i can't handle it when he says this shit

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So my APUSH teacher gets really mad when we don't participate (which is quite often). So he will get really passive aggresive to us until one day we were all talking at the beginning of class (and the bells weren't working) and he just angrily left and we saw him outside pacing back and forth eating an apple. My friend and I couldn't shut the fuck up because he kept saying how he was going to come back and shoot us. To this day we can't handle him eating an apple bc we get 'Nam flashbacks.

holy shit

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he might SAY he likes his coffee black but steven and i know. he likes sweet brews. caramel. he's a COFFEE SNOB. can't drink 7 eleven coffee no he's got to have his shit brewed in the himalayas by monks

that must become a real obstacle when you’re on the run. y’all just wanna lay low in a diner and sam’s like “i cannot handle this Excuse for coffee beans”

i’m sorry, buck, my condolences 

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My S/O is a mixed man total sweet heart. Some of his friends are white and when he isn't around talk badly about him not knowing we are together(I am a white female so I guess they feel comfortable talking 'loosely' around me) when I try to tell him he kind of brushes it off saying that they are probably kidding. I've address the issue to the friends multiple times but they just laugh at me. How should I handle this? I feel like I can't necessarily speak on his behalf but I know it is not right.

Is it some racist stuff??? Girl step your ally game up and shut that shit down!!! If whatever they’re saying is racist, then he doesn’t even need to be your S/O for you to speak up and tell them off! Collect your people!!! He should stop kidding himself and find some better friends while he’s at it tho tbqh

- lily

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How deliciously awkward would it be if the boys' crushes had the dirtiest, darkest sense of humor? Like they've never in a million years think such a pretty little thing could spew such filth. Or introducing them to some of her favorite stand up comedians, and they're like 'He's talking about eating ass and you can't even breathe wtf?' Do you think it would take long for them to get used to it, or would they be forever caught off guard by her potty mouth?



Totally caught off guard. The first few times, he is SHOOK. 

“Hey! Don’t be a penis dude!” HOLY SHIT oH MY GOD WHAT DID THEY JUST SAY??!!!! 

He cannot handle. You just have such a potty mouth, and it was mind boggling. He staggered to the side at one point when Mikey was having a playful argument with you, and you just let ‘im have it. [And ironically you kept saying Jesus Christ, which at the time he was thinking about how you were in dire need of said man] 

He would get used to it eventually. You’re bold and say what’s on your mind, and he admires that! But if you could cut down on saying ‘dick me down’ as a joke, he would greatly appreciate it. 


Doesn’t care. He rivals you in the pottymouth area. You and he will have so many dirty ass inside jokes, leaving Donnie and Leo horrified when you pull out the ‘Rumpleforeskin’ joke. 

Both of you will share a favorite comedian and it’s more than likely that you showed them to him. The moment this guy mentions vagina or pulls out a dick joke, the both of you are roaring with laughter, wheezing and physically assaulting your seats. 

So yeah, he’s good with your potty mouth. 


Like Raph, he doesn’t care about all of that. They’re just words, so what’s the big deal? 

You two always come up with the worst jokes, seeing who can get dirtier and test how far you can get. 

[Which highkey leave Raph snorting and the two older brothers in a state of 'Oh my diddly damn Jesus Christ on a whole wheat cracker’]

 COMEDIANS! Yall two are connaisseurs of the best [and lowkey worst] dirty comedians. Mikey’ll blast the chosen show over the speakers and you’ll come running, and leap into his lap. Yall end up wheezing and gasping for air. 

[Im makin myself giggle at this agsgsgsfd] 


Oh?? My GOD??? He is so MORTIFIED. 

This poor darling canNOT believe you have such a potty mouth. 

The first time you cuss; he jerks up and almost hits his head on the nearest surface as he stares at you. 

He’s the one whose never gonna get used to it. Every time you cuss he’s gonna jump slightly or his eyes will widen and his lips will press together. 

Even though you have such dark humor and a mouth fit for the grittiest sailor, he’s still crushing like no tomorrow.

Trying really hard to like K*J A*pa then he goes and says something stupid. There are so many foreigners who get denied visas and wish to live in Vancouver. There are also the citizens of Vancouver who are very proud of their lovely city. I can’t believe he insulted the city like that 🙄. Get this boy a PR team and some maturity please!

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Dunno if you write this pair but uhm...Maybe McGenji with Genji wearing something cute (like a big sweater or McCree's shirt) and McCree just can't handle it? Something fluffy to ease your anxiety.

Boy, do I write this pair. 

Sorry for responding so late, but thank you for sending this when I was having trouble with anxiety! Writing’s under the cut.

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I'mcrying right now I can't handle what i've read yesterday this black girl came up to me and was like your boyfriend aint shit trust me just check him phone. It was driving me mad so i went through it and found some texts to and from his friend saying black women were only good in bed because of their fat asses and theyre the worst type of women so theyre insecure and easy his friend was like when you gonna drop your gorilla (1)

(2) he said when i find a nice white or mixed white asian to play with. Im so hurt i was with him for 2 months and he was so soft and gentle and listened to me about race issues. Im getting back at his ttho. I screenshotted it and sent it to the principle of my school and hes been expelled along with his friend. I also smashed his phone but that was in the heat of the moment. I also sent it to his employer and hes been fired. I feel slightly better knowing hes being punished.

Reading the first part I was just like

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I’m so sorry you were blindsided like that. He really ain’t shit.

But then I read the last few sentences

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You really got back at him lol

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I had this guy. It was perfect. Things got complicated, we split up. Then, after we'd broken up we made out one evening. And he's treated me like shit ever since. I know he can't handle a relashionship because someone very close to him is dying. But why is he treating me like shit? I love him so much. :(

Maybe because he can? It’s an awful thing to say but… Maybe because you’re letting him?

People take out their pain and anger on the ones who are willing to tolerate it. People hurt those who they know will love them unconditionally no matter their actions.

Maybe in fairy tales you read that good people are treated well and vice versa when it comes to bad ones, but real life isn’t like that.

He treats you the way you allow him to.

You may love him, but know that you have to love yourself more. You are not helping anyone like this. If he is getting you down, create a distance and if he asks why, tell him the truth.