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Hey! Your blog is so great! I love to read it very much. Can I request: MC's new boss is sexualy harassing her. She can't leave her job, because it's very important to her, but don't know what to do and is afraid to ask help of RFA + V + Saeran?

Hope you like it! ^^


RFA + V and Saeran react to MC being sexualy harassed by her boss


  • You came back from work feeling like shit, even if he was tired himself, he always knew when something was off with you.
  • “How was work, babe?” “Meh, just normal… I’m going to sleep now, ok?” hmmm, not even a smile? Yes, something was definitely wrong
  • He would let you take your time,  so he went to shower, ate something and only then he went to the bedroom
  • Only to find you sobbing from crying, he ran to you. “Babe, what’s wrong?” “Zen, you’re so right… all men are wolves, all men… are…” “Hey, hey… why are you saying that now, MC?”
  • You told him about the new boss, the way he trapped you at your desk when nobody was looking… the way he looked at you, you never felt so ashamed of your own body like you were then… “You’re right, Zen, you’re right! I’m too nice to men, right? I’m the problem, they think I’m sending theses… signs and…”
  • “MC, what are you saying? This isn’t your fault at all! Don’t this to yourself… I… I don’t really think you’re too nice to everybody, you’re just… you, and if people take it on the wrong way, they’re the problem. Your boss is a fucking problem! So where do I find him to fix this problem?”
  • “Oh… oh no, Zen, please. Let’s calm down, I… he’s my superior and I don’t want to lose my job, I like my job, Zen!” “MC, I’m sorry, but I won’t let this happen. What if he does again? With you or with some of your colleagues?” he was right, today was you, who could it be tomorrow? “Okay… what do you suggest?” “I have something in mind, but you’ll have to be brave for this!”
  • Your boyfriend, having women like the biggest part of his fanbase, announced a campain on his Tripter account, asking his fans to write on a paper all the abusive and objectifying things they heard from bosses or male co-workers and post a photo, the hashtag made a huge success and he posted on his own account a photo  of you holding your own paper with what you heard.
  • His fans, being the stalkers they are, soon find out where you worked, they gave bad reviews to the company all over social media and threat boycotting the company, they would take the bad reviews once the guy was fired. And that was exactly what happened.
  • You had no idea his fans could be so supportive to you, and you made sure to thank all of them through a video he also posted. “Zen is an awesome person who wants to make all the women in his life acknowledge their own strength.  Thank you all so much!”


  • He was aware of this new boss being a douch, you would always trash talk the guy when you’d come home.
  • But it was mainly things related to work. But then he heard this: “And you should hear what he talked about my skirt, Yoosung! Really…” “What did he say about your skirt, MC?”
  • “Hum? Oh, something like ‘you keep coming dressed like that and I won’t take responsibility on what I’m going to do with you, foxy’ ugh… such a douch, right?”
  • Douch wasn’t really the word he was thinking, and your bluntness about that was… pretty concerning. “MC, we had a seminar at college about sexual harassment last month, you do realize that what he did to you is a crime, right?”
  • You sighed deeply. “Yes, I’m aware of it. But what can I do? He’s my boss! You know what happens with girls that make a report? They lose their job, some bosses are bad enough to make sure they never find a job on similar companies… it’s fucked up as it is, there’s nothing I can do except trying to be away, and I swear I’m trying, okay? Don’t worry!”
  • But he did worry. How could he not? You wouldn’t be able to keep the guy away forever and… oh, he didn’t even dare to imagine that, just thinking about it made his blood boil.
  • Hell hath no fury like a Yoosung protecting MC! He had to make sure you wouldn’t suffer any retaliation, so he send anonymous reports to the HR’s company telling he knew there was a potential rapist working there, and if they didn’t something about it, he would go to the press.
  • When they apparently didn’t take it seriously, he sent what he knew to some shitty tabloid, who actually accused the guy directly of being a rapist. It didn’t have any credibility, but having the company’s name associated to such a low publication like that… there is such a thing like bad publicity, indeed!
  • The guy was fired after all, Yoosung never told you that he was the responsible for it, and you never told him you knew he did that. It wasn’t really necessary keep talking about this when you’re too busy being happy.


  • She’s a woman too, she knows how to recognize the signs of a girl uncomfortable over something like this
  • The shame after being cat called on the street, the concerning about wearing some clothes thinking how they can be used as an excuse if something happens to you, the embarrassment, the guilty… even if it’s not your fault?
  • Jumin Han had a lot of problems about boundaries when she used to work for him, but he was always respectful and intimidating enough not to let anybody even try something with her, who knew one day she would feel bad that you hadn’t the same luck as her?
  • But you have someone even better! An amazing girlfriend who happens to be a black belt in judo and can teach you some personal defense techniques!
  • And if it wasn’t enough, maybe you should consider changing jobs? “But, Jaehee… what if I’m not good at anything else? At least I’m kinda successful there, I don’t know if I’m good enough to… start all over again…”
  • “And do you think I was 100% sure about leaving C & R and starting my own business? Of course I wasn’t, MC! But I had to take the risk…”
  • “I don’t know if I’m brave as you are, Jaehee…” “Well, a very wise woman told me once that it’s not about money, you have to pursue happiness.” “She sounds kinda naïve…” she giggled “You said that, MC!” “Oh, right… yeah, I’m pretty naïve, maybe that’s why this guy keeps coming to me…”
  • “Stop right there! It’s nothing about you, MC! This man is a jerk! And the way I see it, you are unhappy there, so get out! You’re smart, you’re talented, you will find something that suits you pretty soon.”
  • And a few weeks later, you were starting as a barista at her cafe. And you didn’t have a boss, you had a partner, how cool is that?
  • But you couldn’t stop worrying about other girls that worked there, so you made a formal complaint, endorsed by other women who worked there, most of them secretaries Jaehee kept contact with, she knew this could be useful eventually.


