i can't gif fast enough


The problem with me is that I’m someone who quite likes working feeling happy. But you can’t start Hamlet feeling happy. So it’s a really weird one. I get to this place of really excitement and I’m about to go on but then I have to sort of bring myself to down to earth and remind myself what I’m about to do.

I mean, I go to a place of imagining losing people, imagining the future, indeed the inevitability of losing people and therefore the fleetingness of life. It’s like pushing your emotions up to the top of the skin so that once you’re out there and you’re in the moment and you believe in what you’re doing, they’re ready to pop-out and you’re brain is full of stuff, that can also conjure up and trigger moments, that can switch you into very emotional states of mind very quickly. You really pile on the things that are gonna trigger you to feel emotionally raw.


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