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Would you guys be wiling to do one that doesn't have Steve in it but is all about Steve? I'm thinking of Fury's initial meeting w/ Sharon asking her to protect Steve. Then, subsequent meetings where she reports relevant happenings. But since there are no relevant happenings (until TWS), Sharon's reports consist mainly of Steve's general comings and goings, his lame attempts to hit on her, and the embarrassing stuff he does when he's alone.

“Did you think I didn’t know?”  Fury raised an eyebrow.

“I think my recruiter didn’t look into it.  I expected you would know, sir.”  Sharon stood at parade rest, only allowing the slightest twich of her lips towards a smile.  

Fury hummed.  “It’s why you’re here.  And not why you’re here.”

“Sir?”  She liked Suduko, crosswords and thousand-piece puzzles.  Fury was more like one of the Fates speaking in riddles than anything else.  

“I chose you for this assignment because Former Director Carter wouldn’t trust anyone else with this detail.  I also chose you for this assignment because regardless of whose blood you’ve got, you’re the only one I trust with this assignment.”

Sharon let out a slow, steady breath, feeling the tension bleed out of her shoulders.  “Thank you, sir.”


Fury was mulling over a stack of paperwork, steam curling from his World’s Best Boss mug that sat at his left elbow. (She was pretty sure it was a gift from Natasha).  

“Your monthly report, sir.”

Fury looked up, and sat back.  “Go on.”

“Exercise commences at 0400 hours each day, and ends at 0600. Grocery shopping every other day, a—“

“—Single or multiple trips?”

“Supersoldiers only need single trips, sir.”

Fury smirked and sipped his coffee.

“Between 1400 and 1600 hours each Sunday he cleans and sings.  He orders take out once each week, only on Saturdays for his weekly movie marathon.  He’s reached the 80s, if I’m not mistaken.  There were a lot of lightsaber noises and don’t-you-forget-about-me’s coming from his apartment last week.  And the joke about his midday coffee run being ‘A mission from God’.”

“Anything unusual or concerning to report?”

“The number of times he’s watched Indiana Jones is concerning.”


“He was reckless in the field before, sir.  I worry what new ideas he’s been picking up.”

Fury smiled, all teeth.  “This is exactly why I chose you for this assignment, agent.”

I don’t talk enough about how much I LOVE Nick describing Jess as someone with a heart that’s half compass and half flashlight. Not just because it’s super super sweet that Nick says that about her but because that’s 100% who Jess is and has been from the start and it just reminds me of how much I LOVE HER. Even if her character has definitely changed since the first few seasons, the one thing that’s stayed the same is her heart. And that’s beautiful on its own but what makes it even more beautiful is how that part of her as always been something that Nick has been completely in awe of since he met her. I just love Jessica Day and I love that line and I love that Nick is the one who says it and now I’m crying and can’t stop someone hold me ba ck


Nicky Wire filming James Dean Bradfield in his boxing sessions.

Escape From History (2017)

Nadalind | Nick Burkhardt x Adalind Schade

Grimm 5 x 11 | 5 x 11 deleted scenes

Adalind: I know I can’t keep you from going. It’s something you have to do. But I also know there’s a chance that you won’t come back.
Nick: Adalind—
Adalind: And I can’t let you go without you knowing how I feel about you. And I don’t care if this is a mistake. I love you.

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Didn’t say he was invited. Just said he was there. Because he 100% would be, just to ruin it for Nick.


Because in all seriousness, in what world would I willingly invite Seishirou to anything ever?


  • Bethesda: You can't romance Nick Valentine
  • Me: *knee deep in shippy fanfiction* Sorry I couldn't hear you what did you say
  • Bethesda: I said you can't romance Nick Valentine
  • Me: *rolling around in a bookmark folder full of shippy fanart* I can't hear a thing you're saying over all the noise you have to speak up
  • Me: *downloading a mod that allows me to romance Nick Valentine* GOSH IT SURE IS LOUD IN HERE TODAY, CAN'T HEAR A WORD
Garage - April 8, 2017 - Finnick's Garage
  • Judy: I can't believe you have all this junk.
  • Nick: Well, once I started storing stuff in Finnick's garage, I stopped keeping track of things.
  • Judy: I can see that. So, when do you wanna start going through it all?
  • Nick: *blinks* Why would we do that?
  • Judy: *hands on her hips, rolls her eyes* You said that if we get married and move in together, some stuff would need to be thrown out.
  • Nick: *laughs uncomfortably* I meant some of your stuff.
  • Judy: ... I barely have anything. C'mon, it won't be that bad. I promise.
  • Nick: ...Ugh. It's gonna take years...
  • Judy: That's your fault. Besides, the sooner we finish, the sooner we get to relax.
  • Nick: Blah.
  • Judy: Hm... How can I make you less... Irritated with this...?
  • Nick: How about telling me we aren't doing it?
  • Judy: *laughs and kisses him* Not gonna happen. Come on, let's get to work.
  • Nick: *smirks* Fiiiiiine. But you're buying dinner.

Oh hey, look. A French Stew fisherman/mermaid AU thing.

(Also, could my style just, I don’t know…stay put for once? Please?)

I’ve been taking with my friends a lot about the moral choices in this dlc, and why the characters act like they do, specifically DiMA. Why does he ask you to kill and replace Tektus straight after he’s shown remorse over Avery’s death? Why does it feel like he hasn’t learned anything? A few ideas.

- Perhaps DiMA blames Tektus for the old confessor Martin’s disappearance. (His best friend and perhaps the first human to truly accept him for what he was) Perhaps he’s harboured hatred towards the new confessor for a while now, seeing disposing of him as a way of revenge.

- Control is the only thing he’s ever known. Growing up in the institute without Nick’s privilege of memory implants, he doesn’t have anything to fall back on except for what he’s learned. The only thing the institute has done is control, so perhaps he has trouble breaking from that pattern, it’s too ingrained, even if he tries to use it for good.

- He might also just think more like a machine. He weighs variables and percentages, looking for the most likely solution to peace. Perhaps he does recognise the are other methods to killing Tektus, but he’s unwilling to take the risk and possibly let his people get in harm’s way. He’s got a responsibility to them and cannot fail them, even if it means repeating a deed that’s caused him enough grief to try and forget about it.

- Nick’s judgement is harsh. His morals are extremely black and white, and he’s stuck with them, just like DiMA is stuck with his issue of control. Neither synth can truly escape their ingrained natures.

- Perhaps this can lead to a point both synths can learn from each other. I refuse to believe Nick wants his brother dead (he expresses his anger if DiMA does end up dead). So the only other option is rehabilitation. Nick would want to go through the effort of changing his brother’s ways, if it meant not being alone in this world. While at the same time, Nick can learn that an eye for an eye is -not always- the best option.


This dlc has had some seriously morally grey endings, and it’s had me think much harder and deeper about them than the main game, which had obvious evil and good options.

Would I have chosen to replace Tektus if this were real? Probably not. But for my character, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.


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