  • You didn’t tell him, you were scared because you knew what kind of things he could do.
  • He would, idk, buy the company and make you president of it and the guy your secretary. Yes, this was exactly what he would do! And it would be so weird and senseless…
  • But you couldn’t control the gossip on his own company, he overheard some employees talking about that guy who used to work at C & R and got promoted at the company you were working.
  • He remembered the guy, he had to come to press telling C &R wouldn’t condone with women being disrespected and the guy was withdrawn for undetermined time, Jumin didn’t even know he quit during this time and was  already working somewhere.
  • He didn’t think nothing like this would ever happen to you, but he was curious and casually asked about it. “W-why do you ask?” your voice broke as soon as you opened your mouth.
  • “Nothing in particular… I was just curious, do you know him?” “Yeah, we’re at the same department.” “He is your co-worker, then?” “More like my boss…” Hmmm…
  • “MC, is there something I should know?” “N-no?” “MC…” how did he do that? He was collected and calm, his voice was monotone, he wasn’t doing anything rather than saying your name, yet you felt like he could see right through you…
  • “Jumin, I… I don’t want to talk about it…” you didn’t need to “As you wish, MC.”
  • The next day, you went to work and just saw the guy’s room empty. “Have you heard? He got fired and left the country. They say they found some things about him on his previous job at C & R…” one of your colleagues said, you definitely didn’t want to know what those things were.
  • Jumin made the HR department strict their criteria on hiring, he could never let a guy like this enter at his company again and treat the female employees like that. Oh, he did the same with the new company he bought, the one you worked (but no, he didn’t made you the president, much to your relief)


  • You’ve been acting weird ever since you came back from work, you were quiet and he could swear he heard you crying in the shower, this was bad…
  • What could it be that bad that you wouldn’t even talk to him? He needed to know, he needed to help you!
  • He knew violating your privacy once more was wrong, but seeing you like this was breaking his heart, so he hacked your phone.
  • And what he found made him almost punch one of his precious computers, those gross texts from that guy along with a dick pic… that was awful!
  • And when he remembered this guy was the one you’ve been talking about, that weird dude who just got promoted. Saeyoung lost it!
  • “Don’t be mad at me, please, but I hacked into your phone and I saw the texts. Why didn’t you tell me?” “I… was afraid and ashamed, how would you react if I told you my boss sent me a photo of his dick?” “I would be pissed at him, not at you!” he hugged you and comforted you “I’ll make him pay!”
  • “No, Saeyoung, NO! I don’t want to lose my job!” “Hey, he won’t know it was you, don’t worry… we have to do something, MC, today it’s just a dick pic, tomorrow he can be much more direct, you know what I mean?” both of you were sick just to think about this…
  • So Saeyoung just sent the conversation to a person in a higher position than the guy, along with a threat: “If you don’t do something about this, I swear I’ll let everybody know about those contracts” and he sent a copy of what else he found.
  • Next day, the guy was fired, and you got his job. Saeyoung swore he had nothing to do with that and he had proof! He showed you the emails your superiors exchanged talking about how you should have been the one promoted at the first place.


  • He knew something was off. You were acting as gloomy and distant a… well, himself.
  • He couldn’t ask you, he was afraid he might be invading your personal space or something like this.
  • But this was torturing him, you were coming from work sadder and sadder everyday.
  • So ironically, he invaded your personal space and followed you to work.
  • Only to find your boss touching your hair, his eyes rovering through your body, and what’s more agonizing: your uncomfortable expression.
  • He didn’t even think, he just caught himself over the guy punching him. “Saeran, stop it! Please!” you cried.
  • “Don’t you see she does not like it? Or you actually enjoy she’s not liking it, you fucking creep!?”
  • “Saeran…” your voice took him aback, he promised he would never let you see this side of him again, but just remembering your uncomfortable face made him see red… he tried to calm down.
  • “I’ll tell you what, asshole. If you don’t quit right now, I’ll make sure to erase this company from internet. I want to see what kind of business survives these days if they can’t be found on Google. Don’t think I won’t wreck this just like I did o your gross face!”
  • “Saeran, don’t do that…” “You are smart and competent enough to find another job wherever you please, MC. But I won’t let this guy stay in the same place with you, so It’s his choice…”
  • “Fuck this! You’re not even that hot, and your boyfriend is a freak! I’m out of this!” “Wise choice, and you’re half right on there, buddy. She is that hot, she is the hottest, actually, and yes, I’m a freak! A freak who will fucking whoop your ass if you don’t get the fuck out of here right now!” the dude went away, letting a trail of blood from his face.
  • “I’m sorry if I scared you now, it’s just… I can’t stay still letting someone treat you like this. I hope you don’t lose your job because of me…” “I’ll be fine as long as I have you” and you hugged him, he was so relieved you could not see him blushing right now.


  • He overheard a conversation between you and probably one of your co-workers.
  • “Yes, he tried to make a move on me again! Yeah, I keep telling him I have a boyfriend, but he doesn’t care, he said he’s the boss and I got to do what he says! I… I don’t know, but I’m pretty scared right now…”
  • He’s so mad, but in front of you he just smiles bluntly. So you two keep at that, both of you know something is really wrong, and just keep smiling trying not to worry each other.
  • But he won’t stay still knowing something bad can happen to you anytime. However, he’s really smooth.
  • So when he stopped by your work to bring you lunch, everybody liked him, even your boss, who invited him to a drink at his office.
  • “You’re the only man in your department, I suppose…” “Yeah, but it’s not as great as it looks, most of these girls are ugly, and the only decent one is pretty dumb, but hey, these are the best type, right?”
  • “I wouldn’t know, I can’t really see.” “Oh, sorry, dude. But yeah, there’s a girl here who’s very hot, but she plays hard to get, you know? It’s only a matter of time, wait and see.”
  • “I already told you I can’t really see.” His voice was low. “But there’s something here you don’t really need eyes to see. That very hot girl is not into you and she has a boyfriend, and you are a sexist jerk who’ll step away from her and from any other girl who works here if you know what’s best for you.”
  • “Or what?” V moved fast, placing his cane against the guy’s balls “Or else I’ll destroy these, since they are the only thing that you can count on to feel superior. Don’t test me.” And he got out of the office, letting the guy squirm in pain.
  • You never knew what made the guy finally back away, but deep inside you knew it had something to do with that day. He never denied or confirmed either.

