope and closeness and the fact that Erwin is dead hurts me so much. I try to not let it get to me too much, I don’t want to be bitter but it’s a struggle, because how can you look at this face and tell me that Levi has not just lost the most important person in his life.

We are talking about Levi here, everyone around him dies, everyone he likes, everyone he loves, and this is the worst thing that could have happened to him. This is breaking my heart.

I do believe that there is enough canon material for Eruri to be considered canon, as canon as a male homosexual couple in a non romance shounen manga can be. 

Other than all these canon reasons, I’m just deeply in love with Levi and Erwin as characters. Levi has been my favorite character from the start and I identify with him quite a bit, to see him hurting, to see him happy, all of that helps me cope with actual mental health issues, Erwin is a character I admire, thinking of him comforts me and puts me at ease in actual bad situations that make me anxious.

The options for fanfiction, fanart and AUs are endless, they are uneblievably versatile, deep characters. Romantic, deep and trusting love, slow burn is just as fitting as angst, hurt and comfort (with all their hurt and self doubt, Levi’s trauma, Erwin’s self hatred..) and of course they are aesthetically so beautiful, their size difference, their beautiful features.. I also believe that they can work in every possible (power-) dynamic.

They are everything to me, they make me so happy and I regularly cry because of them. This ship means hurt, especially if you still read the manga, it means having to either ignore or endure and that’s sometimes really hard. But it’s worth it.

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May I ask something without sound like an hater ahahah xD I just can't understand why people like Carrot so much. She gives me pretty weird vibes like isn't she's acting a bit too much cute and comfortable with the crew? And everybody want her as a nakama already while I can't figure her possible actual role on the ship neither her big dream (leaving Zou is a bit meh) or a tragic past (on Zou they were like a big family and she's too naïve to have been like traumatized or something?). Thank you!

i wouldn’t say she’s being “a bit too cute and comfortable with the crew” haha.  it seems like that’s just her personality.  it’s not like she’s got any reason to trick them or w/e.  also considering how she attacked luffy when he ate her food, that’d be a kind of odd thing to do if you were trying to ~put up a nice front~.  as far as we know she’s just an exceptionally passionate and excitable person, something i personally think is cute and sets her apart.

as for her role on the ship……what is zoro’s role on the ship? (before anyone says it, no, canonically he has never been called the first mate) what is usopp’s??  what was robin’s, before we found out just recently about the road poneglyphs??  “electric melee fighter bunny girl” may not be a necessary role on a pirate ship, but neither are “swordsman” or “sniper”.  obv there were some roles that needed to be filled on the ship like doctor, cook, and navigator but beyond that “roles” aren’t as much of a thing in the straw hat crew and people seem to think.

i think it’s a bit too early to say she doesn’t have a big dream or a tragic past either.  we didn’t know a lot of the strawhats’ dreams/pasts until right when they joined the crew, or even long after.  and even if she doesn’t have a tragic past…does zoro have that tragic of a past either??  i mean, his friend died, but it’s not like he was traumatized.  same with luffy’s past- some sad things happened in it, but it wasn’t Terrible.  and a person can have had bad things happen in their past without those bad things making them really jaded and un-personable in the present.  considering carrot’s a professional fighter who just helped fight a bloody battle for her people, i wouldn’t really call her naive either.

as for why i like carrot personally….

she’s badass as hell (according to pedro, “certainly stronger than your average”)

and not only that but she has the same kind of aggressive, reckless ‘I’M GONNA FRICKI NG FIGHT” reaction to enemies as luffy has, something we’ve never really seen from a female character in op before

she’s adorable

she loves adventuring and risk-taking (she and luffy actually are quite alike now that i think about it)

she’s funny (notably she tends to be included in gags with the other male crew members, another thing that we almost never see from female characters in op)

but she’s also effin’ fearless

long story short….carrot is bae and i love her so much idk

Dance with Devils episode 5

(As always, this is so SPOILER FULL you’d kill me. So read at your own risk)

(Also Mage alert. I like Mage. If there’s no Rem, I’m pretty fine with seeing Mage all the time. But there’s also Rem today, so this episode is going to be awesome! as always) Edit: I’ve made some censorship lmao, too many bad words ^^

This time this post is going to be a huge mess of screenshot and livestream reactions I had watching the episode. (And when I say HUGE I mean it)
Be ready for the struggle ahah

So, they decided to give us a cute af Lindo right at the start

*Meow!* (slow down reject, I can’t giggle like this already. It’s not even three minutes!)

