i can't handle my feelings today

sarah smiles // panic! at the disco

Want to get a lot done today, so I made @honeycoyote ‘s Productivi-Tea andI also made @witchy-woman ‘s “I Can Do This!” motivation bottle, adding some extra kinds of peppers in there as well cause I need allllllll the energy, and sealing with orange wax for endurance, vitality, passion, and strength (it also smells like mangos, so double awesome). I feel great and am on my way to getting lots done!

Today was the last class day for the course I assist, and my research meeting conflicted so I missed it. Four students in my discussion groups came to find me to tell me they had switched their majors to mathematics because they had so much fun in the class. One said, “Your taught us how to really understand math. That made all the difference.”

…And one more just emailed and told me I was the best TA he’s had so far. 

So anyway I’m hiding upstairs in a corner because I’m so proud of them that I can’t handle it.

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Every time I think I’m over Daesung he freakin pulls me back in. Let!! me!! live!! my!! life!!


So, I had the flu , out of work for three days , we only get five sick days . I need to be healthy all year now, ugh

They let the person on their way out handle my work load while I was gone , way more hurtful than helpful

I had a bit of a breakthrough today and I’m feeling an ounce more confident with my tasks

Today and yesterday
I practiced Buddhism
I practiced Spanish
I logged my food

I worked on my skirt

I worked on my Excel class
I worked on planning the month

Happy Weekend!

That abuse victim feel where you have to constantly be able to do things for other people and when you can’t you want to die

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: Afycso turns 10 today and I’m really not okay. My heart is slowing diminishing with all the sudden emotions. My feelings are honestly so incoherent right now. I’m going to fling myself into the sun. How has it been 10 years? Time is just slipping away. Do you think Brendon will contact the old band members today?!? WILL HE EVER SPEAK TO THEM AGAIN?!!? i .can’t. handle. this. goodbye.

Dahlia + colored pencils + grey paper + incredibly poor lighting = ???

Dear self: How about you learn for once and, you know, pull up reference photos for orange rooster hackle feathers, hmmm? 

(Otherwise how else will I further understand light and shadow? Gotta work smarter instead of just smashing my head into a wall…)

I finally killed the mosquito that buzzes around my face when I sleep and I feel more successful now than I did when I submitted my last paper earlier today.

Clearly casual murder is more invigorating than academic success.