i can't get over this pic...................

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i still can't get over his gentleman behavior helping key descend the stairs and now "tying shoelaces" this must get under onkey things category "Onew with his Princes"

I’m very emo about onkey now T^T
So, here are 400 pics to describe how sweet and absolutely adorable these two are, lol. Key is totally jinki’s softest prince :3


Some of my faves from Aaron’s House of Blues: San Diego concert (more pics here)


Aaron Tveit at TLA Philly

I love the Hawaiian shirt on him (I loved it even in that Braindead interview) it just matches his dorky personality and then of course I will never complain when he’s in a tank top!

Mail-Order Bride (MOB) Snippet #1

For your delectation, a brief snip to prove I’m writing the thing. Dammit. I BLAME ALL OF YOU.

Eyes narrow, Chuck glared across the freakishly neat desk at the man he’d called Elvis since at least his teens. “You’re not serious.”

Eyes dancing but expression all-professional, Tendo shrugged. “It’s your best option. We have a narrow window to make this move, and unless you already have a fiancé in the States or can quickly get into a university with an exchange visa program–”

“Oi, I’ve got three degrees in engineering already!”

“–this is your option. We don’t have time for anything more complicated.”

Fighting the urge to growl and flip the desk, Chuck glared even harder. “How the fuck is advertising myself as a fucking mail order spouse not complicated? Is that really even a thing anymore? For fuck’s sake, we’re trying to stop human trafficking here!”

The bowtie-wearing jackass rolled his eyes. “Of course it’s still a thing. And it’s not human trafficking because it’s voluntary and set up by the person who wants to go, rather than by a third party selling them off. And it’s a lot safer than it used to be – at least for the bride.”

“I am not the fucking bride!”

“You know what I mean.” The rotten bastard flapped a hand as if none of this were important. “I’m just saying that you won’t get stuck with a psychopath with a record. I’ve linked you to three separate sites that check out the cleanest and most diligent. Pick someone you don’t hate and make do with the situation until you’re called in.”

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yo I still can't get over the last episode with deku snatching everyone's wigs with his full cowl can u supply us w/ more BAMF izuku? (not that he's not already a bamf 100% of the time)

Anonymous said: gimme pics of deku being the little badass motherfucker he is! ♡

he is a brave strong boy!!! i wanna be like him when i grow up