i can't have you blues

Nothing's the same...need my fix of you.

I miss you, Layne. You’re my inspiration. You drive me in nearly every aspect of my life. You were no nonsense, always direct and brutally honest. You’ve given me the strength to do the same in my own life. You also give me that kick I so desperately need EVERY FUCKING TIME I look at my guitar and sigh. I want to give you a good tribute, but it’s always bittersweet in so many ways. Thank you for being my light.

The Bourne Identity // TLSP // House of Blues Boston // 7.31.16

I’ve been trying to think about what to say about Alex and what to wish him for his 31st birthday… but I just don’t know. He’s too special and too amazing for me to ever do him justice with a few words. What I’d like to do is bake him a cake, give him a hug, and ask him if he knows how very special he is, and if he knows how much he means to all of us. Instead I’ll just share this video of him performing The Bourne Identity because it was such an incredible moment for me and even though I wanted to keep it to myself; I think it’s too good not to share. Especially because I don’t know how many times they actually did this song live. 

Happy 31st Birthday Alex!! Thank you for everything. It’s been fun growing up with you these last ten years. xx 💕


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