i can't handle how perfect she is

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Dude.. CPs voice omg 😍 I just like can't even describe it. With that voice ... I can't imagine how someone could handle her flirting. I would pass out. wtf she is so perfect I want to cry. LOML.

God yes

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I guess I get why people are upset about the emison pregnancy storyline but I actually think it's clever af and just being handled/written wrong (also rushed). We all know that Alison is in love with Emily and vice versa but it's been YEARS and Alison has yet to admit to anyone (including herself) how she truly feels and I think this is what's gonna force her to have to deal with it. She can't hide her feelings for Emily when she's pregnant with her baby and dealing with what that means

Emison’s rushed timeline is the most annoying part. They wasted so much screen time on Sabrina, Pigly, Talia, etc. 5B was tragic, then 6A was the perfect time to start Emison’s legit relationship development (right after the dollhouse), but then they kicked us in the teeth in the form of TW! Lorenzo and Sara.

One Hundred Kisses

Lily convinces James to pretend to be engaged to her so they can go to a bakery and try wedding cake samples. Perhaps pretending to be engaged to the person you’ve wanted to kiss for six years isn’t the best way to continue denying your feelings. But then again, maybe it’s the best way to finally let them surface.

written for @jilyfest + inspired by + read on AO3

“So you remember the details right?”

“Yeah yeah. I proposed to you on the playground where we met, the wedding is going to be in June, we’re thinking the flowers will be red and yellow and we’re honey mooning in Paris.”

“You’ll have to say it with a little more excitement than that if it’s going to be convincing.”

“Lily, dearest, I’m so excited to marry you and I can’t wait for our trip to Paris!”

“Shut the hell up, James.”

“Honestly, I’m just mad that we can’t tell the truth. You were the one who proposed to me after all,” he said smugly.

Lily rolled her eyes and shoved her hands deep into her pockets. She supposed she technically had been the one to propose, since this was her scheme after all. It had started when she stormed into James’ flat two weeks ago, shouting about wedding cake. He had thought she had finally gone mad and told her so. And after a good hour arguing the pros and cons, she almost didn’t even go through with the plan. But then a week later her sister started bragging about her engagement again and Lily felt an urge to do something ridiculous.

“I don’t see why you couldn’t be fake engaged to Remus,” James mumbled. He was acting like pretending to be engaged to her so they could try wedding cake samples was the worst thing in the world but she knew his mischievous side was getting quite a thrill. He would take great pride in himself if he was able to be convincing enough to get away with this.

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Genderfluid!pastel!eren is just really touchy so she/he would latch onto punk!levi's arm when they walk side by side, or fix Levi's hair, or play with Levi's soft hands and Levi can't handle it bc eren is so cute and one day eren kisses him on the cheek. Levi freezes and eren asks him if he's okay and Levi blurts out "I love you". Eren is speechless and Levi thinks eren will never talk 2 him again. Instead, eren smiles and takes his hand and says, "oh. how abt u take me for fro-yo first?"


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: adrien spends a lot of time with ladybug as chat noir talking, touching, and flirting, among other things, yet he is so stunned when he sees her up close while being in his civilian form. shouldn't he naturally be able to say something or react somehow? that would be the perfect opportunity to interact with her and maybe hint at her that he's chat and he knows her better than anyone. is the fact that she's this close to him, talking to him -the real him- directly that's making him feel so helpless? and how she's also staring at him so intently and feeling almost too exposed and maybe hoping she will recognize him somehow? this boy is full of feelings and i can't handle it i need them to interact more or i'll die.

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The mixture of happiness and fear on Isabella's face really gets me!!!! She looks so happy for him to finally be able to express how he truly feels, but also sad and scared because she knows now that he is out he's going to have to face the clave. I can't handle this show all the actors are so good and bring so much to the table.

Yes, everything about that scene was perfect, including everyone’s reactions!