And when things seemed going well…


…Things got better.


THE FREACKIN’ WINDOW!!!” Stop Mage, I already love you too much! OTL

Well, the spell didn’t work on Azuna. I knew she was special (maybe related to the excorcists like Lindo, dunno, speculations about her are still vague)

Also, she just said “Lindo…” no honorifics damnrightyass relationship!! <3

ShikixRoen OTP plz. Lolled at Shiki brushing a screaming in pain Roen ahah I think Rem told him to do it lmao (’cause of last time)

Rem tho, if you won’t have the grimoire and vampires take your throne, I sincerely advice you to reconsider your fortune-teller career with your chessboard lolol

*Now here it comes the random blabbing along with feels, screens and caps lock. as usual.*

I just LOVE how realistic Ritsuka’s behaviour is! (Admirable, script writers <3)


MODEST!MAGE I like. what’s there to dislike about him??

*Mage ost came in*

*Ritsuka screaming*
*Ritsuka screaming*  
#I kill myself with these lame jokes ah ah

Seriously, Subaru Kimura fit this character soooo well I can’t say anymore if I love him or love Mage more OTL

proposing like this SEEMS LEGIT TO ME.

(I took too many screenshots during this part lol)


I’m starting to like Ritsuka and Mage interactions; they would look good as an old married couple… if Ritsu-chan wouldn’t always try to defend Rem’s reputation awww <3 <3 <3 (But I’m very openminded to a OT3)

Definitely there’s something going on with Ritsuka’s flagrance I won’t say “flavour” lol

Yeah, right, but daaaaamn Ritsuka!! What a “lucky girl” you are, my poor little baby >.< (From bad to worse, she also had to meet the drug dealers? I feel you Ritz <3)

I’ll confess I wasn’t 100% sure Rem was the real one when he showed up. You know, since last episode I’m on tentherhooks ^^

(A plane to go home??? Where in the world has Mage taken her?)

And their conversation was like:

Ri: “How did u know I was here, mate? Bro, I probably know u’re a demon ya know?”

Re: “Blah blah can’t hear you blah blah *insert kind words* blah blah *try confess to her randomly* blah blah”


Daaaaamn my feeeeelsss

Rem, just stop to be so tsundere and be honest with your feelings already!

C’mon dude.

I trust you. You can.

(But I wanted to see a deal between Rem and Mage… u.u”) ((*))

Noooo T__T tears!! My precious Ritsuka-chan having a heartbrake! I can’t bear the pain!  (T A T)

…U Mage, the mood/life saviour!! Please, be embarrassed more in your life xD




((*)) (Oh, nevermind. Here’s my deal LOL)

Really had no words watching the match. (I was speechless, covering my mouth with both hands; it was sooo good I still can’t find words to describe it. They did an awesome job with everything: animations, dubbing, dialogues, backgrounds… *standing ovation!!!*)


RITSUKA WTF R U DOING?!?!?!?? I’ve lost ten years of life, Jezz!!

(And what’s with this episode and the lack of honorifics? Lol I thought it was a special thing just for Azuna and Lindo, but now it seems quite normal!)

CREEPY SHIKI SCARING THE HELL OUT OF ME. please, I have only this heart of mine, let me live as long as possible

(Tell me next time is your time, Shiki!)

Ahahah it makes me laugh that no one cares a thing about how Rem treasure the chessboard, stealing peaces from it nonchalantly! x°D

You can say what you want, but this anime is really DEEP. I like it more than any other reverse harem I’ve ever seen! (I humbly admit I’ve seen many)

– END. –

This took me sooo long! Yatta, I did it!  ~(* 0 *)~

If you’ve read all of it, congratulation! You’re as obsessed with dwd as me, I’m glad ;)

Kudos to you all~! (now, time to write the tags *sigh*)

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Can you believe that Izuku's parents are going to battle over custody rights?? Wow, I don't think I've seen that happen in a Shonen manga. I can't wait to see Dad Might's response.

