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Hello Wil, Longtime fan. What advice do you have for someone that has lots of story ideas but can't seem to get them on the page?I get all these ideas and they bounce around in my head and I work out details of character and plot, but find myself at a loss for actually sitting down and typing them out in a productive manner. Thanks!

I bought a white board, and I wrote all the ideas I had on it, one line at a time. Some of them had log lines, some had elevator pitches, others were just titles or images I wanted to use someday.

I looked at those ideas all the time, while I worked on other stuff, and let my brain decide which one it wanted to get into first. 

There is nothing better than finishing one of my ideas, and then erasing it from the board. It’s such a great feeling of accomplishment, it’s supremely motivating.

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So I heard there was fanart of Yuuri in a leotard but I can't seem to find it anywhere (its for research purposes!!)

I don’t have the picture saved on my computer (which is honestly a miracle because I have hundreds of yoi pictures) so I can’t reverse image search it but hey, look what I did find! A picture of Yurio I never uploaded… Anyway, hopefully someone can reply to this with the actual picture.
~Mod Star

  • Friend: *Shows me the ME!ME!ME! video (I never watched it out of lack of interest)*
  • Friend: /in a smug fashion/ So, what'd you think it was about?
  • Me: It's making a statement about the toxicity of otaku culture, not just in the anime industry and the community, but on a personal level. The four-eyed alien looking girl was the fetishized image he had of women which he presumably projected onto his actual girlfriend so much that it caused her to leave. After realizing his mistake he tries to change his ways only to fall into despair when he finds that, like any addiction, you can't just quit. And since the anime industry is now run by otaku, more and more content gets released that is simply there as fap material and nothing else, hence the legions of girls that look exactly the same; because, in an otaku run industry, all of these fetishized characters are more or less the same.

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Hey Jack, what kind of lighting do you use for your webcam? I recently started using one for my LPs, but I can't seem to find a good balance.

I have two white lights on my right (the side the camera faces) to illuminate me and the background so you can actually see clearly. On the left of my face I use a yellow light to balance out the image and colours and add warmth. You never want to go all white or all yellow cos it looks bad. 

I’m no expert by any means though. 

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Hello! Just one quick question, when does the scene with the saitama strap happen? I really can't find it in the manga, please tell me which chapter it happened! T_T thanks a lot and keep up your amazing work! :)

I’m not actually sure, I think it’s from an extra, and not from an actual chapter or anything. Perhaps it was released with a volume? I only found that one image, don’t know if there’s any more before or after it. :(

(Edit: After looking at the typesetting/font, it looks like it was published by Viz Media online, so it’s probably an extra but I don’t know where to find the rest.)

If anyone knows where to find the rest of this (assuming there is a rest), let me know! :D

Why can't I stop reading Fanfiction?

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Have you ever loved a fanfiction so much it hurts? Or told yourself “Just one more chapter” and when you next pause to drink some water, you find it’s 3 a.m.? Why do we insist on reading stories about Jily, even though we know they end up dead?

In case you’re wondering, no, you’re not a masochist actually you are, but at least you’re not alone. We have simply fallen in love with a real fairy tale.

In our messed up/not so messed up world, we often look for hope. Only we’re not so naive to believe in Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, etc. James and Lily had real issues and problems, yet they managed to get a not so happy ending.

Also fanfiction authors are not real. Wait what? Ayesha (prongsmydeer) reveals:

Fanfiction authors are not real authors. We are not real people. We are intangible clouds of hypothetical writing drifting through computers like viruses. We can only be made observable by a blood sacrifice and an unbreakable vow to give up our heathen ways.

Fanfiction will suck you in, eat up a part of you and call you back telling you that if you look long enough, you may find that part. Of course Fanfiction is more like a chocolate addiction than the cannibalistic theory, and who doesn’t like chocolate?

Also, fanfiction authors thrive on your tears and feels. I should know, I write too.

So once you enter fanfiction and the Jily Fandom, you can’t leave. So welcome, and good luck. Oh, and did I mention that there’s a lovely fic out there? Read Commentarius, and TLAT and then go look for it.

Stay tuned for more news on The Jily Journal.

TVLINE | Jensen’s directed some episodes of the show. Did he give you any tips or advice?

Misha: “He gave me lots of tips and lots of advice, and it was all very helpful. The fact that Jensen has directed before made him a little bit nicer to me than he would have otherwise been. He was, obviously, fully complicit in pranking me, but he also wanted to support me and make sure that I had a good experience as a director. He was actually very helpful, in many respects, for a complete asshole.” [x]

“You should love yourself” is kind of a backwards phrase.

Because like, what a way to place the responsibility on the individual person instead of critiquing the society that’s told them they aren’t worthy of love.

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Just wondering, (waiting for Holland to score), do you think with all this shady stuff going on, and a lot of people who seem to think H and L broke up, we would notice it somehow, or are the boys so professional that it could happen without anybody knowing? I myself can't image that it wouldn't affect the whole band in a way assuming they are/were together as i believe

I’ve got an ex or two … or 10 … but anyway … I would cut the safety cables and shove each and every fucker off the first raised platform I could find each and every time. And those are just the fuckers I actually still like!

If they had broken up, we would damned well notice it! Just look at other groups it happened to: ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, No Doubt - each and every time the split was noticeable and devastating for the group. Some came through it, others did not, but at the time, it was musical hell.

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Do you know if this is a real pic or a manip or what? Lots of people are saying this is Katie with her natural hair color but I can't find any actual source past pinterest and stuff. images5 (.) fanpop (.) com/image/photos/26000000/Katie-blonde-hair-katie-mcgrath-26011726-376-500 (.) jpg

The only (real) blonde Katie photo we have is from her school days (this school photo was shared by one of her classmates a few years ago on twitter). Katie dyed her hair black a few years later and since then she’s always been brunette (and yes, in Dracula she wore a partial wig).

other pic from the school book…although in b/w

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Would you share how you make the hidden faded images? Or is that a secret to you?? Im trying to find tutorials on how to do it so I can make things but I can't find what Im looking for ;A;

It’s actually pretty simple. You draw what you want to be hidden and the put it on 2% opacity. I find that 1% is usually not enough for it to be seen and 3% makes it too obvious.

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Do you have any advice on how to draw crossed arms? I can't do it for my life. (Also your art is amazing and I love the swimming au)

Ahh honestly I have to say I’m no expert at anatomy (and therefore poses) but I plan to study it in depth after I finish high school at the end of this year… The best advice I can give at the moment is to use references!! References are really helpful and I’ve actually learnt quite a lot from them - you can find them by just searching on Google Images or places like SenshiStock. I find that it’s good to work from a photo because it’s pretty much the closest you can get to life (if you don’t have anyone who’s willing to be your reference, that is). Uhh from there I just kinda work off the photo, I guess.

Here’s a stock image I found by googling ‘man arms crossed’ and a quick sketch I did of Ludwig using it as a reference.

While it’s obviously not an exact copy, I tried to pay attention to where the arms overlap and their position/size in relation to his body, or something like that. ^^”

And then from there I just lineart, colour and shade:

Sorry if this wasn’t of much help, this is really all I can say because I’m still learning anatomy and poses myself ;w; However you can find heaps of good tutorials and references on this blog! (and also thank you omg!! :o)

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Hello! Do you know where the image in the post that says "Don't let him experience comfort" comes from? (it's the one with him sleeping in pyjamas)(sorry I tried copy-pasting the actual post but apparently you can't put links through ask?)

ive been digging around and i dont know where to find it, all i know is that some people i follow were reblogging the full picture…

could someone help out?