i can't give it away

  • Still Star-Crossed: Black female lead character
  • Still Star-Crossed: Enemies to friends to lovers
  • Still Star-Crossed: Arranged marriage
  • Still Star-Crossed: Handsome prince
  • Still Star-Crossed: Period drama
  • Still Star-Crossed: Shonda Rhimes
  • Me: Uh oh. Guess I found a new show to obsess over.

A very very sketchy 15-minute Chris because this man needs more love and appreciation I swear to God.

i just wanted you to tell me.
when things were getting hard again,
when all you felt was a whirlwind in your head,
when you went out with girls who werent me.

i wanted you to describe the people you fell in love with:
why you loved them,how they treated you,
if you still fight with yourself about
if you are worth anything or notbecause
they made you question your self-worth every day.
i wanted you to tell me about the things they did right,
about why theyre still in and out of your life,
about how you ran into them in the supermarket
the other day and you still felt something
when you hugged them goodbye.

i wanted you to tell me
about all of the the mistakes you made
and why you made them.
i wanted you to introduce me
to all of the monsters under your bed.
i wanted to hear about the happiest youve ever been
even if it wasnt with me.
i wanted to hear about your boss and your job
and the new car you were thinking of buying.
i wanted to see the two apartments you were looking at
and try to decide with you which is better.

i wanted to know about the times
youve thought about driving your car off a cliff
and the little moments that made you re-think it.
i wanted to be there to celebrate your triumphs
and admire your strength - i wanted to know everything
about you so i could love you anyway.

but i guess with you, i found out not everyone is like me.
not everyone blurts out their whole life story
every time they are given the chance.
and i just wanted you to tell me
who made you feel like you couldnt open up,
who hurt you so bad that you couldnt let me in,
somebody who honest to god,
would have loved you no matter what.

but i ask you how you are and you say not bad
and then you ask about me
and you wake up in another girls bed
because you dont know how to open up
and you let me find out months later
because you dont know how to open up
and you let me hear stories about you from other people
because you dont know how to open up

and its just sad, how all i wanted was to help
but youve never done anything but run from my love
and i get it
i guess
some people are just more reserved
and some people are afraid
and some people dont take people up on offers to talk about it
even if the other person insists
and you cant force people to let themselves fall in love with you.
you cant force them to open up.

but arent there things that make you want to scream?
arent there things that make you want to cry?
arent there things you are so passionate about that
if you dont let them out, you feel like youre drowning?
dont you ever hear something and cant wait to tell me?
i guess what im trying to ask is
if you really have so little passion
or if youre just not passionate about me.

—  we were sitting across from each other screaming, but i was the only one making a sound
Brotherly Love

- The Black’s packing to go to their summer estate -

Sirius: Say you run in to a grizzly bear

Sirius: Rude. That hurt Reg… I’m so proud 

Fin. ((OOC: quick thanks to @lizziebennetnotinjapan for making sure I didn’t make a fool of myself 😂❤))
  • Pikeman: You lost the bet, Camp Campbell! Now we'll be taking your best camper!
  • Petrol: *Gestures wildly and passionately at Nurf*
  • Pikeman: *Sighs irritably* No, Petrol, we talked about this. 'Best' does not mean 'campers you happen to have a crush on'.
I don’t like waiting. I don’t like how I can’t see you every day or give you unexpected kisses. I don’t like feeling so alone. But i’ll go through it all if it means I get to be with you forever.


↳ day two: best fight scene — gintoki vs jirochou

i heard that otose was keeping a crazy monster around. so you’re the shiroyasha? i never knew there was a freak like you following in my footsteps. however… a generation managed to survive the brutal battles of the joui war. there were plenty more like you out there.

get lost, watchdog. there’s nothing for you to protect here.

I Can't Give Everything Away (Farewell Mix)
David Bowie - Remixed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

This remix appeared on Soundcloud in January and mostly flew under the radar until last night in which Nine Inch Nails played this very version live seemingly confirming it was indeed Trent and Atticus who produced this