ksja;ghal;s i cna’t be lieve this i s a plot point i love thi s series

HONESTLY i think All Might is gonna tell Inko about One for All. but considering he gave Izuku One for All without telling her (and Izuku even makes a point of saying how he ‘hasn’t even told his mom about this…’), i think All might might just… bow to her in apology, or lower his head to her in some way. (which is a Very Big Deal)

he didn’t have a right to give OFA to Izuku without telling her first, especially now that Izuku’s broken his body so many times that he’s actually under the threat of paralysis if he continues to use his arms the way he has in the past

not to say All might was wrong in giving his quirk to Izuku, but i feel like this interaction between All Might and Inko has been held off for so long (nearly 100 chapters into the series) because All Might had to realize just how much damage he was doing to Izuku with his flawed teaching, so he could become a better teacher and mentor to him. which, as of the previous chapter, that hurdle has been 100% cleared. so now that All Might is in a position to understand Inko’s worries and fears, particularly because of his own flaws and negligence, this was the perfect time for these two to meet.

i am 100% certain that this is why these two hadn’t met before now, because they both had to go through a lot of development before they could properly meet and understand each other (particularly, All Might understanding Inko)

All Might had to understand the damage he was doing and try to fix it, and realize that he had to become a better mentor to Izuku and dedicate himself to his development (an now that he can’t use OFA himself now, that means that he doesn’t have to worry about being distracted by the media or villainy or whatever, he can focus entirely on Izuku).

and Inko had to understand the harsh life her son is going to live through from now on. she’s worried about her son, with good reason. she has no trust in the heroes of UA. and i believe that All Might’s experiences up until now will help him understand her fears and help her understand just why Izuku needs more training at UA. he’s already got a target painted on his back because of All Might, but there’s no turning back now. the only thing Izuku can do from now on is continue to train so he can protect himself and others without injuring himself further

anonymous asked:

I've read all of your meta posts and I really love it, I think you are incredibly skilled as a writer :) Yet there is still one thing that bothers me and I can't figure it out - can you help me and explain why in your opinion Korra was able to go into Avatar State at will while Aang could only do that when he was in danger or very upset/angry? I want to understand this but the answer is still slipping away from me. (If you already answered to that question, sorry, I haven't seen it anywhere)

Thank you!  =D

My interpretation of the difference between Korra’s relationship with the Avatar State and Aang’s is this:

Aang is afraid of his power, and he struggles to stand strong instead of avoiding conflict.  He isn’t able to take ownership of his anger and fear, so it comes out through the Avatar State as something completely uncontrollable instead… and the experience of being completely out of control makes the Avatar State itself even more frightening to him.

Korra, in contrast, loves her power, thrives on conflict, and built up her own violent defense mechanisms to the point that the Avatar State’s equivalent wasn’t even necessary.  That’s both the reason why she couldn’t go into the Avatar State at all at first (her own defenses blocked the Avatar State’s trigger) and why she was able to control it (since she’s used to dealing with her own rage and anger in a way that Aang never was).

