i can't figure out who is who

Too late…

Dedicated to certain members of the skk discord group (you know who you are) who have been screaming for crying Dazai since weeks ago

p.s. I made my own insta (yulicechan) so don’t repost my art without permission anymore T_T

What the Battle for Mewni has Done to Our Sweet Children
  • River: Threw a rave every day to cope with the loss of his wife, then was flung into orbit.
  • Moon: Remembered that she had a deal with Grandma Satan after kicking it on the slime bunker for two weeks.
  • Eclipsa: Did you say, "chocolate?" Chocolate? Chocolate! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! CH
  • Ludo: Ask him to defeat a kingdom, he'll do it. A Wolverine with scales? No problem. But write in a book? Not in a million years.
  • Toffee: Concocted a twenty-five year plan to get his finger back, but can't figure out that he can just flip the bird with his /other/ hand.
  • Magic High Commission: Came back to life just in time to figure out who's going to be their new boss.
  • Yvgeny "Buff Frog" Bulgoyaboff: Continues to be the best dad in the show; fight me.
  • Glossaryck: Burns alive and then gets offended by the notion that he might be dead. Also, I'm not so sure about the "I don't have feelings" thing.
  • Marco: Joined the people who think @ ing Trump on Twitter counts as activism. BUT DID YOU SEE?? HER??? PUNCH???? THE THING???
  • Star: ["The Bitch is Back" plays on repeat for 10 hours straight]

My very first redraw, and it’s of beautiful Keith.

I hope you like it

If you like my work please check out more of it on this blog. I have a couple other voltron arts posted.

reasons to read radio silence by alice oseman

  • a contemporary realistic ya novel set in england featuring characters who actually sound and act like contemporary english teenagers!!! yes this is so rare that it does deserve three exclamation marks
  • a really refreshing critique of the social and academic pressure put on young people to go to uni, even if they’re not suited to it
  • a beautiful friendship between a boy and a girl who have a typically tropey meet-cute and then DON’T FALL IN LOVE
  • you know that feeling you get when your heart flutters over an adorable fictional couple? i seriously have FRIENDSHIP BUTTERFLIES from reading this book
  • four of the main five characters are lgbtqiap - including a bisexual protagonist whose story doesn’t revolve around romance and a canonically demisexual character WHO USES THE WORD
  • eta: also three of the five mains are poc!
  • It’s all about friendship and fandom and figuring out who you want to be and doing what makes you happy :’)

who’s it going to be? 


but it’s better if you do // panic! at the disco


❣️Because of the thorns
A beautiful rose 🌹 can bloom
Dark red flowers 🌺 it means I love you
Even if I bleed everywhere I wanna know you
Cause I think about you err-day
I’m already addicted to you❣️🎵🎵🎶


Maggie Sawyer Week June 5th to 11th

Day Six (June 10th): Maggie + Colors OR Wishlist (what you would have liked to see or would like to see in the next season)

 Wishlist: The Brotp to End All Brotps


Hc that Lloyd starts using that: fair? Fair isn’t a word where I come from qoute and adapting it to everything

Lloyd: straight? Straight isn’t a word where I come from.

Lloyd after morro: sleep? Sleep isn’t a word where I come from.

Kai looking Lloyd dead in the eye: nyaint? Nyaint isn’t a word where I come from. *rest of ninja nodding in background*

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you're a bad spirit worker if you can't talk to spirits

So I’ve been staring at this thinking I ought to just delete and disregard this but I figured maybe there’s other people out there feeling like they can’t be a good spirit worker because they can’t astral or they can’t communicate telepathically or empathically. So let’s handle this shall we?

