i can't handle its perfection


So I have a small rant. Cairo is my first snake and I know ball pythons are not “beginner” snakes but I believe if you do your research properly, get them everything they need, and honestly put all you can into raising an animal properly, it can work out well. He had his second perfect shed with me, has not missed a single meal, and the head rubs he had when I got him are going away. I still have changed to make- a bigger tank and better substrate- but they’re both in the works and he’s still doing well now.

And slightly off topic, when someone is proud of their accomplishments, at least recognize and acknowledge them. I told someone about how well he’s doing and the answer I received was “mhm” but after saying that I was really proud of myself and I’m doing something some people can’t or simply won’t do to provide properly for their animal(because I can’t keep my mouth shut) I got “good job, I’m glad everything’s going well for you” like is that so hard, you don’t have to be super enthusiastic, just recognize that someone is trying and putting the hard work in