i can't figure out the photographers

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whenever I see the 2016 rogue photos on my dash I'm always so shocked that it's more... homoerotic -I guess?- than I remember it. it portrays so much longing. like, I still can't believe those pics weren't accompanying a coming out article. even jared's quote that they put next to one of the pics!! "we thought we had the world by the balls and we quickly figured out that we did not" or something. holy shit, you know?

I KNOW!! The first time I saw those photos, I thought they were fake. Because there’s no fucking way two “straight, just best friends, that’s all haha” men would….look like that together.

They’re ridiculous and amazing and I LOVE THOSE PICTURES SO GODDAMN MUCH. Maybe the photographer was secretly also a tinhat? That’d be fucking hilarious.

Thanks for the message, bby! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks those photos look, as you said perfectly, completely homoerotic.

Fucking kill me.

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Why can't we have both! I'd love both. I'd have sung with joy if we'd had both, wouldn't it have been beautiful? But if you didn't realise it was the photographer 20 minutes before he said 'the photographer!' I'd be amazed. If you didn't know it was soldier before sherlock even jumped across the table I don't know where you were looking. It was dull, it was obvious, it was very sad. I miss my clever brilliant sherlock. I miss being surprised. The show I fell in love with is gone.

Really?  You didn’t figure out that it was A CABBIE in “A Study in Pink” like half an hour before Sherlock did?  It never occurred to you that the tagger in Blink Banker came in through the windows before the show told us? 

My clever, brilliant Sherlock is right here, more than he ever has been, and he is evolving into a more rounded man.  This has never, for me, as Moftiss have said, been a detective show, but a show about a detective.