i can't find a good caption

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Real talk the first time i saw the Jake w/ frosted tips picture with your caption I just smiled and laughed like "nice quick edit Connor, haha" like, i could obviously tell you just swiped a light blonde over the original picture but then I saw like 5 people reblog it without any caption and I sat there staring like "this IS fake right, like, it's just an edit, that can't be his real hair?" and i had to google and find the original picture again to reassure myself ~different-than-good

YEA EXACTLY i created the mandela effect w jake dillingers frosted tips

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Could it be related to autism if I can't watch tv without captions or else I lose track of the conversations and story. I'll often find myself having to rewind parts until I hear it well enough. My hearing is really good but often I just get lost listening to what someone just said that I miss what comes after

That sounds like auditory processing disorder which is common in autistic people. With APD, the brain has difficulty processing incoming verbal speech. Often we can manage pretty well, but might not understand chunks of conversation, especially via electronic mediums like TV. 



every appearance ever in free! ES of background-character-mushroom-head-chan, also known as Kaito.

i live a sad, lonely existence, can you tell


EEEEEEEE! khirsahle sent me a birthday present of unmitigated levels of awesome. <3 

Meet the so-far-unnamed sloth, new mascot of the Plushie Young Avengers. Billy and Teddy (my birthday present last year from the Spousal Unit) are pleased.

(captions on the pics)

Thank you, thank you, darlin! I’m grinning like an idiot over here.

(and thanks to my mother, visiting from away, who got pressed into service for doll-posing and humoured me with good grace.)