  • Warning: Possible spoilers for the end credits scene of Ant-Man. Just some dialogue that popped into my head and refused to go away until I wrote it down. I know nothing about the end credits scene beyond what that website posted, so this is just me brainstorming.
  • -------------------
  • INTERIOR - Dark and dilapidated warehouse. STEVE AND SAM have just walked inside and are looking around to get their bearings.
  • SAM: (whispers) Look, I don't know how many horror movies you've seen since coming out of the ice, but this place has GET OUT NOW written all over it.
  • STEVE: We had horror movies in the 40's.
  • SAM: Not exactly the point I was trying to make.
  • There's a sound and Steve puts his hand up, halting Sam. He nods toward the back corner. Sam has his gun out and Steve tightens his grip on his shield. The shadows shift and a figure begins to take shape - someone is tied to a chair, seemingly unconscious. Steve moves closer, hopeful but cautious. The figure groans and his head tilts back, revealing ...
  • STEVE: Bucky.
  • Steve rushes forward and kneels next to the chair and his friend. Sam make a feeble attempt to grab his shoulder and hold him back. Bucky rouses as Steve starts trying to undo his restraints. He's groggy and injured. He squints at Steve, his gaze unfocused, foggy.
  • BUCKY: Steve?
  • STEVE: Yeah, Buck. It's me. We're gonna get you out of here.
  • BUCKY: (starting to struggle) Shit, Steve, it's a trap.
  • SAM: Oh, we know. Try telling him that.
  • BUCKY: They're watching. They knew you'd come.
  • STEVE: We can take them.
  • BUCKY: No, you can't.
  • SAM: Thanks for the vote of confidence.
  • BUCKY: (glaring at Sam) They caught me.
  • Steve's struggling with the restraints, they're heavy duty, designed for super soldiers and he hasn't had any luck getting them undone. The chair is bolted to the floor and Steve lifts up his shield to crash down on the bolts just as the warehouse doors crash open and a swarm of HYDRA goons fills the space. A man steps forward. He's wearing a mask painted to look like a skull and he's covered in armor and modified weaponry.
  • CROSSBONES: Shoulda listened to your pal, Cap. Now it's too late. I've been waiting for this for a long time.
  • Sam grabs Steve's arm and pulls him to the side as Crossbones unleashes a barrage of gunfire from guns mounted on his armored arms. They hide behind some boxes in the dark corner.
  • SAM: (whispering) I say we call in backup. Stark?
  • Steve glances at Bucky at the mention of Stark's name. He's still, eyes on the man stalking toward him.
  • STEVE: (shaking his head) No, not Tony. I ... can't explain right now. Just not him.
  • Sam pulls out his phone, quickly scrolling through numbers.
  • SAM: (typing out a text with their location) Okay, I know a guy. He's close by and he can infiltrate the area without them knowing, which is helpful since it looks like our asses are about to be captured.
  • STEVE: Fine. Contact him.
  • SAM: (hitting send and holding up his phone to show Steve the message) Already on it.
  • Crossbones has made his way to Bucky. He points a gun at his head, digging it into his temple. Bucky glares up at him, defiant.
  • CROSSBONES: Come out come out wherever you are ...
  • Steve closes his eyes and clenches his shield to his chest.
  • CROSSBONES: Count of three and what's left of your friend's brains will be splattered all over the floor here. One ...
  • He pushes the gun harder.
  • CROSSBONES: Two ...
  • STEVE: (stepping out from the corner, hands raised) Fine. Enough.
  • CROSSBONES: You think I'm stupid? Birdbrain, too. I got a special score to settle with him.
  • SAM: (Appears, arms also raised) Who the hell are you?
  • CROSSBONES: (Gun still pointed at Bucky) You don't recognize me? I'm hurt.
  • STEVE: Rumlow.
  • CROSSBONES: One point for the boyscout.
  • SAM: The mask is a good look. Imagine it comes in handy with the ladies after I dropped a building on your face.
  • CROSSBONES: All progress comes with pain. Isn't that true, Cap?
  • He walks behind the chair and rests his hand on Bucky's shoulder.
  • CROSSBONES: Shit, your pal here can fill you in on how HYDRA can help you be all you can be. His brain's a bit scrambled now, but we'll have him fixed right up in no time.