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Ahhhhh I was wondering if you could help me find a fic? It's really vague, and I completely understand if you can't find it! But from what I can remember, there was smut, and it also had bits of Viktuuri being domestic and all. But one part of dialogue I remember the most went like, "if I win this dance off, you'll go down on me, won't you, Viktor?" And Yuuri goes on to say something like , "be my lover, Viktor" and it's a really cute scene ahh it's okay if you can't find it, I'm so sorry!

I have a feeling I’ve read this, but I can’t recall the name!

Does anyone know what this fic is?

the song remains the same

[So. I was taking a break from writing an essay and stumbled across a post from @neonlightwood with Jimon prompts here. My brain then decided I absolutely needed to write the first one. Enjoy?]

Okay, so maybe the day had started off a little weirdly.

Not that Raphael was a big talker, usually preferring to intimidate people by giving them the silent and stony treatment, but the conversation had been a lot quieter than usual. He hadn’t told Simon to shut up more than twice, for one, and he kept staring at him in a way that was starting to make him uncomfortable. It reminded him too much of how they had met, when he was still a mundane, taken captive by Camille. Like prey, his brain helpfully supplied, and thank you so much for that, brain.

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Vilde + Elias = bye magnus? or? my mind is spinning out of control like is Noora gonna fall for Yousef making sana jealous and set her off which somehow manages to expose Vilde cheating with Elias and is that going to cause drama with Eva and Chris which somehow comes back to Mikael and Even? I've got like 50 scenarios in my head and I'm sure all of them are false but like I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS SHOW GODDAMMIT. i need help

SAME. I can’t stop making up scenarios in my head. I’m thinking that Sana is definitely gonna trip of Noora, because I believe she has feelings for Yousef but she won’t tell the other girls that, so she’ll do something to drive Noora away, something with William maybe.

If we base everything of the trailer, Noora will then affect Vilde (and Magnus) ruining their relationship accidentally while trying to save herself (thus her breaking Vilde’s necklace) either reveal that Vilde likes Elias or that Vilde likes girls.

Vilde will then affect Eva… which is why I think Noora will accidentally out Vilde, and either Vilde likes Eva or Eva Vilde, I can’t really see how else it would go down. I have no clue how Chris will get involved but I do think the reason Even gets hurt has something to do with Mikael.

Or I could be completely wrong and the trailer has nothing to do with anything.


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How would the paladins react if they somehow found out that their crush was planning on confessing to them? Maybe one of the other team members tips them off about it or something~ I can't help but think that the whole crew (save for like Shiro & Keith maybe) wouldn't be able to keep a crush-related secret if their life depended on it lmao. Allura, Coran & Hunk would be way too giddy to keep it to themselves, Pidge would let it slip accidentally & Lance just will not keep his mouth shut ever

Hunk: Hunk would feel like any other Paladin is just messing with him unless it’s Shiro, who he knows wouldn’t kid around with something like that. He lives off the euphoria and confidence of knowing you like him back to the point when you actually confess to him, he basically flatlines because he forgot through all of his daydreams that none of it had actually happened yet (reality was much better than daydreams.

Keith: Keith would be puzzled at why he was being told you had a crush on him, and would have no idea how to react to the information he was just given. He would only trust Shiro to give him that type of intel, and if Shiro confirms that he thinks you like Keith, Keith would become even more confused. When he goes to say something to you (being straight-forward as ever) he stops when he wonders if Shiro was just teasing him or being sarcastic, and gets even more confused on what he should do.

Lance: Lance would immediately share the information with Hunk, so they can discuss (yell about it) in private. Lance’s confidence level would sore beyond it’s already high level when he was around you and he’d be absolutely shameless because he already knows you like him; he might as well milk it until you confess! He likes to pull the suave move of “You know you can tell me anything, right?” with a flirtatious wink. 

Pidge: Having knowledge of such sensitive information makes Pidge nervous, and her worst fears come true when she’s rambling in the way she always does and just lets it slide out while talking to you. “-I mean we’er all probably stressed out, what with all the universe stuff but on top of it I have to worry about how Allura told me you were going to confess to me and..” even though in the end she’s still more embarrassed than you are. 

Shiro: Shiro would act like he doesn’t have a crush on you when the person tells him, even though he’s one of the most obvious people in the world when it comes to having a crush. He tries to keep his normal attitude around you, sticking to being nonchalant but also coincidentally showing up around you more often; he gets restless and fidgety if he’s been around you for more than thirty seconds and you haven’t confessed yet. 

Allura: Allura tries to brush off the implications that someone has a crush on her, even if she had noticed you seemed to act differently around her lately. She knows there’s hardly any time for romance in such dangerous times but she can’t help but think about how nice it would be to have something to confide in and just be completely relaxed around. She decides not to act until you do, and figure out the situation from there. 

Coran: Coran is quite surprised when he’s told by Allura that you may have some feelings for him, and has to think about what he should do in the situation. Being rather traditional, he’d prefer he be the one to confess first, and thus would avoid you consistently in fear you’d confess to him before he got a chance to come up with some good, romantic lines to sweep you off your feet with. 

