i can't handle reality

INTJ Honesty
  • Person: *shows me something* “What do you think?”
  • Me (INTJ): *Tells person the truth, including the good, the bad, and my suggestions.*
  • Person: “Jeez, stop being so harsh. If you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!”
  • Me(INTJ): “You wanted to know what I thought!”

troye’s music has this intrinsic way of evoking the most humane of emotions, ones that we all feel but are terrified to say out loud–and i think that, in itself, is a true work of art. 

do yourself a favor and preorder wild. you won’t regret it.

Crashing (Sur)Reality // CLOSED for the-ramnikul-master

With his head supported on his hand, John darted his tongue out to his fingers to wet them so the annoying pages of the interior design catalog in front of him would be easier to flip over. 

“Those things are similar to those ones we’ve seen in that shop on Wilmore street. You know the one with the annoying screechy-voiced shopgirl..” he uttered and looked up to look at Harry moving around his kitchen and preparing lunch for them. There was a fond smile immediately creeping in on his face at that sight and a thought to go with it. Soon there wouldn’t be his or Harry’s kitchen to welcome the other there. It would be theirs and he really couldn’t wait for it. 

Still smiling he looked at the furniture displayed in the magazine and sighed adding a little bit louder: 
“Why they did mostly stop making solid wood bed frames is a mystery to me. Those chipboard and plastic things are just tasteless… and to be honest.. unstable.. I really don’t want our bed to break on us one night." 

John grinned at that thought, even chuckling a little bit and seconds later gasped, scrambling the catalog from the bar counter and holding it up for Harry to see: 
"Look. This one is nice. And they have even compatible bookshelves..well and nightstands. But the bookshelves are more important"