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purple color swatch 

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I’m freaking out over the Instagram photo of Phichit catching Victor and Yuuri in a topless hug and looks overcome with jealousy but why isn’t anyone mentioning literally right after that

That when the skaters area all hanging out together that there’s another skater between Yuuri and Phichit and

Victor literally has Yuuri in the most possessive hug imaginable. With Phichit in front of them. And Yuuri separated by another skater from Phichit.

I can’t believe we get canon jealous/ possessive Victor yall


I’m back! And I drew something small to get back into the swing of things. 

Anon asked, “Can you draw a picture of Jotaro’s giant mitt of a hand engulfing Jolyne’s head when he pats her on the head? He does that in one of the Eyes of Heaven teasers and it’s the cutest thing. I’d love to see your take.” I started off doing that, but then I, Strawberry “Literally Incapable of Drawing Not-Sappy Dadtaro” Jan, forgot about the giant hand and made a little comic. It’s neither exactly your request nor a usual-format Morioh Comic, but I hope you like it!

i’m a little late to the party but here we pokemon Go

-when pokemon go comes out the fahc get all over that shit

-ray is unapologeticly team Instinct as soon as the trainer photos get released (”have you seen the fucking team leader? he’s literally a meme”)

-michael and jeremy are so Team Valor that it hurts   

-michael has actually and literally fought someone who took his gym before (the gym is still team valor to this day)

-ray convinced jack to join team instinct (”it’s the super nice team you’d love it”) but really she’s a mystic at heart and doesn’t know it

-jack honestly has no idea the leveling system of pokemon go or about CP or whatever she just thinks all the pokemon are so cute

-like she didn’t know much about anything concerning pokemon before so now she’s just like “look Ray!! look at this cute little pink guy I love him so much I named him James”

-geoff says he hates it and will never try it but honestly he downloaded it, wasted five pokeballs on one pokemon, and then got too pissed off to continue

-ryan honestly has no idea about pokemon but he’s that friend that will go with you on pokemon hunts and drive you to pokestops just to do something even if they don’t have the game

-”ryan we’re going to the maze bank tower to catch pokemon” “alright give me a second i’ll get my jacket”

-michael and jeremy are so into going to pokestops and whatnot it’s unreal

-like all those posts that are like “make sure to bring water and snacks and band aids when you play pokemon go and don’t overexert yourself and be safe!!!”  are directed towards them because there was one ‘trip’ that they took where they were outside for 10 hours and got sunburnt to all hell

-jack and ray just kinda casually catch them (ray prefers the DS games and jack plays if she’s out and remembers)

-jobs/stakeouts have gone horribly wrong due to pokemon go (”jeremy get the fuck back over here!!!” “ray there’s a goddamn nidorina over there if you think i’m not catching it you’re wrong”)

-they are banned from playing pokemon go on heists

-everyone thinks gavin doesn’t play (”gavin you literally look like the team instinct leader what the fuck do you mean you don’t play”) 

-in reality gavin has hired people and hackers in different countries and states to catch pokemon for him on his account and is probably one of the top players in the country


CBS Summer Press: Mary E. Winstead & Aaron Tveit for BrainDead
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“’I keep telling people–this show is nuts. It’s really nuts!’ @AaronTveit on CBS summer series @BrainDeadCBS” - @BCMikeMalone (x)

“The Kings have a 4-season plan for #BrainDead: D.C., Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood. #CBSSummerPress” - @MattMitovich (x)