When I see you, I just can’t help but stare at you. It seems to be something I don’t have under control, it’s something I can’t help. Sorry about that, you’re just too cute.
—  L.N.

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A tutorial please! I have my nonbinary oc (they are based on my mind self what I would look like if I could.) but I can't draw them correctly.

I’m honestly not sure what you’re after in terms of a tutorial here - if it was something more specific feel free to hit me up again and I can try and help (off anon if you want private lessons!) My drawing process for these comics is super simple and sometimes I won’t even bother with step 1 and I’ll just go straight in blocking out the body shapes. 

It’s worth pointing out though that there’s no ‘correct’ way to draw a nonbinary character. Obviously if you’re aiming for them to look like you then there are tricks to getting a good likeness but when it comes to character design an NB character can look literally however you want, because that’s how we look in real life! as an example here are three of my NB OCs (from different stories) that I’m drawing at the moment (obviously this isn’t finished!)

Go forth and design your characters however the heck you want and happy creating :)

why do people suck so much,,, like it’s specifically a tag meant to take content you don’t want to see off your dash and you feel the need to bomb it with nastygrams within minutes of its creation?? i’m just…so done with this childish bs.

i feel like somehow, maybe, i should turn off chrome vox when i’m not using it to get insta-audiofic of stuff that doesn’t exist as proper audiofic yet, but

dunno. it’s sort of soothing, in a weird way?

cptainjameskirk replied to your post “What’s your opinion on arkham knight Jason? His origin, torture…”

You are such an amazing writer, I would die if you wrote an arkhamverse fic (please do it)

aw thanks XD 

like i said, not saying no, but i need a solid idea to spark me off in that ‘verse.

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Hi! Do you have any information about children psychology? Like how much they understand at certain ages, when they begin to feel guilty about stuff, what is required for them to get attached to something, what might affect them or have a big impact in their lives, etc? Also something about the adequate height and weight according to their ages. I know it's a lot, but I need some help searching. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance!

Lucky for you, I’m a completely self-proclaimed psychology expert. No I’m kidding, I just took a class. I’ll be discussing this similarly to the way I formatted my notes, which were based off the textbook and various lessons my teacher attempted to present to us.

I’ve given you a basic outline on what you should know, and you can take from it what you’d like. If you have any other questions about developmental psychology that weren’t answered, just shoot me another message!


After birth, the genetic program regulates how the brain develops. During the first 3 months, the most active areas of the brain are involved in processing sounds, sights, and touches, which helps to prepare the infant for dealing with sensory information from the surrounding environment.

Sensory development:

  • Newborns show a preference for their mother’s face over strangers’ faces in the first few days after birth. Newborns first learn to recognize a person’s eyes. At 4 months, infants visually distinguish faces. By 3 or 4 years, their visual abilities are equal to that of an adults.
  • 1-month-old infants have keen hearing and can discriminate small sound variations. By 6 months, infants have the ability to make all the sounds necessary to learn language. Newborns are attracted to female voices.
  • Newborns have a well-developed sense of touch.
  • A 1-day-old infant can discriminate between odors. 6-week-old infants can smell the difference between their mother and someone else. Newborns are born with an innate preference for sweet and salt. 
  • By 6 months, infants develop depth perception, and would hesitate around the visual cliff

Motor development:

  • Proximodistal principle -> Activities regarding the bottom are mastered before activities using the arms. Infants roll over before they walk.
  • Cephalocaudal principle -> Infants lift their heads before they control their bottoms enough to sit up. Infants sit up before they crawl.
  • In developing motor skills, most kids go through the same stages. Yet, if one child is given more opportunities to practice their stepping reflex earlier in life, they will began to walk earlier. Development of motor development is heavily influenced by maturation, but timing is affected by experience/learning, or nature.


  • Sitting up alone - average 5.5 months (range 4.5-8.0 months)
  • Crawling - average 10 months (range 7.0-12.0 months)
  • Walking alone - average 12.1 months (range 11.5-14.5 months)


Attachment theory dictates that babies form attachments to parents through a gradual process that begins after birth and continues throughout early childhood. 

Infants have crying, which elicits care and sympathy. At 4-6 weeks, they begin social smiling, which elicits joy and pleasure. At 6 months, they give parents a happy greeting when they reappear after a short absence. These behaviors contribute to a child expressing needs and understanding their parents’ emotional experiences, which ultimately help to build a parent-child attachment. 

Separation anxiety is a clear sign the infant has become attached to one or both parents. By the end of their 1st year, infants usually show close attachment.

Different kinds of attachment occur:

  • Secure attachment - infants use their caregiver as a safe home base. [Associated with being more trusting, enjoying relationships more, and dealing better with stress.]
  • Insecure attachment - infants show resistance towards their caregiver. [Associated with being dependent, having poor social relationships, and having poor coping skills.]

Attachment is not affected by how long a child is in day care, but by the caregiver’s sensitivity, caring, and responsiveness to needs.


  1. Sensorimotor (birth to age 2) -> Infants interact with and learn about their environments by relating their sensory experiences to their motor actions. Children have problems with object permanence. 
  2. Preoperational (age 2 to 7) -> Children learn to use symbols to solve simple problems and to think or talk about things that aren’t present. Limitations during this stage include issues with conservation and egocentric thinking. 
  3. Concrete (age 7 to 11) -> Children can perform a number of logical mental operations on concrete objects. Children learn to sort objects by size and color.
  4. Formal (age 12 through adulthood) -> Adolescents and adults develop the ability to think about and solve abstract problems in a logical manner. Egocentric thinking reappears in adolescent thinking (imaginary audience and personal fable). 

Note that these stages are not as orderly as Piaget imagined. Psychologists have also learned that genetic factors influence many cognitive abilities.


