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when they get to lestallum, the first thing they do is sleep. 

they stumble up to the room rented to them, and noct immediately curls up on the bed closest to the door, barely remembering to kick his boots off. prompto and gladio fall onto the other bed and immediately begin snoring. ignis just manages to toss his glasses onto the bedside table and remove his gloves as he slumps down beside noct, and he’s out like a light in the next breath. 

real beds, with real, honest to gods mattresses and blankets that actually cover them from chin to toe, are heaven on eos. 

they sleep for two days, iris tells them, voice filled with amusement, when they finally emerge from their exhaustion comas. she’s excited and relieved to see her brother at last, and as they fill their growling stomachs with food prepared by jared, they all catch up on what’s been happening in insomnia since the news of the king’s death and the empire’s invasion. 

noct is relieved to hear luna made it out safe, a weight lifting from his shoulders and chest knowing she’s still alive. 

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Minor Alien Covenant Rant *Spoilers*

Okay, normally I don’t get bent out of shape over this type of thing but I’ve seen this statement repeat itself waaaay too much (mainly on FB): “Daniels is supposed to replace Ripley? Haha, this woman isn’t badass! She cried almost through the entire film!”

First off replacing is a incorrect word to use. Alien (1979) takes places in 2122 and Covenant 2104. Captain Daniels is in no way taking Ripley’s spotlight as she dies either by age (unless this is also Daniels from Alien 2) or whatever crap David 8 has prepared. So cut that shit out. 

Dr. Shaw, Capt. Daniels, and Lieutenant Ripley are all brave and intelligent women who really can’t outdo each other in my opinion. Each brought something to the table and compliments the other. 

Back to the point: Daniels ‘crying’ during most of the movie.

In the beginning Daniels watched her husband and the first captain of Covenant burn alive due to a solar burst in the statis pod that is supposed to protect him. So yeah, any loving person will be a wreck for awhile and actually she reeled in her emotions pretty quick and kept her mind set on the tasking of repairing the ship after a moment of privacy. 

When Shaw’s message was discovered, she was the first to calmly disagree that they cannot go off course. She gets written off as being unstable even though giving Oram perfectly good enough reasons why they should continue forward. 

Another scene where is she ‘crying’ is when her crew and friends are being torn apart by a creature she can barely fight as Neomorphs are incredibly fast. She feels useless. Everyone is dying in front of her again and she cannot stop it. Frustration, sorrow, and pain are all pumping in her system at the sight of crew members literally being torn apart inside and out.

Then here comes David 8 and all hell breaks loose.

The small remainder of her crew is killed by both Neomorph and Xenomorph, except one who is unknowingly infected by the Facehugger. She doesn’t cry. Daniels keeps a clear mind and focuses on guiding Tennessee who is piloting their rescue and giving cover to Sergeant Lope. The Xeno manages to jump on the craft and guess who decides to go out and try to kill it?

Fucking Captain Daniels Branson.

If this where me, I’d be so taxed by now from emotional and physical fatigue, I’d be a potato. But no, this woman gets up and fights the Alien while the craft is moving and hitting buildings. And she kills it.

Once they re-board Covenant, her peace and victory shatters again. She cries again (barely) seeing the mangled corpse of Lope, Ricks, and Upworth. Does she drop the ball? Nope.

Her and T take action. Then when the final blow is delivered to the 2nd Xeno, I think those are tears of joy mixed with ‘Omg I might’ve died right there but hey!’

Point is! This woman is beat to hell, yet manages to outsmart and kill two fully grown Xenomorphs faster than Ripely first did, yet you (mostly men) complain she cried too much.

Every one handles trauma differently and she did not stand/sit there baling until her eyes dried out. She sucked it up for herself and all those around her.

Shouldn’t be we bitching about how Faris lost it and thus killed herself and their medic? No, we should focus on Daniels inappropriate display of emotion. Alright. Fuck you lot.

I just watched a.c.e’s showcase and I’m just so so so proud?? I mean it’s still hard to actually take in that these babies are finally debuting; they’re not covering someone’s song or dancing other idols’ choreos on the streets. No, this time they’re actually going to debut and have a song, video, and dance of their own, and this is just so emotional idk how to handle it??
All I know is that a.c.e’s debut and future will be amazing because I known how hard they worked for it, how talented they are, and how much they deserve it. Good luck my babies; I really can’t be any happier;;;

So I’m currently in the middle of the final battle in Andromeda. This is the fourth time I’ve done this (don’t judge me! :D) and only now did I realize that Vorn, fucking Vorn of all people is fighting along side everyone else. 