In my opinion, the only bad spirit worker is the one who isn’t caring for their spirits, the one who disregards their responsibilities, the one who ignores the needs of those depending on them. Lacking an easy and tool-free communication method can make relationships strained depending on the spirit and spirit worker in question’s needs. But it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker for a couple reasons:

1) These skills can be learned and built upon. It takes time, patience, and a lot of effort but it can be done. For some it will be very hard and take a lot of time but it’s still a possibility. For those who desperately want to learn, give yourself the time to learn and grow and you just might find yourself developing clearer communication. Here is a nice guide for working on psychic communication

2) If for some reason you can’t build upon the skills, don’t fear as it isn’t required. As I said, the only bad spirit workers are those neglecting their companions. If you’ve got a companion who needs a lot of talking to feel fulfilled, you might want to say good bye to them for a while because it wouldn’t be right to keep them stuck in a relationship that won’t fulfill them. However, other spirits will be content with minimal communication and prefer just casually being around you as a form of time spent. Find a spirit whose needs match your own and your abilities to care for. 

With that said, communication is vital to a working relationship so you do need SOME way of communication. I rely almost entirely on divination and it works out okay.for me and for my companions. We all three wish that it was easier for me to communicate with them because they’d like to accompany me on outings and stuff and just chat. Divination tools aren’t exactly travel friendly. Sometimes divination methods are limited in what they can convey both in information and in tone. (Though that’s why I use shufflemancy so much as it can convey a wide variety of tones and emotions.) So yes, there are difficulties that come from the lack of ease of communication. But that just means I have to try harder and reach out more actively to my spirit companions and make sure their needs are being met. Things aren’t always smooth but I make sure they have what they need and that we do spend time together even if it’s just chilling and watching something on Netflix together.

Are there times where I desperately wish for a tooless form of communication? Yes. Are there times I feel lesser because I lack this ability? Yeah, guilty as charged. Sometimes I beat myself up a lot over these things because sometimes I accidentally overlook my companions’ needs since they have a hard time getting my attention when they need me. So yeah, sometimes I have been a sucky spirit worker because I haven’t been attentive enough. But that’s on me to find ways to work around this weakness of mine. And it’s also on me to, if it comes to it, accept if I can’t meet my companions’ needs. But so far I have been and the times we spend together have been joyous even if communicating that has taken more effort from both parties to achieve. But I will keep working at it for them. And if one is willing to put in the amount of work it takes to make things work then they’re deserving of the title of spirit worker whether they can communicate with ease or not. At least, that’s my view.

Today at the thrift store...

This man who looked about a thousand years old stood about 6-7 feet away from me while I was browsing clothes and said “Look what the modern world has done to a perfectly good young girl.”  I looked behind me to figure out who he was talking to but there was nobody and he was staring right at me.  He shuffled off after that leaving me to wonder what the fuck that was about.

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Can you usually tell somebody's functions by their vibe? (I mean, obviously not all of them and this isn't really a fool proof way to type people but yeah)

Yea kinda. 

chaotic neutral vibe –> tertiary Fe

normal spongebob vibe –> aux Fe

cuts uneccessary corners to save time –> dominant Te

always doing something with hands–> high Se

lots of blinking, speech starts and stops a lot, seems to always be speaking from a personal perspective –> dominant Fi

‘’potato’’ –> Tertiary Ne

quiet, not judgemental–> Dominant Ti 

and ENFPs just have a vibe…idk


McGee: Tony, what’s going on? Do you have a drinking problem?
Tony: No. No, I just I joined this men’s support group. Meets in the church hall two nights a week.
McGee: You serious?!
Tony: I know, it it doesn’t sound like me, but with the past year, I just wanted to shake things up a little bit.

So Tony is so messed up by his quasi-breakup with Ziva that he is essentially in therapy now.



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yeah i don't think its a flashback either. i just want to see it on 19, hopefully malec will be okay

YOOOOOOOOO I just remembered something! Remember that scene where Jace and Clary checked Izzy’s room?

Izzy had a photo of her and Max on her dresser and I THINK, they took it the same day of shooting (LOL) because Max was wearing his grey hoodie and though I can’t see what Izzy is wearing, I have a feeling she’s wearing her costume as well that’s why it wasn’t shown. 

ANYWAY. Setting aside the fact that they’re wearing the clothes they were wearing when it all went downhill- WHAT IF the photobooth photos are in photo frames in Magnus’ loft or in Alec’s office? WHAT IF those photos are Magnus or Alec’s phone wallpaper? WHAT IF there’s a scene of Magnus or Alec, fucking looking at the photo? MY GOD. I’M GOING TO LOSE IT.