Freud’s Psychosexual Stages:

  • Oral Stage (first 18 months) -> A time when the infant’s pleasure seeking is centered on the mouth. If a child is locked in this stage, they would continue to seek oral satisfaction as an adult (could lead to chewing erasers on pencils, etc). 
  • Anal Stage (1.5 to 3 years) -> A time when the infant’s pleasure seeking is centered on the anus and its functions of elimination. Fixation at this stage would lead to behaviors focused on either retention or elimination. Retention usually takes the form of being very neat, behaviorally rigid, etc. Elimination can take the form of being messy or generous.
  • Phallic Stage (3 or 6 years) -> A time when the infant’s pleasure seeking is centered on the genitals. Children will compete with the parent of the same sex for the affection of the opposite sex. Problems in resolving this stage lead to the Oedipus complex.
  • Latency Stage (6 to puberty) -> A time when the child represses sexual thoughts and engages in nonsexual activities.
  • Genital Stage (puberty through adulthood) -> A time when the person has renewed sexual desires that they want to fulfill through relationships.

Erikson’s Psychosexual Stages 

  • Stage 1: Trust versus Mistrust (infancy through first year) -> If parents are responsive, the child develops trust. If parents are neglectful, the child may begin to view their world as uncaring and have difficulties later on.
  • Stage 2: Autonomy versus Shame and Doubt (1 to 3 years old) -> If the child is encouraged to explore, they will develop a sense of independence. If their parents disapprove of explorations, the child may feel shame.
  • Stage 3: Initiative versus Guilt (3 to 5 years old) -> If the caregivers encourage initiative, the child will learn to plan and initiate new things. If not, the child may feel uncomfortable and develop a feeling of being unable to plan their futures.
  • Stage 4: Industry versus Inferiority (5 to 12 years old) ->  If the child can direct energy into working at tasks, the child will develop a feeling of industry. If not, they may feel inferior or incompetent.
  • Stage 5: Identity versus Role Confusion (adolescence) -> Children need to leave behind the behaviors of childhood and develop the more responsible behaviors of adults.

Psychologists tend to agree with Erikson on the idea that psychosocial conflicts contribute to development and that the first few (particularly 5) years were not a barrier for development. Psychologists also tend to agree with Freud about childhood events being important

Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory emphasizes the importance of learning through observation, self-reward, and imitation in the development of behaviors. You do not need to perform behaviors or receive external rewards to learn new skills. 


Noam Chomsky and many other linguists believe that people are born with the ability to learn language.

Four Stages in Acquiring Language:

  • Babbling (begins at 6 months) -> Babbling is when an infant begins to make one-syllable sounds, such as “ba-ba-ba.” By 6 months, infants have learned to discriminate between sounds. In deaf children who have only been exposed to sign language, babbling is manual. 
  • Single Word (about 1 year of age) -> Infants say single words that refer to what they can see, hear, or feel. About half refer to objects (cookie) and the ther half to actions or routines (up, eat, more). Parents usually respond by speaking in parentese (motherese)
  • Two-word combinations (about 2 years of age) -> Strings of words that express various actions (”me play”). The new ability to communicate by combining words marks the beginning of learning about grammar. From around age 2, children begin to learn a new word every 2 hours or so. Language development is partly dependent on how responsive the caregiver is.
  • Sentences (about 4 years) -> Sentences range from 3 to 8 words and indicate a growing knowledge about grammar. Children’s first sentences differ from adult sentences due to telegraphic speech and overgeneralization. 

The critical language period is the time from infancy to adolescence when language is easiest to learn. Both innate and environmental language factors affect our development in language. To learn more about what happens when someone is deprived of language during the critical period, please read up on the cases of Genie and Victor [I encourage you to watch + and + movies for a better understanding of their cases]. 


EXO Reaction To You Finding Out About Their Powers

Request - Anon said: Hi :) would I be able to request an EXO reaction where you find out about them having their powers Thank you!
A/N: OMG I love their power concept this was so much fun Thank you for requesting and I hope you like it! Happy Reading! - Rhin

 *he graciously helps you clean up when a pipe bursts in your house. It goes much faster than you thought it would and you finally find out why*
 You: Ah, now I’m really glad I asked you for help, Suho
 Him: You’re not surprised?
 You: At this point, not really. This just adds to how wonderful you are

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 *You and Kai are running errands, getting ready for Christmas, but something’s off because first he’s tracking white sand into the house, then you see a maple leaf in his hair, and where did he get those pomegranates that you needed*
 You: *confront him with the evidence*
 Him: Well… well, it’s actually a pretty cool story, maybe I’ll tell you sometime, but long story short I can teleport

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 *you just happened to pop out of the house to give Chanyeol the burgers at just the right time to catch him lighting the grill with his hand*
 You: *rush over to see if his hand’s okay* How do you not have second degree burns?
 Him: *lights his hand again* Well, it’s apart of me so… it can’t hurt me? Idk its cool though.       (You’re Sehun)

 *a child falls off the swings at the park you two are at and you two run over to see if he’s okay. Lay heals a cut as fast as he can without you seeing it but you catch him*
 You: That’s awesome! Wait.. is this why you never come home as injured as the boys say you get during practice?

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 *You were on the roof helping replace shingles when you accidentally slipped off. Kris caught you, of course*
 You: *still shook*  What just happened? Were you flying?!
 Him: Don’t think about that right now, just breathe. 

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 *you come back from a work trip and you find mops and dusters floating around and doing stuff like some Fantasia shit*
 You: What is happening?! *walks around the corner to find Luhan stirring a pot of Mac N’ Cheese with no hands* Uh, Lu??!
 Him: Oh! You’re home! I guess I have to explain now, huh? 

