i can't have a crush on you


how could you forget ur own mother

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I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how

imagine having a snap streak with your tc, where the majority of the time you’re sending each other goofy selfies and while in their class, you send candid photos of each other.

hesitant alien asks
  • The Bureau: what's your dream job? and if you currently have a job, do you enjoy it?
  • Action Cat: talk about your crush, s.o. or a past relationship that you look back on with some fondness.
  • No Shows: what is a total relationship deal-breaker? platonic or romantic.
  • Brother: is there anyone who you would do anything for?
  • Millions: what would be the first thing you'd do if you won the lottery?
  • Zero Zero: what's one subject in school you absolutely despise? why?
  • Juarez: what are some of your favourite local spots to hang out in? it could be a shop, a restaurant, a park, anything!
  • Drugstore Perfume: what's one smell that brings back pleasant memories or generally just makes you feel good?
  • Get The Gang Together: who are some of your favourite mutuals?
  • How It's Going To Be: do you prefer cities or rural areas?
  • Maya the Psychic: what's one weird yet impressive quirk/superpower that you have?
  • Pinkish: talk about the strangest or most vivid dream you've ever had.
  • Don't Try: what's something you've had to give up for the sake of your well being?
  • Television All The Time: what's something really important that you've forgotten?
When I see you, I just can’t help but stare at you. It seems to be something I don’t have under control, it’s something I can’t help. Sorry about that, you’re just too cute.
—  L.N.

Who said you could come into my life just like that?

Who said you could break the front door and march in the crevices of my heart like a rude guest?

I was fine without you.

I was happy without you messing up the arranged thoughts in my brain.

Who said you could mess me up like this?

Love, please just leave me alone.

I don’t need you to remind me I can never have him.

yeah tolkien probably didn’t anticipate how bad he messed up by leaving the seduction of mairon so vague…….like if he’d just explained……..did melkor have good campaign ads? did he show mairon a 300 slide powerpoint presentation on why Evil is the Way of the Future? I’m sorry mr tolkein but bc you never specified im free to assume that mairon had a big embarrassing eternal crush on melkor and they held hands a lot and also probably the powerpoint happened at some point. you can’t stop me.

  • Licht: I have something big to tell you.
  • Hyde: You know you can say anything to me, tenshi-chan! We’ve known each other for so long, and there is absolutely nothing that could dent our impenetrable bond!
  • Licht: I'm straight.
  • Hyde: You’re dead to me.

I bet Kai in the first stages of his crush on Cinder wrote “Linh Kaito” in some important paper bc he kept daydreaming about the cute mechanic who was totally wifey material


The strength of Dad Might in this chapter is crushing me with kindness

I lied. I do believe in love, I believe in it more than anything. I just say I don’t because then I’m safe. Then I don’t have to admit I’m in love with you. I’m too scared to admit it because I feel that I will never be good enough. I think I’m unloveable, so it’s easier to pretend. I believe in love, but I don’t.
—  5-9-16

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!