Think about that. After Ryder’s link with SAM is severed, she tells her crew that they’ve all got people they care about, people who will fight alongside of them. 

Who on her crew would have called Vorn, a tiny little botanist with more smarts than sense, and asked him to join the fight?

Drack. Drack would have called him. Because Kesh chose Vorn and that makes him family. And you fight for family.

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From my KakaIru emotional hunger and breakdown on twitter (I just need more of them, OK? Is that too much to ask? *I’m looking at you ‘kakairu’ tag on tumblr*)

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Scenario where Imayoshi, Hanamiya, Haizaki protect their chubby crush from bully even if she say that she can handle it(because in reality she can't)?

Trash Baes!! Of course I love 2 out of the 3, BUUUT I don’t at ALL mind writing for the other! <3 I hope you like it!

Imayoshi~ You seemed to be the center of a certain classmates attention. You brushed him off and tried to move past any insecurities you felt. You were happy enough with who you were. You just always seem to get overly emotional whenever you were alone. You kept telling yourself it wasn’t a big deal, and that the boy from your class was just an immature jerk.

You were walking in the hallway, noticing your boyfriend chatting with some of his classmates near his classroom. You were about to wave, when the boy stuck his leg out and tripped you. You fell to the floor and caused a loud smacking noise.

“Is that what you call cow tipping?!” The boy started laughing deliriously. He was holding onto his stomach and tears coming out of his eyes. Imayoshi looked over when he heard the noise. He saw you lying on the floor and the boy laughing at you. He ran over to you quickly and helped you up.

“Are you alright hun?” Your face was red from embarrassment and shame. Your eyes had the beginnings of tears forming within them. You nodded and looked at your boyfriend with a shaky and forced smile.

“I’m okay, he’s just a jerk. I’m used to it.” Imayoshi felt his heart break when he heard those words. How could he have not noticed this before? Surely he would have fixed the problem if he knew. He turned towards the boy and glared with a strong intensity.

“I don’t think we have met. My name is Imayoshi Shouichi. ___-chan’s boyfriend, also captain of the basketball team.” As he spoke, you could see the boys expression stiffen. He started to look as though he was going to die, as if Imayoshi was inadvertently threatening him by introducing himself.

“….” He stood there frozen in place, afraid to speak. He wasn’t even letting out air to breathe.

“It’s common decency to introduce yourself after receiving an introduction.” Imayoshi smirked a bit. He opened his eyes slightly to pierce into his, giving him a few more moments to respond. “Has your mother failed you? How pathetic.” He wrapped his arm around you and left.

Hanamiya~ Hanamiya knew you were being bullied, but the way you handled it seemed to be working. Or so he thought. He assumed you were fine, because you never told him otherwise. He was pretty observant, however lately he had other things on his mind.

You were cleaning the blackboard in your classroom, you were alone with the boy who would always make fun of you. You were uncomfortable being alone with him, but you had to get this done. Hanamiya was walking down the hallway to grab you from your classroom. His team following behind him.

You opened your mouth and asked the boy if he was done yet. You were very quiet and he looked over at you with a disgusted face.

“What did you say? I don’t speak pig, fat-ass.” You saw the door open abruptly. Your boyfriend spinning a basketball on his finger, looking over at the boy who just insulted you. You were too startled to take in the insult so instead you just looked over at Hanamiya and put on a relieved smile.

“Huh? Sorry I didn’t quite catch that? What did you call her?”

“I called her a fat-ass pig.” The boy chuckled, thinking that the infamous bad boy Hanamiya would find that insult amusing. Hanamiya looked over at you, he looked up and down your body. “You get me?” 

“I think you’re and idiot. idiot.” The boy was taken aback, as Hanamiya and his team walking into the room. “See what I see, is a sexy, voluptuous woman. Sure, you may think she is ‘fat’ but really, thin girls are too fucking bony when you fuck them. Oh… you wouldn’t have a clue, would you? Virgin?” 

The boy gritted his teeth and grabbed his bag from his desk. Hara closed the door and stood in its way. The boy tried to leave out the other door. Yamazaki stood in front of it and crossed his arms, looking down at the boy. The boy looked terrified. He knew the sort of ‘tactics’ his schools basketball team used.

“Makoto… can we just go? I’m fine… He is just a jerk.”

