i can't get the right composition

Total block
  • Oh man so this week I wanted to get a Splatoon 2 piece done for this week's video and ddaanggggg!!!! I've been trying to figure out a composition I really like and I just can't get it right! I've been trying to figure this out for the past 3 hours and I haven't even finished the rough sketch yet gaaahh!!!! I'm at such a wall with this piece DX
  • I'm sorry I ran out of time this week. Tone flies way too fast I swear ;3; sorry for the missing video.

babeimatree  asked:

I'm supposed to write this composition and I can hear what I want it to sound like in my head but I can't get the rhythm right on paper.... and I can't get the melody right either. Nothing is ok. Music theory is going to drive me insane. Please send help.

when in doubt, just throw some tritones moving in parallel motion onto the page and start crying

This said, I’m still open to try and draw something through out the week so send me any request in an ask. The more specific, the higher chance you have at not just getting the character facing right.