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Do you know about good kidnap!au stories? I can't seem to find any

- his captive heart by etna is a really good one that’s yoonmin and jihope; it has a unique take on kidnapping in a fairytale au (wip) 
- amoris et sanguinis by sugamins ; yoonmin vampire fic
- god’s gift - 14 days by resonae ; yoonjin, namjin
- lockdown by nieljoee is a fic on my to-read list that has kidnapping as a central theme ; vmin
- charm me by kingkiwi ; namjin, fairy tale au kind of

i also know some fics with a kidnapping scene in them:
- the pushover series by error401 has kidnapping in one of the installments; yoonmin idol au
- the bulletproof men by losingwinner ; ot7 gang au 
- loverboy by gangbang ; vminkook ; also has a kidnapping scene

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Do you know any fake marriage themed fics? I can't find this particular one where Jim wanted to adopt a vulcan kid, but he could not cos logical vulcan parent was a requirement, so he ended up with Spock and then they divorced because of a misunderstanding but ended up bonded after all? Or any other good ones?

are you talking about this one? 

a sequence that you never learned by annataylor

“‘Spock,’ Jim breathes out, completely overwhelmed by the gesture—not quite believing that Spock knows him so well, that’s he’s already started researching, that he trusts Jim with a member of his own endangered species.”

When Jim gets it in his head to adopt an eight year old Vulcan, Spock presents a logical solution to the issue of Jim’s humanity: marriage to a Vulcan citizen.

THE MARRYING KIND by spicyshimmy

While on a diplomatic mission to Delta IV, Jim flirts too much; Spock discovers the only logical solution to avoid the complications of jealousy between ambassadors is to allow the inference that Jim is already spoken for; Bones gets stuck moving roses for the happy couple. Or something like that. ‘I’m still waiting for him to wake up one morning and decide he’s got to put us all in stasis and store our bodies in hollowed out torpedoes,’ the doctor said.

Love? Impossible! by andprosper

In order to keep the Enterprise, Kirk has to pretend to be in a relationship with Spock for a year.

Little While Lies by Reigen Doki

Or ‘The Benefits of a Vulcan Lover’. When Jim gets himself in trouble, Spock lies to protect him. Now they both have to deal with the consequences and figure out how to fix it. A fair amount of cursing goes on in this, sorry.

The Plan by Jonsdottir

Valentines suck. Jim decides that the only way to get rid of annoying propositions is to fake a relationship with Spock. Now all they have to do is get caught in a compromising position by someone in the crew so the word will spread. Piece of cake. Right?

For you I will wake by TheProblematique

Jim and Spock are tired and in denial of hearing rumours about their alleged secret burning passionate love for each other. So they decide to take action. Because the rumours are Wrong. Really.

Fuck It, Marry Me by infinitycats

Engagement AUs prompts based off a tumblr post! Based off: http://aangisdead.tumblr.com/post/117369540499/really-feelin-that-fake-engagement-au-aesthetic

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Could you tell me the code for the infinite background and the scroll down bar?,I can't find any good tutorials for that :( It's okay if you don't want to

I think the scroll bar is just an automatic thing? you don’t need to add it, and repeating backgrounds is also usually automatic in themes but you can look for “body{” and put a “background: {color:#something} url(‘something’) top left fixed repeat;” after that I think, but yeah usually it’s already there?

but if you mean endless scroll you have to look for it because I don’t use that