“Sure.. We can go.” He grabbed your hand, the boy had a look of relief on his face. Hanamiya glanced over at the members of his team and smirked. He walked with you to the door, allowing you to leave first. He snapped his fingers and closed the door. You two were walking down the hallway when you heard a scream.


Haizaki~ Haizaki was ditching class again. He was rarely at school, so never noticed that you were being picked on. The girls in your class were giving you a hard time because you were bigger than they were. They would put rotten food in your desk and locker. They would write all over your desk, calling you terrible names.

After school, Haizaki would usually pick you up. He looked over at you, you looked especially glum today. He tilted his head, trying to get a feel for what was going on. He grabbed your arm as you attempted to walk right past him, your mind had been running through everything they did to you.

“Huh? Oh Shogo, hey.” You sighed and took his hand in yours. Haizaki studied your face and body language. He figured something has to be going on at school. He pulled you close and kissed your neck. “H-hey! What are you doing?!” You chuckled and pushed him away. 

“Sorry, I missed you baby. I hate being away for so long. You know how I get if I’m alone for too long.” He rubbed the back of his neck, trying to figure out how to make you feel better.

“Maybe you should actually come to school then. I can see you in-between classes, and during lunch.”

“Fine. Tomorrow I’ll walk you to school.” You were almost in shock, but you figured he was talking out of his ass. You patted him on the back and he walked you home.

The next morning, you grabbed you stuff and opened the door. You saw Haizaki asleep standing up outside your door. You nearly screamed when you saw him right in front of you suddenly. Instead you just gasped loudly and it startled him awake.

“Huh? Where am I?”

“You’re actually here?” He only nodded. You grabbed his hand and walked to school. He ended up sleeping through most of his classes. You of course, were still being terrorized by those girls.

Haizaki went to your classroom for lunch. He opened the door and saw a girl throw a piece of trash at you. You flinched a bit as it hit your face and landed into your lunch. You sighed and stood up to throw away your contaminated food.

“Good, you should just stop eating all together.”

“What a cow.” The girls were laughing at each other’s remark. Hazaki walked in and everyone stopped to look at the menacing male. He wrapped his arms around your from behind and cupped your breasts. They all looked away from his display of affections.

“Cow? You mean these massive tits?” You turned around and slapped Haizaki. He chuckled and looked over at the girls. “You chicks are fucking gross. Real men like girls who won’t break in half when you fuck them. My dick would rip you apart.” The girls scoffed and walked out to the door of the classroom. “By the way. You assholes ever talk to her like that again, I may just lose my mind. Who knows.”

“Shogo, that was unnecessary… and HIGHLY inappropriate.”

“What?! I grab your tits all the time!”

“Not in public!!” The whole class now knew who you belonged to, and nobody wanted to mess with Haizaki.

She was the kind of girl who no one really noticed at first. She’d sit there quietly without a sound and if you said hi you’d be lucky to get a smile and a nod.

But if you looked closely, you would notice her fingers tapping on the desk, playing an imaginary piano. You would hear her humming under her breath, just loud enough to orchestrate an entire symphony for one and avoid the ‘what are you singing?’.

And if you asked her what she thought of ‘that film’ you’d probably end up talking to yourself, because she would much rather you ask her opinion on the creation of the universe or how war and poverty are justified.

In fact, she didn’t so mind that no one noticed her, because when she was loud the ground trembled beneath her feet and the mountains echoed her roar.

Her loudness wasn’t something everyone could handle, so when he walked up to her and they began talking about the world in all its wonder, her heart gave a little sigh, as if to say “Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #30

When you’re on your period so all your emotions are dialed up to 11 and you go onto Tumblr for distraction but it’s all Holtzmann/Kate McKinnon gifs and her sexiness just makes you horny af

And then her cuteness makes you want to cry

And you have no idea how to handle all your emo-shuns…


How’s your halo? 
Just between you and I,
You and I and the satellites. 

What if Jack and Maddie actually did send “get well” cards almost every day/week to Vlad while he was in the hospital and they visited him?? But spectra was disguised as a nurse and her shapeshifting booger boyfriend kept getting in Jack and Maddies way at vlads hospital???! Like spectra would collect the cards and see vlad get more depressed and sink lower and finally fall when she let him see the wedding card picture and only stuff that would make him more bitter!! And if jack and Maddie visited, the booger guy would just shapeshift into vlad and lay in bed while jack rambled on and on about ghosts and stuff. Spectra fed off of vlad for years until he finally left the hospital all from his own power.


I need to lay down oh my god