i can't handle their amount of perfect

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I don’t know that I could handle it if even more happened in/to Night Vale over the past four years. First of all, the script books would be a lot heavier.

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Zayn should be illegal. Seriously. Or at least have some kind of warning lights or warning signs cuz I can't handle it, him, to much perfect.

i feel u, nonnie <3 !!!!! & i’m gonna rant a lil cuz the amount of love i have for zayn consumes me and i just need to LET SOME FEELS OUT !!!!

i can’t stand this opinion ppl have that he’s not happy. that he’s MISERABLE or that he looks FRAIL and SICK. why ??? do their eyes not see what my wonky eyes see? is their own skewed opinion of zayn so solid in their minds that it clouds their vision, not allowing them to see the wonderfulness that zayn exudes?

and then i see a lot of ppl say stuff like ~he looks so happy lately~ or ~zayn smiled so much in that interview~ like it’s a rare thing for zayn to be happy, for him to smile!!! YES he may not speak much sometimes and he may look sleepy sometimes but overall i view zayn as a laughy-sweet-smiley-cheerful-goober-dweeberson !!!

here’s a collage i made of all the times zayn has looked MISERABLE recently !!!!! full size

zzzzzzaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gentle comfy zayn. rubs his arm up and down louis’ back while the band accepts an award. melts into his bandmates arms while they try to warm him up. smiles at fans in the crowd and gives them lots of thumbz ups. looks so passionate when he sings that i genuinely think he’ll grow wings and fly away. is probably tired of being asked about his personal life/other dumb questions (like whether he’s leaving the band) but is never mean or crude while answering. tries to put a tiara on harry. pets a kitten on liam’s shoulder. plays with babies with genuine delight. is very aware of things but doesn’t let them get to him. wears a keffiyeh when he knows he’s gonna be papped. wears his hair in a 90’s hairband because who gives a fuck (not zayn). tells fan he loves them and hopes they’re ok in cute video messages. exposes his tongue too much leaving me breathless and turned on. delicately touches the hair hanging in his face because he’s not quite used to it yet. loses his phone and instead of buying a new one (which he could easily do) walks around with a fossil. manages to pull off approximately 328 hairstyles in less than a week. signs his shoe and gives it to a fan. has hair so thick and soft that i want to live in it. makes subtle jokes that are hilarious. is ok with being in the background of an interview but doesn’t mind being brought to the front. is generally laid back and relaxed - until niall is knocked to the ground, then he’s instantly ready to kick some ass. protective protective protective. wants to take his sister on tour with him because he misses her and thinks she hasn’t seen enough of the world, wants to provide those opportunities for her. wants to provide everything his family needs.

i love zayn.