i can't handle all your perfection


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

tattooedtaire  asked:

Aww :) im actually in love with your art lol :3 I had to name my favorite artist for a get to know you thing for freshman year at my school and I said it was you :) still is though. And you're Cosette is adorable tbh absolute perfection, as are all your drawings

You know I’m super late answering this but I’ve been saving this in my box because I’ve wanted to draw you a tattooed Taire for saying this, my dear tattooedtaire, this was such an adorable message I couldn’t handle it. Thank you! Ever since you said this it makes me so happy to see you in my notes.

It’s messy but flowers, quotes, Enjolras… he would.

LOUIS’ BUM (aka perfection)

Yeah, we all love Louis’ bum, don’t we? So why not take a closer look at it?

Work those hips, baby, work them. (Do you think he has ever given Harry a lap dance?)

A bit of stretching never hurt nobody, hm Lou? Specially when your bum just looks so fabulous like that. (I wouldn’t be surprised if he did squats)

And everyone just loved Louis’ bum and can’t keep their hands off of it….

….not even the Tommo himself.