i can't get over this photoshoot


BTS Suga ‘Day’ Lock Screen for iPhone5!

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“There were a number of very public discussions about the size of my derrière. One article said it was refreshing to have such a ‘healthy-sized’ bottom on television. You hear that, and immediately hear, ‘I’m fat!’. So I just wanted to save myself from any future eating disorders that may emerge. And the comments were the worst! Like, ‘I’m gonna tap that big fat ass!’ Oh, God!” - Emilia Clarke for GQ UK (October 2015)

I used to hate doing interviews, but interviews are actually really fun for me now, because it’s fun to say how you feel and to not worry about it. You say it honestly and then as you say it honestly, you figure out things — how you really feel. Everything that I’m saying is just the truth, so it could never seem all over the place. You get in a habit, like when people say, “How are you doing?” You always say, “Good.” That’s what I stopped doing.

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Arrow's PR department needs to step it up a notch. Does Arrow have a lower budget than Flash or something? Flash is always getting new promotional items, from trailers to posters to interviews, while Arrow is stuck with the same old things. A new photoshoot would be nice; i still can't believe you guys photoshopped the promo pics from last year to create his year's season poster btw. New things for fans to get excited over would be appreciated. Arrow is the show that started it all after all.

Preaching to the choir, sister.

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the funniest and cutest part about that mirroing photoshoot gif is that they were aware of it. in photoshoots like that there are usually vt's where you can see how you're positioned and how you're looking so it's extremely cute that when louis lowered his head harry felt the need to do the same. you can tell that zayn smiles just as harry lower his head and that louis smiles at the end too. they're so freaking cute, i can't even.

i can’t seem to get over this - because louis bows his head first and then harry does it almost a split second after - it’s literally like magnets creating their own magnetic field around each other. soul mates tend to do that so i’m told.

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yo....I just remembered that Louis followed Terry O'Neill which was the guy that photographed the picture from which one of Harry's Another Man photoshoots was inspired from WEEKS BEFORE THE MAGAZINE COVER WAS ANNOUNCED. Literally what the fuck . I can't get over how supportive they are of each other


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