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After weeks of procrastination blood & sweat & tears & endless complaints, this doujinshi is finally finished!  \(*゚∀゚*)/ \(*゚∀゚*)/ \(*゚∀゚*)/

My ramblings thoughts are on the Afterword page. Hope people enjoy this simple story! [rest of the pages under cut]

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i’m not ready to be taken yet

i’m turning 19 on the 21st…
at that point i’m supposed to act like an adult
but no i’m doing art for children’s shows
oh God i’m getting old help me


Did Syaoran just kick a stone snake in the face and break it? No wait, there are two of them. Did he just kick two stone snakes in the face and break both of them in a single kick?

It’s gotta run in the family, right? Kurogane will be so proud. 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Well, he makes a good point. 

What is he gonna do? Use magic


Felt pretty androg. today 👌 (they/them)

ifr0stbitez  asked:

Yeah! That scene.. There is more when Anna and the gang are going to the trolls, then the scene shows Elsa struggling to "control it." Another one I saw was when Elsa hugs Anna when shes thawed. I believe this is an act of symbolism, But What? Im guessing when she let her hair down in Let it Go. They keep putting her hair back in her chest to show to be true to yourself? I don't know.. What do you think?

There’s many symbolism in Frozen but I don’t think that would fall in the category. I mean, there is a meaning behind Elsa having her hair up and then letting it down. She’s opening up and she’s goes back to the hairstyle she has when she’s a little girl when she was in good terms with her powers. 

I went to look at this detail on the movie to check and it really has no symbolism to “being true to yourself” because if Elsa were true to herself she wouldn’t hurt someone with her powers like when it happens when she strikes Anna: 

And then at the end when she feels real sorrow for the loss of her sister after Hans tells her she’s dead, her hair is on her back because the blizzard blows her hair back. 

When Anna and Elsa hug, Elsa’s hair changes sides but that’s because of the movement, just like how it happens on the other scenes like at the dungeon and when the ice castle turns all red. 

I think it’s more of a fact of character design. 

are we really surprised that Connor came out before Jude though? The Judicorn made it clear from the beginning that he didn’t like labels, and he was fair more comfortable discussing his sexuality than Connor was. I do think it’s because he had the support of his family, but it also might be a personality trait (because we know he hadn’t always have it easy), Jude is strong enough that he doesn’t care about what people think, at the point that he doesn’t like Callie’s little speech about ‘living low key’ in season one. 

Connor, on the other hand, has been raised by a homophobic father had him fearing to even utter the word 'gay’. As a gay person, it must have been a nightmare to be forced to negate his own identity, to be taught how to ‘act straight’ since before he even knew what it meant . When Connor met Jude, he was well aware of the difference between ‘acting gay’ and ‘straight’ and i’m sure that he was very endeared by the boy who could go to school wearing blue nail polish and stand up to the bullies without blinking an eye.

The point is, Connor didn’t have the privilege of discovering his sexuality in a healthy environment, and in a perfect world we would all act like the Judicorn, not using labels, not judging and never caring about what people think. Nevertheless, the world portrayed in the show is very much the real world and Connor has experienced a side of it that we all know too well. Labels are important to him because they are to his father, and as much as i wish this wasn’t the case, that same label that his father made him fear is the only instrument that he has to stand up to him.

I noticed that people tend to misunderstand Connor’s actions with ‘confusion’ and ‘playing’, and so many times Jude has been portrayed like the pining gay boy with a crush on his straight friend. In reality, Connor’s situation has been clear for a long time. Yes, Connor was questioning himself, yes, he probably wasn’t sure of his identity when he first met Jude, but for a boy raised in a homophobic environment, he’s taken pretty big steps and i’m impressed on the beautiful development that the writers have made him go through. I don’t blame Connor for having kept dating Daria, I don’t blame him for having wanted to keep his and Jude’s relationship a secret, and I am certainly not surprised that he came out before Jude. Connor needed to make it clear, to his father and to himself, that no matter what he’s been taught, no matter how much of his identity has been negated before it could fully develop, he can’t hide who he is, and who he is can be defined with a specific label that does matter a lot.

#124 after a party
  • Harry: "Do you wanna come in?" You pointed to the house behind you, with a small smile. Harry who've you just met, nodded warily not entirely sure he should be following. "What about your boyfriend?" You bit down on your tongue, trying not to smile at your little white lie he believed. "It's not like I'm going to fuck you." You reassured, reaching out to his hand that swung by his side. Dragging him to the house, "What about your parents?" He pondered, god, could he doubt you any less. "Guess we'll have to be quiet."
  • Niall: The cops sirens are still blaring from outside the bar, you grabbed onto his arm, letting him lead you out. Alcohol still heavy on the both of you. "Mind walking me home?" You mumbled against his shoulder, where your head rested. Your hands fall down from his bicep to his hands, intertwining your fingers together, fitting perfectly in the slots. "Yeah." He yawned, squeezing your hand.Your feet might be still moving underneath you, but you were drifting off on his shoulder. He chuckled at your drunken state, before leaning down to pick up your legs to carry you all the way home.
  • Louis: After a party, you usually end up on Louis couch. Legs spread to straddle him. Hands going crazy in his hair, while your lips were molding together in pure lust. Both still heavily drunk from way too many shots but you could care less. Louis hands were traveling to ever region on your upper body. Landing on your bum, finally. Squeezing, you shrieked, then covering up your mouth. Louis chuckled from beneath you, attacking you with his lips, hands still firmly on your bum.
  • Liam: "Come on Li," You chuckled I to his shoulder, an arm around his waist, leading him to the taxi outside. "I can't feel my legs." He mumbled, his arm snaked around your shoulder. Holding onto you for balance since his feet were betraying him. Numbness spread all throughout his body. Way too many tequila shots were coursing through his system. "It's okay babe." You smiled, bitting on your lower lip to stop from more giggling bubbling through them. You opened the car door, sliding Liam in, soon following. "M' tired." He sighed. His head bobbing between the seat cushion and the window before settling on your lap.
  • Zayn: You find yourself sitting in a Waffle House. Zayn sitting across from you with the same messy bed hair, bags jutting out from under his eyes and he still seemed perfect. "Thank you." You smiled towards your waitress, setting the coffee down on the table. Zayn nodded towards her, in the beginning stages of a hangover. "Here." You sighed sliding over a pack of Advil. "You carry these with you?" Your scrunched your eyebrows at such a stupid question, before laughing, make your head hurt worse. "That's such a stupid question, now, stop being a twat and take the medicine."

anonymous asked:

Hey Adam, I know you get stuff like this a lot, and I'm sorry for asking. Also, please excuse my english, I'm still learning. But how dou yo cope with anxiety and depression? I don't know what to do, I feel alone, in a world where I don't belong. I feel like if nobody cared for me. I come to school and I can't shake that horrible feeling from my shoulders. I'm sorry once again, but I want to thank you, for listening and helping your fans, I don't know, I just wish you could be here with me.

If I was there I would give you a big hug, I know how that feels all too well. Life is hard, society is cruel, and nobody cares. That’s the way the world works. The key to being happy is looking all that bullshit in the face and not caring. You have to search within yourself for the light of happiness, surround yourself with things and people you love who encourage that flame within you, and focus on things that give you motivation and inspiration. No matter what happens, stay strong, keep an open mind, and be yourself. Fuck the haters.