i can't hear anything

MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

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When you miss someone, days feel like years and weeks feel like centuries and you can’t do anything about it.
—  moonstone-girl

Felt like redesigning my gemsona, so here’s Geuda Pink Sapphire! She’s a sapphire who emerged too early from her kindergarten, so she’s far too soft and floaty. She can’t even make ice, only bubbles. Also, while she possesses Future Sight, she can only foresee the best possible outcome of any event. Rather than shatter her, I suppose Pink Diamond kept her around as a novelty…Until she realized she could use the faulty sapphire to motivate her doomed troops to keep fighting. 

Geuda is rarely allowed to hear how events actually play out, however, so she remains flighty, upbeat, and relentlessly optimistic. She’s already foreseen that the rebels will come and apologize very soon, and she’s certain that everything is going to work out just fine. 

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Hi, I'm currently learning Spanish at school and absolutely love it, but I really struggle when it comes to listening exams. I just can't seem to hear the words clearly and understand! Is there anything you can suggest so that I could get better? Thanks so much (p.s I'm in love with your blog, it's the best) Xx

¡Hola! ¡Gracias! ^^

I totally understand you, that’s also my weakest point. But don’t worry, it has solution :)

To improve your listening skills you need some active listening, this means that you give a response to what you listen. Just playing a Spanish podcast or radio station in the background while you do other stuff doesn’t really help, that’s passive listening.

The easiest way to give a response is writing what you hear, or answer some comprehension questions. And the best way is to speak with a native speaker in one-to-one conversations.

Here are some ideas to improve your listening skills:

Books & MP3

If you are studying with a book that has MP3 files with the listening exercises, I recommend you to listen to it, over and over again. Also try to write what you hear. If your book has the transcripts, you can check later if what you heard was correct. Then listen to it again, you’ll realize that you can understand more words now.

For difficult words or phrases try to repeat them out loud, it’ll be easier for your brain to recognize the sound of the words if you are the one who is speaking. Try to repeat the whole dialogues too.


  • Pick a slow song.
  • Try to write down the song, it doesn’t matter if you write just few words, we’re just starting.
  • Now find the lyrics and read them. Most of the times you’ll realize that you knew more words than you thought, but you just couldn’t catch them. If you want to know the translation you can find it here.
  • Listen to the song again reading the lyrics. You’ll see that the words you knew but couldn’t hear are there!
  • Listen to the song again. Hopefully you’ll catch more words now.
  • Try to write the song again. You’ll do it better this time! :)
  • Repeat this as many times as you need.

Some recommended singers (most of their songs are slow):

Alejandro Fernández
Alejandro Sanz
Alex Syntek
Alex Ubago
Alexander Acha
Carla Morrison
Jesse & Joy
Luis Miguel
Luis Fonsi
Sin Bandera


Sometimes we can’t understand what people say because we actually don’t know the words, even if they’re using simple grammar. So I recommend you to increase your vocabulary.

Memrise is a good website to memorize vocabulary because you can also listen to the word (if they have audio). Pick a vocabulary list, make sure it has audio file for each word! and start learning. It’s very easy to use, and you can practice as much as you want.

It also happens that you know how the word looks, but you don’t know how it sounds. If you want to know how a specific word or phrase sounds you can go to Forvo and look for the word. Search for all the words that are difficult for you and listen to them over and over again. Try to repeat them too so you get used to the sound.

Listening Comprehension

I’ll give you some websites where you can test how much you can understand.

Listening with comprehension exercises:

Listening with transcription:


Watch videos about what you like in Spanish. It’s easier to learn when you see and hear something that you’re interested in.
For example I like to watch DIY and cosmetics videos, so I search for them in my target language (Korean). Sometimes I realize I can understand more than I thought, sometimes I just understand few words. But because I like it, it keeps me motivated to learn more vocabulary and grammar so I can understand better next time. 

1 x 1 conversations

This is the best way to give a response to what you listen. I know it’s scary for most people, but the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Personally my favorite webpage to practice conversation is Italki (I always recommend it). You can pick any professional teacher or community tutor and tell them about your goals and your struggles. They will try their best to help you and give you the service and tools that you need.

There you can also find language parters that are interested in your language and make a language exchange. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just think that they might be as nervous as you, but they really want to learn the language, just like you! ^^

I hope these ideas help you. Work hard and good luck on your learning! :)

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the most venus in capricorn thing i've done is reply with "Unfortunately I can't do anything about that. I'd also rather not hear about it any more" when a friend professed his love for me in a hotel room.

