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people r gonna crop that picture lol and they have every right to Sorry u can't take criticism

Criticism, really?? It’s seriously hard for me to believe anyone can be so stupid as to think that taking someone else’s work that the author poured time and effort and feelings into and saying “I don’t like this aspect of it, so I’m going to disregard the artist’s wishes and rights to their own work because I want this to serve me” is criticism. Since when does disrespect count as criticism? 
Get a life, you troll.

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Could i request a reader x quicksilver where Peter is the huge horn dog and perv we all know he is and he constantly gets aroused with boners at awkward/bad times and his s/o deals with it all the time. Like you could just be cuddling and his dirty thoughts make him get needy or you guys are in the danger room and he says to you that he has one. At one point he has one and you can't help him right away and you end up walking in on him getting off on pictures of you but you take it further then.

Hi! Sorry if you were looking forward to a NSFW request, but I’m still working up my confidence with this blog, so I wanted to ease into it and I’ll write smut when I feel more comfortable with it. For now, though, I hope you accept and like what I’ve come up with and I hope you’ll forgive me for toning it down :)

Afternoon Delights

“(Y/N), can you go in and check on how Peter is progressing with his training? I sent him in there hours ago to study my notes on the last training session, but it really shouldn’t be taking this long.”

You rolled your eyes in amusement at the Professor’s exasperation with your boyfriend and stood up. “Sure thing, Professor. I’ll make sure he’s being productive, don’t worry.”

A moment later you appeared in the middle of the danger room to see your speedster boyfriend sitting with his back to the room’s wall, his knees drawn up, and the binder of training notes on his lap.

“Ahem,” you said, clearing your throat, looking at him with a raised eyebrow. “Is there a reason you’re taking so long to study that?” you asked, crossing the room.

You stooped down to grab at the binger, but Peter moved it from your grasp as he sped to a different corner of the room. He was standing, holding the binder in front of his leather pants with a guilty look on his face.

“I’m just trying to be very thorough,” Peter responded in a strange tone of voice. “Tell the Professor I’ll be out when I’m finished.”

You laughed and appeared next to him; he may be fast, but you could teleport, so you’d always be faster. Before Peter could react, you snatched the binder from his hands and opened it up.

Only, instead of looking at the boring training session reports that Hank prepared after every session, you found yourself looking at the boudoir photographs of yourself that you gave to Peter as a present on his last birthday.

“About those…” Peter trailed off, snatching the binder back from you and holding it in front of his pants once more.

His suspicious behavior finally made sense to you and your jaw dropped. “Oh, my God! As if I don’t satisfy you enough?” you erupted into laughter. “Seriously, Quicksilver, shame on you.”

Any redness that was on Peter’s face at being caught quickly vanished once he heard the subtle change in your tone. He dropped the binder and grabbed your hips as he slowly pulled your body flush against his. “Am I being a naughty boy, (Y/N)?”

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled his face down towards yours. “Very, very naughty,” you replied in a whisper. You had to consciously calm yourself as you felt the bulge in Peter’s leather pants press against your body hungrily.

“Are you going to punish me for being such a needy boy, then?” Peter asked hoarsely, his lips ghosting against yours sinfully.

“I most certainly will,” you replied, pressing your lips against his hastily in a heated embrace. “You have been a very naughty boy, Quicksilver.”


“Damn it, Oikawa, if you’re doing this, do it right at least!”
(please imagine here a picture of them kissing deeply)

Iwaoi Christmas Week: Day 2 - Decorating // Mistletoe - December 17th

My Pc crashed and died while finishing this and the last picture got lost.
I’m sorry!

I feel so uncomfortable watching the photos fans are taking at the airport.

I get that you’re excited. I mean I would be so excited too but like personal space people. Some of the photos that have been taken are just way too close. As much as I like to see them that close, it just makes me feel uncomfortable for them.

I bet you would feel uncomfortable too if you would be surrounded by girls shoving phones/cameras at your face. And even though they are celebrities you have to remember that they have their rights also. They need to have their personal space. You can’t just go up to them and shove your phone to their face so that you can get a picture.

Please you people that are there, show them respect so that they would wanna go to US again in the future.