 *the power goes out in your house and you’re deathly afraid of the dark so he uses his power to comfort you*
 You: Wow… that’s amazing!
 Him: *blushes* 

 *he makes coffee for you and a couple of guests that you have over. You walk in to the kitchen to grab more cookies and you see him cover the cups in frost to cool the liquid heaven down*
 You: So that’s your secret ingredient
 Him: Well, now our secret, okay?

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 *he catches a lightning bolt that was about to hit you*
 You: When were you going to tell me about this?
 Him: Uhh…. now?

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 *You two are driving through the mountains and there’s a rock slide ahead of you. There are multiple cars in its path and he quickly makes a barrier out of the mountain side to stop it*
 You: That. Was. Awesome.
 Him: Glad you think so

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 *he’s walking down the street with you when a wreck happens on the street ahead. He stops time to get everyone out of harm’s way*
 You: *for some reason you’re like immune to this?* Well, this is interesting *looks at Tao suspiciously*
 Tao: ….. Shut up and help me

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 *an unexpected burst of his power accidentally makes him blow all the books off the shelves around him*
 You: *whisper yells, because you’re in a public library, you have to* Sehun! What the hell was that?
 Him: Well… hehe…umm…well, I can do this thing…

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so i’ve been thinking on and off about seeing a therapist or something but i didn’t actually think about it seriously until quite recently. i feel like i need to see someone asap who can help me cause i honestly can’t keep this up like i’ll have days where everything seems fine and i’m thinking that maybe i’m getting better but then out of nowhere i get negative and, y’know, super depressive and that can last for days and it’s fucking horrible i can’t take it anymore. not to mention that i may have some other issues besides depression, like anger issues but i’m not sure just guessing but what’s for sure is that i’m Not Okay

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Writer buddies, I need your help. I’m kinda stuck. My protagonists talk their heads off whenever I’m not writing but as soon as I sit down to type words everything sounds wrong and terrible. So, I feel I need a palate cleanser or something.

Could you please send me mini prompts? Give me a time limit or a word limit or something. Make it as hard or challenging as you like. Just not fanficy. I need to let the imagination horse run free without consequences and without fear so I can hopefully rediscover the joys of writing. Discover new places, new people, new styles. Practice.

If you want, I can share the result with you, if not, that’s okay, too. If anybody else wants to send me prompts, my inbox is open and gathering dust XD

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Omg i'm so glad you're accepting prompts bc you're literally my favorite <3 Okay so unilock Molly and Sherlock are bffs and they basically do everything together but they're both totally in love with each other and so fluffiness ensues (i know it's really cliche but i can't help it sorry D:)

*points in your direction* Hey, Nonny. You. Yeah, you. You’re cool. Way cool. This is kind of based off a headcanon I have about University!Sherlolly that they sometimes used one another to get out of awkward situations.

There’s the smell of extinguished cigarettes in the air, the ashtray filled with white and orange, tiny embers glowing. His mouth feels dry from alcohol (should’ve followed advice, but he’s damned if he admits it) and she falls into the green leather space beside him.

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Ghost Tom Au! Marco gets a dog to keep Tom company while he's away and at first Tom doesn't like it as it takes up more of Macros attention as he's taking care if it but he eventually warms up to it

This was adorable and I loved making it too much! Sorry it gets a little sad in the middle but it lightens up because dogs.


Marco! You’re home!!…. what is that? Tom stopped his excited tone when he saw the pug dog sitting next to Marco.

“Tom, this is Finn, he’s a pug dog.” Marco explained. Tom crossed his arms.

I can see that. So you leave for a whole day and come back with a dog? Tom hissed. Marco rolled his eyes.

“I thought he could keep you company while I’m away. I know how much you hate being alone, so I got Finn here to make you feel less lonely.” Marco told him. Tom scoffed.

I’m not lonely, I have YOU Tom insisted.

“But I have classes, and work. You can’t leave the house. And neither can Finn. That’s why he’s litter box trained.” Marco bragged for the dog. Tom was not amused.

You train dogs to use litter boxes now? How long have I been dead? Tom asked, seriously. Marco rolled his eyes.

“I did this for you.” He nudged the dog to move forward. “I read online that dogs can see ghosts and stuff. So it’ll be like a new friend.” The dog stood up and began growling at Tom; who took a few steps back.

He looks like he wants to fight me. Tom pointed out. Marco shook his head.

“He’s a rescue dog, he’s probably just a little nervous to be in a new home.” Marco assured. He picked up the puppy, who was acting externally loving towards Marco, and brought him to Tom. “Try petting behind his ears. He likes that.”

Tom obliged and touched the dog. As soon as the dog felt his cold hand it began barking and growling. Tom turned away.

It’s not working. He insisted. Marco sighed.

“Just give him some time to get used to you.” Marco pleaded. The dog gave Marco a few kisses on his face and Tom huffed.

I hate you, Finn.


“Bye Tom. I love you.” Marco said as he went to leave the house. “Don’t forget to feed Finn!”

I will. Tom promised.

“You will feed him? Or you will forget to feed him?” Marco asked.

Yes. Tom said. Marco rolled his eyes and closed the door. Tom ran to the window and waved goodbye. When Marco’s car was out of sight Tom sat there, by the window, alone, like every other day.

He tapped on the window frame, waiting for Marco to come home.

He will come home right? He turned to Finn. Who said nothing. Marco always comes home, but whenever he leaves I can't…. help but think he’s not coming back. Tom blinked back tears and Finn jumped up onto the couch with him. He wasn’t growling or barking. Tom hugged the dog close. Why do I think these things? All they do is make me sad and I know they’re not true. Tom told the dog, who licked his face. You’re right Finn. It’s okay to think about it. It’s okay to have bad feelings, they’re normal. As long as I don’t let them run my life. Tom concluded. The dogs licked the stray tears off his face and Tom laughed.

Let’s go get you something to eat.


