i can't help but ship it

  • Me:I think I'll finally do some writing today. This book isn't going to write itself after all! I'll just quickly check a few things and then no more internet except for research or music purposes. Absolutely NO fanfiction whatsoever.
  • Primus:HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, you poor, deluded soul.
  • Me:Haha, lol you're right. *does nothing but eat snacks, read novel-length fanfiction, and cry over what my OTP could have been if Lady Fate had been a kinder queen*

when there’s so much going on in the new b99 promo that you literally don’t know where to start (and literally don’t know which kiss to start with and there’s a sentence I never thought I’d be saying) and oh right in the feels they’ve spared absolutely nothing thank you jesus


Slap/Kiss Part. II

So my only irl SW friend is a hardcore Obidala shipper. I love Obi. I love Padme. She told me to give it a try. I’ll like it if I just give it a try. So I did give it a try. I mulled over my feelings for them as a pair for at least for an hour. Conclusion? 

What can I say? I guess my heart belongs to Anidala forever. 

Obidala makes me

Anidala makes me