i can't handle how much i love this video

anonymous asked:

I don't know how to explain it exactly but I love hearing their more natural-slightly deeper-softer voices when they're just chatting with each other and not worrying so much about being entertaining for the camera. It's so sweet. You can feel the fond and adoration spilling out. Like in the first best friends video when Dan said "you bastard" and then when Phil said "I hate you" in the crossy road video. It's too cute I can't handle it.

yes. fuck. i’m obsessed. some of my favorite examples are the viscosity exchange in their first undertale video (especially when dan says ‘do you know what viscosity is’ jesus christ i died and got hot in the face and honestly i think phil did too), both of their voices in the Iconic clip of dan humming and phil filming him whilst sat on dan’s bed from the making of the book video, this teensy blinked-and-you-missed-it clip of phil explaining how they’re going to play the next round in the snake oil vid with pj bc like .. . not to be trash but his voice is sexy as shit wow, and also basically the entirety of the who wants to be a millionaire and bubble bobble videos from gamingmas. also all of those candid clips from the end of videos like phil failing at flipping the pancake in the anime video and dan going “you utter flop,” or phil hitting his hand on the suitcase in the ‘i blinded myself’ video and dan going “oh dear,” etc. etc. etc. it’s just … so natural. and like infrequent. their softer voices are absolutely the ones they use with each other all the time. it’s gorgeous and, like you said, suffused with fondness and adoration. ahhhh!!! thx for basically prompting me to go back and watch these clips which are some of my all-time favs.