“Tom? Tom I’m home.” Marco called. He walked into the house. “Tom?” He walked looked over into the living room to see Tom asleep on the couch, using the chubby pig dog as a pillow. Marco smiled and walked over to his ghost.

“I knew you’d warm up to him.” Marco laughed and pet Tom’s hair, and then pet the dog’s ears. He looked at his ghost boyfriend cuddled up with the puppy.

“This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.” Marco concluded. He took out his phone and snapped a picture, only to remember Tom doesn’t show up in photos. He sighed and looked at the picture. It just looked like the dog and weird blur. He smiled at the photo.

“Yes but he’s MY weird blur.”


There you go! I love doggos! I hope you like this one as much as I do!

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We now know that Greg was the first in his family to leave. Why do you think that is? I can't help but feel there's more to it than just wanting to be a rockstar. Maybe his parents wanted him to be something he's not? Like a doctor or lawyer?

There’s a lot of things this could mean, and obviously all we have is speculation right now.

Greg’s always struck me as a very lonely man who seeks affection wherever he can find it; someone full of love, but never got enough of it. One can assume the Demayos were not especially tight-knit by the time he went off on his own anyway, since they stopped bothering to meet up soon after. Maybe it was Andy’s parents who made sure everyone kept meeting up–it always happened at their barn, after all. Greg also felt close enough to them that he assumed he could use their barn, but was also evidently confident Andy and the rest of the family wouldn’t want it. That speaks to me of a fairly disconnected and unaffectionate group overall. 

I find it worth noting that, while discussing how important family is to him and what a turd Greg is for abandoning it, Andy never brings up Greg’s parents. He mentions his own parents, their shared aunt, their grandpa. Not them, though.

I get the feeling Greg’s parents weren’t around by the time he set off on his own. Raised by the rest of the family but not really feeling like part of them, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine striking off and being his own Universe.

But this is all me spitballing and guessing. I’m hoping that Andy’s introduction is a sign for a lot more Greg backstory coming soon.

