i can't find the right pattern ):


They are like magnets, being pulled towards each other without even realizing.


Town: Aisling | Dream Address: 4800-3227-6925

Just visited xxforgotten’s town, and it’s just wow! There are wide open spaces and they’re beautifully designed with lovely patterns :3 The theme of the rooms in their mayor’s house is just so lovely! The illuminated PWP just adds to the whole evening atmosphere too! *w* I can’t fit all the screenies I took, so just visit Aisling yourself! :D The side character’s houses are still in progress but it is looking good! (I also added captions on the photos hehe)

ask-pmdureptilia  asked:

how do you make/attach the cowel (back piece and the piece under the jaw to cover your neck) for your fursuit head? I've made three fursuit heads and every time I get so much done but then I can't ever get it, I often end up just cutting out a random shaped piece of fur and hoping it fits on the head right.

I’ve never understood why so many people have problems with that. 
I make it like monoyasha and for me the neck and so is part for my initial head pattern.

I don’t find a picture of my heads to show, but I had this old one from monoyasha where you can see how it works.

And in your case if it’s already furred just make a tape pattern of your neck (let you help from someone) and you get a pretty good pattern that should look a little like the neck from the picture