i can't get over this and probably never will

If you think I’m over these two, you’re absolutely in the wrong.
I will never get over them, I’m in hell.

Warren Peace: “You want me to heat that up for you?”

Layla: [in urgent whisper] “You’re not supposed to use your powers outside of school!”

Warren Peace: “I was just gonna stick it in the microwave.”

Have another KH Headcanon

Since I have yet to get over Back Cover (I WILL NEVER BE OKAY), have a headcanon from me that was formed based on my sudden obsession with Bear Dad.

Like, I tend to poke fun at Ursus in different ways, mostly because of how hilarious it is to imagine Aced reacting to it of all things.

But like…everything about Back Cover fucking broke me, okay???? The way everyone was so lost without the Master of Masters (Gula’s break down still haunts me to this very day). But what caught my attention the most is how Aced acts, like…

He gets so worked up when he thinks Gula is the traitor, like, “How could you do this to me?!?!?” Like he sounds so betrayed!! And when everyone turns against him…like NO WONDER HE ACTS LIKE SUCH AN ASSHOLE IN KHX.

(it doesn’t excuse his actions, nor does it justify them, but it does explain them)

You would too if everyone suddenly went against you…well, everyone except Ira, who was there for Aced when he needed it the most.

In any case, Aced strikes me as someone with abandonment issues. Of course, you could say the same thing towards everyone else (@pilinonamae calls this Abandonment Issues: The Game). But like…the way Aced reacts to Master of Masters saying he might disappear, like he just FREEZES.

And before that, he sounded rather choked up about the idea of the Master of Masters not teaching them anymore. Like…

I already headcanon that Master of Masters raised the Foretellers, because I can only imagine the shenanigans that might have ensued by THIS fucking dork in his attempts to care for six children. And going on from there, I’ve been seeing starting to see Aced as a kid who was abandoned by his birth parents instead of being another orphan like the others.

Master of Masters took him in when he had no one else, so of course he’d get so worked up about Master of Masters saying that he might disappear. Because “Oh god, it’s happening again. I’m getting left behind again.”, he’s pretty much reliving that moment where he was all alone and it only gets worse from here when everyone except Ira turns against him, because like, there goes what little family he had left…just abandoning him when he needs them most.



Gabriel’s fashion statements

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I’m probably never going to get over how fucking amazing Martin Wallström is in the Tyrell Wellick role. One second he’s all confidence, the next he’s an eager kid, the next he’s a kicked puppy, the next he’s a remorseless bully… He just shifts seamlessly from one emotion to the next, endlessly, and every goddamn second is completely authentic. 

—  Sun everytime she gets a visit,probably

I know we’d probably never get it, but I’d absolutely love a scene where we see a guy tied to a chair and hear whistling/singing in the background (which would honestly be scary as hell) and then the camera pans over to Joker sharpening a knife and maybe a line of dialogue before the scene cuts. That would be a cool introduction in my opinion.

There’s only implied violence there, but it gives the audience a look at Joker’s brutality without risking the R-rating issue…

So let me get this straight. Just because you can actually hold her hand, or hear her laugh through more than just the phone, she’s worth choosing? You’d rather choose a half-way remembered dream over the dream you’ve never forgotten? You’d rather choose a mediocre love story that you’ll probably forget in a few months over the one you’ll remember for your entire life? You’d rather choose the ordinary you’ll get tired of in a matter of time over the spontaneous, passionate one you’d never want to spend a day without? And what is your reasoning for this, if I may ask? Because she’s there and I’m not? Is she there to fill your heart for the time being or is she something you’re willing to commit to? Just know I know you can’t even remember her name when you think of me, and you’d forget her smile in a matter of months meanwhile mine will remain in your mind until the end of time when you’ve already crossed the line one too many times, although I’d be out of my mind to let you go, and to let you stay, but it seems like I wouldn’t have it any other way than to be cruising along the waves with you. But it’s up to you, whether you’d prefer a mediocre love story over the one you’ve dreamt of with me for forever. You can’t have us both, darling.
—  you can’t have us both, darling.

The next episode of Doctor Who is going to be so painful. It can either end that he’s still vengeful and angry over losing Clara, or he’s going to have to come to terms with her loss. And there’s a part of him that blames himself. Hell he probably completely blames himself, and that hurts so much. He’s lashing out and driven to hurt the people responsible for his capture which ultimately led to Clara’s demise. But it wasn’t the plan, she wasn’t supposed to get hurt in the process, just him. And he blames himself for not being there, for not keeping an eye on her and making sure she didn’t act reckless. He blames himself for not overlooking her obvious devotion to him and belief that he could always fix things… That she could be reckless to save others because she always believed he would win. And he was always pushed to win, to save her. Every time to save her. But it won’t last long, just like Clara said his reign of terror will end at the sight of a crying child. He cares so much, and it hurts. All of this hurts, and I can’t even think straight after that feelsy mindfuck episode. 2 billion years constantly being reborn with the initial belief that he just arrived there. 2 billion years with Clara’s death so fresh in his mind each time… 2 billion years without any relief from grief. 2 billion years dying over and over without any recollection of time passing, and her always her. I have never experienced this intense of a love story in any form, until now. One of the worst companion losses I’ve ever had to face, idk if I’ll ever get over it. Moffat you win. You’ve officially destroyed me. *slow claps with violent sobs*