Neck Upgrade
  • NSFW-ISH.Never too late to enjoy some neck kink with Genos. Thanks ONE. >;D
  • -------------------------------
  • -Saitama picks Genos up at the station after he'd finished his recent maintenance at Kusenos. He was gone for a bit longer, but he'd pretty much gotten used to it. Still, they couldn't help but miss him.-
  • Genos: Sensei. Thanks for coming to pick me up.
  • Saitama: [-Turns to the sound of his voice and smiles as he stands up.-] No problem. Glad your back. Hm?
  • -Immediately notices something completely different.-
  • Genos: [-Notices his eyes focus on his neck and strokes it tentatively.-] Ah, yes. The Doctor had a new upgrade ready for me when I arrived. Apparently this new revision is more practical and efficient. Though it functions in pretty much the same way as far as eating and breathing, with battling...
  • -Though Saitama more or less continued to listen to the gist of his redundant explanation, he couldn't help but stare tentatively at his neck. Unlike before where the silver accents gave his throat a sense of depth, the single, pipe-like structure that ran up and down the length of it practically highlighted the form. And the more he looked at it, the more he couldn't help but think it looked rather sexy on him.-
  • Genos: Sensei...? [-Curiously looking at him as he zoned out a bit.-]
  • Saitama: Ah, sorry. I was just spacing for a second. Before we get back, do you want to stop over the next town to get some groceries for dinner? [-He'd nearly forgotten that there was one more errand to run before they could go home.-]
  • Genos: [-smiles-] Of course.
  • -As they talked about what they should make for dinner for everyone while shopping through the market, Saitama couldn't keep his eyes off of that new neck of his. It felt like every time he got closed to him, he felt this urge to touch it. Thankfully he held back, but it proved difficult to do when they were a hair's breath away from each other. Once they'd purchased the ingredients they needed, they got on the train to head back to their apartment, taking a seat in the back where there didn't seem to be very many occupants.-
  • Saitama: Hey Genos, are you feeling tired?
  • Genos: Hm? No, I'm fine. Why do you say that?
  • -He had to roll his eyes in his head as he was quite transparent in his eyes. Wrapping his arm around his shoulder, he forced him to rest his head against his.-
  • Saitama: We've got about a half hour, so just rest up before we get home.
  • Genos: [-blinks as he pretty much spells it out to him to take it easy, knowing full well that he was probably a little exhausted from having go through a longer upgrade session. He blushes a little and smiles.-] Okay.
  • -About 20 minutes or so Genos was whirring peacefully against his shoulder, which was a great relief to Saitama. As he watched the towns zip by fast in an amber-roseate kaleidoscope, he looked to Genos to make sure he was okay. Again, he couldn't stop zeroing in on that neck of his. There was just something enticing about it that his mind kept juggling lewd thoughts about it that he was tempted to experiment.-
  • Saitama: ...Hmm....[-Looks around to see that there was a scarce amount of people, other than a few sleepy individuals who were either too busy listening to music or reading books and newspapers, they were pretty much alone in the back. The idea that came to mind was rather risky and stupid, but...he couldn't help but go with his impish curiosity as he slid his hand up his shoulder to his neck. With his middle and index he slowly ghosted his fingers down the contour of his neck just to see his reaction while he slept.-]
  • Genos: ...Mm....[-He gave a soft groan-]
  • Saitama: [-He blinked as he saw the face and sound he made and decided to stroke it again, back and forth.-]
  • Genos: ...Hn...Nnn..////....[-Genos' brows furrowed at the tickling sensation as he shivered.-]
  • Saitama: [-His heart stirred at the way his face looked when he stroked it, feeling the urge to play with him just a little bit more. They hadn't done it in a while and would probably have to wait before asking King and Mumen to take the kids with them to spend the night. With that in mind, he figured he might as well curb his appetite for a bit.-]
  • Genos: ....Mm.../////....Mmph...////...[-He was starting to feel unusually warm and opened his eyes slowly. Although his vision was slightly blurred, he was soon wide awake as he found Saitama pressing his head against the crook of his shoulder while his hand seemed to wrap slightly around his neck.-]...Sensei, what are you...?...Nn..!? ////...[-Bites his bottom lip as he felt his nail scrape lightly against the center of his neck.-]
  • Saitama: Shhh~...lower your voice, Genos...they might hear you...[-He whispered softly as he started to kiss the base up to the corner of his jaw.-]
  • Genos: ...Bu...But we...we can't, Sensei. They'll easily notice us...////....[-He whined, looking around nervously as the few people in this car continued to ignore them.-]
  • Saitama: No they won't...not as long as we're quiet...[-Saitama said this in an even softer voice that sounded like black velvet as he flicked his tongue behind the shell of his ear, his fingers strumming the cool center of his neck, pressing and rubbing against the bottom of his adam's apple.-]
  • Genos: ..Mmgh~!.../////...Mmph~!...////....[-He gripped his hand against the seat as he felt the pressure of his fingers against his throat. He prayed that his fans wouldn't be heard as he grew more aroused, and even more that steam didn't start to emit from his vents.-]
  • -He didn't think he'd be this tender; or at least more so than usual. Was it because he'd just had the upgrade recently? He never did take into account his sensitivity levels. But that was hardly the problem here as he was starting to forget checking if the other passengers might be noticing them as he panted softly every so often before shutting his mouth tight to keep from letting out his moans.-
  • Saitama: Nn....Mmm~....[-It seemed a bit mean to tease and bully Genos like this, but Saitama couldn't help it. He always looked so cute the way he became shy and reluctant to take part in PDA, though it was quite apparent that he wasn't against it. If he was he would have made it clear to him, and Saitama would stop immediately.-]
  • Genos: Nngh~?!..////...S-Sensei, please don't bite so hard...[-He nearly let out a cry when Saitama's teeth gnashed the side of his neck.-]
  • Saitama: My bad...[-He'd nearly lost himself there as he saw the way Genos shivered and struggled to stifle his moans while his fingers stroked his neck.-]
  • Genos: ...Mmmngh!.../////...Mmm....////...!...Hn~!....////....[-He grew anxious as his fans sputtered a little louder and felt a bit more steam start to silently pour out. What was he to do if his arousal started to cause everyone to notice them? His obvious choice was to signal for Saitama to stop if things got a little heady, but the feel of his long fingers strumming his throat like a violin made him put that thought in the back of his mind as an emergency plan b. However just as he was losing himself in the moment, the train summoned their arrival to the station.-]
  • Saitama: Ah, looks like we're here.[-He said with a bit of disappointment as he pulled off of him and started to grab their groceries.-] We should get home.
  • Genos: ....Y..-Yeah...////...
  • -Their apartment wasn't that far from the station, so it was a fairly brief walk to their place.-
  • Saitama: Hope we got enough for everyone since Mumen and King are here...[-Was just about to knock the door until Genos pulled his shoulder-]...?
  • Genos: ..Sensei...[-whispers something in his ear-]
  • -Door Knocks-
  • Mumen: Welcome back you two.
  • King/Mini Genos': Welcome home/Welcome back Danna~!!
  • -Some of the Minis rushed to welcome their mommy, hugging and telling/reporting to him the things that had happened in his absence.-
  • Genos: I see. Well I'll be sure to listen to each of you as soon as we get dinner ready. Please help me put things away in the kitchen first.
  • Mini Genos': Kay~!!
  • Genos: King, Mumen. If you don't have any plans, please feel free to stay for dinner.
  • King: Ah, thanks Genos-shi.
  • -As King and the Minis take care of things, Mumen can't help but notice Saitama looking rather flustered.-
  • Mumen: Hm? Something wrong, Saitama-kun?
  • Saitama: Er...it's nothing...
  • -Once he'd left to assist everyone with preparing dinner, Saitama had to turn away to make sure his face stopped giving off that flustered look as he recalled what Genos had said before the door opened.-
  • -A few minutes ago-
  • -Saitama blinked as he felt Genos pull his shoulder back.-
  • Genos: [-whispers softly-]...I do hope you intend to take responsibility tonight...
  • Saitama: ...Ah...//////.....
  • -Back to present-
  • Saitama: [-smiles wryly-].../////....Man, this kid can be pretty damn cheeky...
Bangtan at the Zoo
  • Jin: dear lord where's the leash we need a leash on this child
  • Rapmon: look at these beautiful creatures. it looks like they're behind bars but we are the ones handing out money to marvel at them. they must think we're idiots; we're actually their slaves
  • Suga: namjoon stfu and help me get hoseok off the damn fence
  • JHope: THEYRE MY KIND I MUST BE WITH THEM *neighs to zebras*
  • Zebras: dafuq
  • Jin: why can't we be normal people
  • Suga: is this kid on crack or someth- damnit I lost hoseok
  • Zebras: ???????
  • Suga: maybe if I pretend not to know him security won't kick me out
  • Rapmon: *puts hand on suga's shoulder* now you sort of know how it feels for me to deal with you idiots
  • Suga: whatever where's Jin
  • Jimin: ooohhh pretty wings *tries to get into cage*
  • Suga: maybe if we let them go with the animals I can sleep peacefully once again *daydreams of sleep*
  • Rapmon: or I can ditch all of you broken watermelons and ride solo 5ever *daydreams of a better life*
  • Jungkook: so you dolphins think you can reach higher notes than I do huh
  • Dolphins: *high pitched noises
  • Jungkook: *dives into pool*
  • Jungkook: *loud screeching noises*
  • V: *watches Jungkook from afar*
  • V: well I don't have to look after that kid anymore *leaves*