  • He bends down, next to Bucky's ear and loudly whispers for the other men to hear.
  • CROSSBONES: What you say, asset? Ready to complete your mission? Eliminate good ol' Captain America once and for all?
  • SAM: (to Steve) Told you he never shuts up.
  • STEVE: You and your men can surrender now. This doesn't have to get ugly.
  • Rumlow throws his head back and laughs, when a sudden shout from one of his men draws his attention. The guy flies back, slamming into the wall. He's down, unconscious, no sign of what knocked him out. Three more guys suffer the same fate before anyone even thinks to fire a gun.
  • Steve, taking advantage of the distraction, slams his shield into Rumlow's head, denting his mask and knocking him out. He crouches next to him and starts looking for something. He finds what he hopes are keys to the cuffs and tosses them to Sam. Sam rushes over to Bucky but hesitates when the man looks up at him.
  • SAM: I let you go, you aren't gonna try and kill me are you?
  • BUCKY: Not plannin' on it.
  • SAM: (unlocking the cuffs) That's not exactly reassuring. You okay to fight?
  • BUCKY: (Pulling himself out of the chair, ignoring his injuries) More or less.
  • SAM: (Handing him a gun and muttering under his breath)Goddamn supersoldiers.
  • He puts the cuffs on Rumlow and then pulls two of his remaining guns from their holsters. Now Sam, Steve, Bucky and their invisible friend are all fighting - making quick work of what's left of the HYDRA foot soldiers.
  • The fight is over and our heroes are left standing. Bucky's holding onto his ribs, breathing heavily. Steve takes a step toward him but Bucky takes a step back.
  • BUCKY: I'm fine.
  • SAM: Sit down before you pass out, Mr. I'm Fine.
  • Steve watches as Bucky goes back to the chair, practically collapsing onto it. He wants to go to him and bombard him with questions, but there's work to be done first.
  • STEVE: (To Sam) Call Hill. Tell her we need a containment crew and transport for 30, one high level.
  • Steve glances around the warehouse.
  • STEVE: And one other thing ... care to introduce me to your friend?
  • SAM: (laughing) Oh, you mean Scott. Been meaning to tell you I was looking to recruit him. Thought he'd make a pretty good Avenger.
  • STEVE: We'll see. Is he invisible, or ...
  • Suddenly a man appears in a silver colored metal suit and helmet. Steve almost stumbles back.
  • BUCKY: What the ...
  • SAM: Guys, this is Ant-Man.
  • Bucky snorts a laugh and Sam looks over his shoulder at him and glares.
  • STEVE: What man?
  • SCOTT: (pulling off his helmet) Ant-Man. Look, I know it's a, um, interesting name and everything. I sort of didn't get to have a say in the matter. You know that whole 'Greatness thrust upon them' thing? Apparently that also counts with superhero names.
  • SCOTT: (holding out his hand) Anyway, Scott Lang.
  • STEVE: (shaking his hand) Steve Rogers. Thanks for the help.
  • SCOTT: Anytime, Captain.
  • NEW SCENE - SAME WAREHOUSE - A convoy of Avengers Initiative vehicles pulls up outside the warehouse, visible through the windows and doors. MARIA HILL enters with the people she brought with her to clean up the mess. Bucky and Steve are hidden in the back corner.
  • STEVE: Two years, Buck. Two years.
  • BUCKY: Guess I'm stubborn. Wonder who I could've learned that from?
  • STEVE: Fair enough, but I don't want to chase after you anymore.
  • BUCKY: And I don't want to be chased anymore. I think I'm done running. But I'm not ready for that. (nodding toward the agents)
  • STEVE: I got a place. Off the books. Only Sam knows about it.
  • BUCKY: I know. Brooklyn.
  • STEVE: 'Course you do. It's near the old neighborhood.
  • BUCKY: You think that's a good idea?
  • STEVE: I've had the guest room ready to go since I got it. We can sneak out the back of this place.
  • BUCKY: I'm still fucked up. Rumlow wasn't kidding about my brains being a mess.
  • STEVE: And you want to keep handling that on your own?
  • BUCKY: You're not gonna give up, are you?
  • STEVE: To the end of the line.
  • BUCKY: Seriously? You're a sap, Rogers.
  • STEVE: You're the one who said it in the first place.
  • BUCKY: If you say so ...