That’s it
This is the winner

NCT as shit I overhear in Psych. PT. 2
  • taeyong: he sneezed on me so i punched him in the face
  • kun: sorry i'm late *lecture is almost over*
  • yuta: i should leave civilization and become a hermit
  • doyoung: what if we're not really awake and this world is just a simulation..
  • chenle: I just pretend I can't hear anything cause I secretly hate everyone
  • jisung: HELP IM LIKE FIVE WHY IS THERE A DICK IN MY TEXTBOOK *looking at anatomy*
  • renjun: sorry i can't hang out today i have to study for, spanish, chinese, french-- *add more*
  • johnny: i would say the daddy kink is disgusting but i'd be a hypocrite
  • mark: i joined 4 clubs and i regret all my life's decisons
  • winwin: i have like 3 sugar daddies
  • jeno: *obnoxious laughing every 6 seconds*
  • jaemin: *on the phone whispering* yes mom, I love you too. Yes I'm still your little baby honey bear. *off the phone* sup bitches
  • taeil: *bones cracking* SIDNEY I THINK IM DYING
  • haechan: this bitch just threatened me?? does she know who I am???

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Hey! Have you been able to catch Villainous on CN, or you just know that the clips are airing? I'm curious to hear what they sound like in English, but I can't find anything online.

Hey there! I actually don’t have cable at the moment, so I haven’t been able to catch it on CN myself, but I know the creator of the series and one of the writers has said on their twitters that it’s airing both in Spanish and in English (the later caught an episode in English, the first was watching them as they first aired in Mexico), so, you should be able to catch the clips in English if you’ve got cable! They haven’t officially posted the episodes in English online as of yet. I’m pretty sure they will eventually, since the show’s original language is English!

This is the only English clip I’ve seen so far! Not very good quality but you can hear everyone’s voices at least!

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FUCK managers and store owners (especially small/mom&pop store owners) who give jobs to minors, have then work for minimum wage, and then work them to death while using the "this is how the real world is" excuse. I'm pretty damn sure the "real world" won't want an employee to come into a retail job when they have an ear infection and CAN'T HEAR ANYTHING. I even had a boss who tried to get to get me to quit my first job after moving out so she wouldn't have to pay unemployment fees for firing me.

There are child labor laws. If they’re breaking the law you should remind them and that you’re completely willing to pursue action if they don’t follow it. -Abby

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Hello! I recently have been trying really hard with different programs and work books to work on some of my target languages and I... finally figured out why I don't seem to do well with self teaching. I just... don't talk. I'm looking at these flash cards and memorizing and reading and hearing it and can identify, but I can't actually speak anything. My pronunciation is a mess and I just feel... lost. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi! It’s good that you have figured out what your problem is, it’s the first step to solving it. Here are my suggestions:

  • Learn the pronunciation rules of your target language and practice the sounds you’re not comfortable with
  • Pay attention to how native speakers move their mouth when pronouncing words and imitate them
  • When you learn a new word, make sure you know how it’s pronounced
  • Learn vocabulary for things that are relevant to you and that you are most likely to talk about with people
  • Record yourself speaking your target language, then listen to the recording and compare it to a recording of a native speaker
  • Practice speaking by having imaginary conversations with yourself - or talk to your family members, friends, flatmates, pets…
  • Practice speaking with native speakers (and ask them to correct you if you mispronounce something, if you want)
  • Listen to your target language a lot, it will not only improve your listening skills but your pronunciation as well
  • Remember that making mistakes is okay, forgetting words or not coming up with anything to say is okay, mispronouncing things is okay, having an accent is okay - what matters the most is that you are trying and you can make yourself understood

I hope this helps, good luck!

Do you ever just hear a song in an OTP playlist

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I have a terrible cold, I can't smell, taste or even hear anything and TT won't send me positive vibes :''( (I mean they just went to sleep so that makes sense but still XD) So I'm hoping you will see this and be a better internet friend than them *grumpy face*

((OOC: A sleeping blogger is a rare occurrence and not something to be begrudged.

But also colds suck so I’m throwing all the positive vibes at you)) 


  • playing bastion: ah what an immersive and innovative game! truly the writers are masters of their craft to create such a poignant and inspiring story! this game is a masterpiece! a shining example of video games as an artistic medium!