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Hello! I'm a self taught artist who wants to get better at shading/lighting and backgrounds especially. But whenever I try to do a background study, I can't break it down and it ends up looking terrible. Do you know of anything that would help?

Hi! I would like to talk a little bit of the thought process behind photo study and the importance of simplicity.

It is really important to break down an image to chunks of value rather than seeing the detail  first, which can lead to over-complicated mush of colors with no constructed value.

These are some of the artists that inspired me to get used to breaking down images in the most simplest way possible:


Notice how super simple and straight-on-point his thumbs are? And this is how his colorscript for Moana looks like:


Zero detail. Yet you have all the information you need!

I personally think these thumb studies are super important to train your eyes to break down an image in values and colors and therefore be able to organize and design your painting better.


purple color swatch 

 photo submitted by @andy-beau!! head to l0ckscreen.tumblr.com/submit to submit urs!!

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cloti moments i’m excited to see in the remake 2/?

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So 1. American sex education is terrible. 2. Kara's used to alien biologies. So when a few photos are released of Supergirl saving Lena Luthor, and the look in Lena's eyes, the captions all over the internet are "Boom, pregnant," (Lena's a master of that look) Kara gets understandably confused. I mean, with all the psychic and otherwise odd races out there it can't be that unusual. Cue the weirdest conversation Lena's ever had as she slowly started to realize Kara thought they were having a baby


I need someone to write a fanfic about this, please <3


A Finished Over The Garden Wall FanArt Collaboration with @may-doodle! YEEEEEEE!!!

Yo, you have no idea how much fun I had collabing with you! (This is probably the most productive I could get over the summer…heheh!)

Their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs-fkSNs2ZAHrS0OAwEqhfQ (Their content is amazing and so are their thumbnails!!!)

(Edit: I forgot to mention that while I did the line art of the first artwork, I only colored the second one. The line art on the second photo is done by the collaborator!)

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You can't tell me that Wilford didn't attempt to get everyone on board for a photo shoot calendar only to be rapidly shot down on that idea.

Keep in mind that these are Mark’s Egos here. I can only think that maybe Host wouldn’t be down for it, but all the others would jump all over that idea, even Dark if he thought there would be something to be gained by it. Oh my goodness, can you imagine a “Sexy Ego” calendar with a different Ego for each month? Like as actual merch for a charity livestream? You’d raise a million dollars in no time haha *shouts into the void* Hey, Mark! Take notes!

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"you were the lilac blossoms of spring and i was the glistening, murderous lava, yet you still loved me" prompt based-ish on your header image ((it's so cool!! i can't tell what it is but it's so cool!!)



Seung-gil glanced up as a body draped over his back and a camera appeared in front of his face. He barely had a second to blink before the flash went off, blind him momentarily.

“Wǎan jai,” Phichit whined, “Why didn’t you smile?” His boyfriend of two years whined before getting off his back and appearing beside him with a pout and his phone inches from his face.

“What does that mean?” he questioned while bending down slightly to get a better look at the photo. He didn’t mind the photo, it was rather cute. Phichit on his back with an arm around his neck grinning wildly for the camera which he stared blankly at. He made a note to try and send it to himself next time Phichit was separated from his phone, maybe he would have the chance tonight if Phichit fall asleep before him.

“What? Wǎan jai?” Phichit repeated while closing the photo and slipping it away. He hummed softly in confirmation, earning a bright smile in response.

“It’s just an endearment. Nothing bad, promise!” Phichit said with a wink before leaning up on his toes to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“Endearment,” he mumbled while quickly grabbing Phichit’s hand before the tanned male could slip away.

“Yes, endearment. Use one on me,” Phichit gasped, looking up at him excitedly. He stared down at his boyfriend as a light blush covered his cheeks.

“You want me to use-“

“To use an endearment on me. Please!” Phichit begged. He stared down at his boyfriends face for a moment before gently squeezing Phichit’s hand.

“Yobo,” he said ever so softly.

“Again.” Phichit demanded, startling him.

“Yobo,” he repeated, clearly and a little louder this time.

“Again.” He raised an eyebrow, not understanding why Phichit wanted him to say it again.

“Chagiya,” he said instead, earning himself an excited look.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you speaking Korean?”

Seung-gil couldn’t help but snort and shake his head in amusement.

“Lilac,” he stated simply, earning a confused look from his boyfriend.

“That was in English?” Phichit said hesitantly, clearly not sure.

“Yes,” he hummed before pulling Phichit closer, “but you are my Lilac.”

“Why a lilac?” Phichit questioned while wrapping his only free arm around his neck, holding them closely together.

“You are my lilac blossom of spring,” he mumbled while pressing their foreheads together.

“Oh? And what are you?”

“Glistening, murderous lava,” he replied while letting his eyes slide closed.

“Huh?” Phichit mumbled, confusion clear in his tone.

“You are my lilac blossom of spring and I am the glistening, murderous lava. And yet, you still love me.” He mumbled, content to just stand there pressed against his boyfriend.

“Where did that come from, you dork?” Phichit chuckled before shoving him back a step, he opened his eyes just in time to watch Phichit grab his face in both hands and draw him into a deep kiss.

“But I love you too,” the words were mumbled against his lips and they tasted so sweet.