emilyraynebow-blog  asked:

I hope this doesn't sound weird but I struggle with manic depression and it's been pretty bad lately but your lovely posts saying how someone always loves you and care about you and wil miss you, ect.. I kinda imagine that person is you. Your recent posts about suicide prevention have helped me so much I can't explain. And I'm glad I didn't do it when I was about to because the last few days I've had- have been some of the best. I hope to be as loving and caring as you some day, caiti <3

You’re already as a loving and caring as your role models. You just mightn’t feel like it right now, because there is a giant dark cloud covering all the rays of hope and light from the sun.

I want you to think of your depression that way. Think of a thunder storm that is rolling by your home. With black clouds that cover the sun, and menacing noise. With downpours of rain and lightening; and you’re inside and can’t go out because you’ll get soaked.

After it’s stormed, after the clouds have emptied and they drift along - what happens? The light comes through again. It’s shining particularly brightly because you missed it through the darkness of the rain.
The grass is so green and the tress are more animated for some reason. The sun begins to help the grass and trees grow because they’ve just been watered, and the ground dries up. It’s sunny outside and everything is stunning.

I want you to think of your depression as the storm, but I want you to focus, focus, focus on the sun shining through at the end. The water on the grass (the experience of depression) is knowledge - knowledge that every drop that waters the grass is pain you’ve felt; doubt you’ve had.
When the sun helps the grass grow, that’s symbolic of your growth from seeing the dark side, to now seeing the light. The rain; the water, is the experience of your depression and the grass growing is your development and your fight to keep going.
The trees looking more animated is perspective - you’ve seen the worst of the worst and now you’re seeing that things can be different; they can be positive and beautiful.

The ground drying up is the last remnants of the storm. As each drop is evaporated, so is every fear, every doubt, every worry, every anxiety, every stress and every bad thought.

I’m not saying the sun after one storm is enough to help. It may take many. You may definitely even need someone to help you get through the storm to get to the sun at the end of it.

Just please don’t focus on the storm. I forbid you. Focus on what happens after the storm. Every little bit.

Stand out there, or go outside, lay down and envision it. Every smell, every sound; every ray, every drop.

Let the sun work it’s magic and take away the storm. I know you can.

anonymous asked:

As much as I love Killian and will always believe that he will do right by Emma in the end, I can't help but feel like this is going to take a Buffy/Angel turn. Killian warned Emma that he would not be strong enough to fight the darkness, and we've seen last season that he can be temperamental and impulsive which have led to him making dark choices. He's hurt and angry with her so will the darkness feed on that and he will try to snuff out the light (hence all the old cloaked dark ones appear)

Okay, cool. You’re surely allowed to have that opinion. I, however, disagree, and this is going to get long, so yeah.

First, Killian is the first DO in the history of ever to become it against his will. Even Emma made the choice to take it on willingly, even if she didn’t kill anyone for it. And Killian was willing to die rather than take it on, as he knows more than ANYONE about the damage it does. Are you really telling me that he’s spent 300 years fighting the DO with every waking moment, has then dealt with his true love taking it on herself and keeping up hope and fighting to save her while defeating it, and is now going to realize she tethered him to it (rather than lose him, because she can’t stand to, and wants to have a future with him), shrug, go, “Well, I guess that was all for nothing,” give into it without a fight, turn against her, and become a raging force of unbridled destruction? How does that make sense? How, in two episodes of the end of the Dark Swan arc, are they going to completely  destroy his character, undermine all his growth and struggle to make good choices, his world-changing love for Emma, her absolute trust in him and them to fight the darkness together, and have her put him down like a rabid dog to stop him from destroying the world?

Short answer: they’re not.

We’ve seen over and over that being the DO does not change who people really are. Rumple was still a coward who made poor choices and avoided confrontation and manipulated people. Emma is still a hero who was acting out of the desire to save her true love and destroy the darkness. We’ve seen Killian be (unknowingly) the DO in Storybrooke this entire time. It’s supposed to be this unstoppable, irresistable force… yet we’ve seen him still fighting to save Emma, to help the others, to do and be a hero no matter what. Yes, now he knows it’s in him, but he also knows that this entire time he’s still been able to be himself. When he told Emma he already forgave her no matter what, that he loved her, he wasn’t lying. They had that entire conversation for a reason. Killian, of all the reforming villains, has been the least ready to believe that a) he’s a hero, that he deserves anything good (his first reaction when Emma said she was afraid of the future was to conclude that she didn’t want one with him) and b) the most aware of someone’s CHOICES in becoming who they are. He has never denied who he was; he told Emma about the rings he wore that belonged to men he had killed for petty insults. So when he says he’s not strong enough to resist the darkness, that he’s not a hero, that he’s not like her or Merlin, it is in complete objection to everything we’ve seen from him. He’s said over and over he’s not a hero. And yet, over and over, he’s made a hero’s choices. He doesn’t talk about how much he loves Emma; he fights for her, he shows her every day that he is not going to let her down. Even while believing he’s worthy of very little else, she is the light of his life and the center of his world. There is no way on earth that the Dark One is capable of changing that central, fundamental fact of Killian Jones’ very existence. It’s just not. He has fought his demons all along; now he needs to fight the original source of it within himself.

Next, of course Killian is going to give into the darkness in some way; it would be completely unrealistic if he didn’t. But that doesn’t mean hurting Emma/everyone indiscriminately. His ultimate goal has never been for power; why would he want to destroy all light magic? He doesn’t care about magic; he’s unimpressed with gods and monsters and dread sorcerers alike. He cares about love. His motivations center around love. Even at his worst, this has been the case. We see him go after Rumple; that’s exactly what old Hook would do. I still think he’s trying to get Rumple to kill him. We know he’d rather die than live this way, we know he would rather that Emma would be free from the darkness, and him dead, then them both living together as Dark Ones. His actions will be geared around destroying himself, because that’s how Hook is at his worst.

Do I expect him to just kiss and forgive Emma immediately? No. She’s made (even with the best of intentions) a pretty big mistake, and put him and them both in a terrible position. If you give the Darkness more bodies, it becomes stronger and far less easy to control, and now it sees its chance to break free of all its bonds whatsoever. But if he just gives in altogether, as I said, there was no point to her trusting that they could fight the darkness together, that they could have a future, that their love could overcome it, that any of the themes of hope and a happy ending, of good winning over evil, of any of it. And that’s depressing as hell. And I don’t think, for better or for worse, that’s the story they’ve been trying to tell, what they’re leading up to, or where they’re going. I don’t believe that the point of this is to destroy Killian’s character development and CS in under two episodes. I just don’t. There is nothing on earth that will make me think that. Especially since everyone is then going to the underworld to get him. Why do they do that, why do they agree to help Emma, if they’ve seen there’s no way Killian can ultimately be trusted to be a hero or make the right choices? If he’s just a dangerous liability, they’d leave him there, no matter how much Emma missed him. But this isn’t that story. Once again: EVERYONE IS GOING TO GET HIM. How does that make sense to the audience, how is it justified to spend all of 5B saving him, if we haven’t seen there’s still the good man in him who fought the Darkness to the end?

I expect 5x10 is called Broken Heart for good reason. Everyone’s heart is broken: Emma’s, Killian’s, ours. And we’ll see everyone struggling with the consequences of her decision. But I also expect that when it comes time for the big sacrifice in 5x11, it’ll be something Killian chooses, if not outright begs Emma to do. We have already seen him make the decision to die rather than live with the darkness in him, meaning that she was still bound to it. He will make that decision again when it matters. I just can’t, CANNOT see them having Emma kill him to destroy an unqualified, out-of-control evil, with no hope and no redeeming factor, especially as I said when they go straight into the underworld to get him!!!!

I said in my post last night that Killian knows the thing that would hurt Emma the most at this point is having to live without him. That’s why I think he’s trying to get Rumple to kill him. He’s trying to make the decision HE wanted: to die and free her from the darkness, rather than live with them both cursed and tied to it.

Plus: there is more to learn about what happened in Camelot (and how the hell does Zelena know all this, anyway?) They’re hinting he’ll discover it’s not Emma he needs to be mad at (because duh). Besides, everything about what Emma was doing as Dark Swan turned out to be a big misdirect. They’re leading you to think that Dark Hook will be this terrible unleashed evil, and that’s exactly why we shouldn’t believe them.

Once again: this is CS’ season. They’re not going to put them in a place where you no longer want to root for them or don’t believe in their happy ending. So yes, I think Killian will give into the darkness partially and try to do some bad things (but if trying to get Rumple to kill him is one, as obviously HE doesn’t kill Rumple, then still). They will struggle with this choice. He will feel hurt and betrayed and angry with Emma over it, and honestly, he has every right to. But that doesn’t mean this ends with everything being destroyed in under two episodes, no hope, and no reason for Emma to march straight into the underworld with her family and rescue him. Because it doesn’t.

The Hanging Men (2/?)

Summary: Emma Swan kills people for a living. Only bad people, mind - and if the stories are anything to go by, Captain Hook is certainly a bad person. Having been charged by the king to track him down, Emma has every intention of getting the job done quickly and quietly. Falling through a portal and getting stuck with the pirate? Definitely not part of the plan.

(Bounty Hunter AU, slow-build CaptainSwan)

A/N: Sorry this took so long! This is now the story I update between other stories haha

Part 1  AO3  FFN

The incredibly cunning plan was to seduce Captain Hook.

David was not a fan of the plan at all.

“This guy has evaded capture for years and you’re seriously going to, what, just walk up to him and ask him to buy you a drink?” he asked dubiously.

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