i can't feel my hand omg


100daysofsurvivorvictim: Day 6

More Ohmwrecker and CaRtOoNz~ * u * Because I have an addiction with the mix of R6 & the conversations these two have♥ and that IG’s videoooo omg…  


So I was teaching…and then there was a break in questions, students were working quietly, so I decided to check Twitter. I saw that Phil had tweeted 12 seconds before so I quickly typed out a thoughtless reply that I thought was slightly humourous.

I get called by a student so I go over and help them out. No one else has a hand up so I return to my laptop. I see that @incaseyouart has sent me a FB message so I click to that tab and see her freaking out and saying something that doesn’t register in my brain. Why all the allcaps? Who replied? To what? Phil? Wait….WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? 

So I click over to Twitter and see that my notifications have blown up. Shakily, I refresh my Twitter feed and there it is. Phil Lester, AmazingPhil, the man who has stolen my heart, has replied to my silly little tweet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I’M IN CLASS. I CAN’T FREAK OUT. I can’t scream and jump and fall on the floor in a ball of tears. I exhibited the most restraint known to humankind by emitting a tiny inaudible whimper and then turned back to my students and started answering more questions as the hands went up, none of them knowing that I am completely shaken up, adrenaline rushing through my body, a feeling of elation flooding my senses.

The level of joy I feel right now is ridiculous. But I don’t care. It makes me happy and I refuse to not enjoy this because some people might find it trivial.  

My order from @ask-kimdaily came in!!!!! I’m so so sooo happpyyy it came sooner than I was expecting, such a great, beautiful surprise!! I got the PDF Days before so I’ve seen it all but somehow having it physically in my hands is such a more sweeter and beautiful feeling;; I got kinda emotional?? Anyway, thank u so much for all of your hard work and for Sharon with us your beautiful art and for making our days so much brighter! Expect a thank you surprise soon! 😉 love you 😘 #grandmasquad am'rite???

Be written into a comic!

So for uni I’m making a comic.

Except it’s actually just 5 imaginary friends with instagram accounts who live in a slightly retro-futuristic/vaporwavey world of a different time. Everything that happens is just instagram posts and comments, but all the posts are my drawings. They don’t know that they aren’t real, and their handles are:


It’s early days yet, but please feel free to interact with them!
They need friends…

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When I realized I was bi my one queer friend helped me through it. I then realized I had a major crush on her and pined hard for about 6mos before learning she was going on a date, panicking and calling her from four states away and confessing. Turns out she'd liked me for ages and was trying to keep it under wraps! That was 6yrs ago. We're married now, and she's still the dreamiest, we can't go anywhere without feeling the urge to kiss her hair and hold her hand. The End, bi me.

im gonna Cry this is the sweetest shit ever omg

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hey i keep replaying this verse in End Game over and over again because its incredible! "I swear I don't love the drama, it loves me. And I can't let you go, your hand prints on my soul. It's like your eyes are liquor, it's like your body is gold, You've been calling my bluff on all my usual tricks, So here's the truth from my red lips" omg so good!! but what do you think her 'usual tricks' were? do you have a favourite song or verse? x

there are SO MANY great lyrics in End Game!! 

i lovvvve the ‘your eyes are like liquor’ … she mentions his eyes numerous times, they make her feel some sorta way, don’t they? here they make her drunk. incredible way to tell us that ??!!! 

your body is gold. G O L D. there’s nothing richer than gold. There’s a definite theme of gold in the album.

i think but am not sure that her usual tricks are referring to ways to stay a little distant and not admit she was totally head over heels for him or admit her feelings right off bc that is right before she says ok here’s the truth and says ‘i wanna be your end game’. But am open to other interpretations cause im not sure

it’s really interesting how this song goes back and forth from perceptions to actual feelings. like lyric by lyric

I met Jon last night!

I went to the Tribeca Film Festival’s screening of the premiere of ‘Pilgrimage’ last night and to my surprise, Jon was part of the Q & A afterwards.  I was short on time because I had to make it over to a completely different theater for the screening of ‘Sweet Virginia’, but as I turned to leave my aisle, I see Jon standing right where I had to pass to leave.  He was talking to two people he knew, but I couldn’t miss my chance.   Quickly, I touched his shoulder and politely said ‘excuse me’.  He turned and we shook hands, I told him how great of an actor he was and that I was a big fan. He was so appreciative when he thanked me.  Then I went to walk away and he asked what my name was, and after I told him, he repeated it then said, “Hi, I’m Jon,” so sweetly (but Please! way to kill me, of course I know who you are).  I don’t even know what I said in reply, but then I touched his arm and just wished him the best which he sincerely thanked me again.  

It all happened so fast and the theater was still slightly dark so asking for a picture wasn’t in the cards, but I got (blurry lol) pictures of him at the Q & A!  OMG, HIS HANDS WERE SO SOFT!   And even though we all have heard it before or read it before,  just confirming what a total sweetheart he is.  SO gracious.  And to ask me my name even though I was making to leave, come on! I can’t deal with him. Honestly, so proud to be a fan of his. 

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I'm so happy idk I know this isn't like the place for it but I need to brag to somebody!!! I told my crush how I feel and she also likes me so she's my girlfriend now!!! But my mom doesn't know I'm gay so I can't tell her so it's a secret. Anyway we went on a date yesterday to the beach and it was lovely and she had a surprise picnic and when we left literal fireworks went off and we held hands the whole way back. I didn't get hand holding until then cus omg that's so nice!

aaaah that’s so cute congrats !!!! hand holding is the Best am i right or am i right ☺️💕

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So my parents have a big bed & my cat & I have a routine of jumping on it & rolling around together & me rubbing my hands all over his fur & imitating all his meows & purrs & sounds & i can't stop thinking of ghoul grumps Arin&Danny doin this help me

Arin sits there like dude?? what are you doing?? stop it?? But the more Dan tries to imitate him, the more inclined Arin feels to reciprocate. so hes suddenly doing the weird chirping sounds along with Dan w his eyes all big and focused omg

The signs during child birth:
  • Aries: GET THIS GOD DAMN PARASITE OUT OF ME- awe it's so cute! It's mine!
  • Taurus: oh fuck I can feel it oh somebody please hold my hand
  • Gemini: honey take a picture of us everyone needs to knoOOOOW ...ouch that hurt...I'm in labor!
  • Cancer: *crying* ow ow ow omg I can't push it hurts NOOO *still crying* that's my baby! That's my baby!
  • Leo: that was horrible I'm never having anymore kids *pregnant again three months later*
  • Virgo: okay, okay I can do this, it's just a baby, this is a part of li- JESUS FUCKING CHRIST
  • Libra: no, no, no, i can't I don't care how much weight I'm gonna loose when it's out.
  • Scorpio: *heavy breathing* just think about how you'll be able to shave your own vag again. How nice is that gonna be?
  • Sagittarius: there is a baby coming out of me I have created life I am amazing
  • Capricorn: happy thoughts, happy thoughts, dammit the doctor is cute and he gets to see me like this, fuck
  • Aquarius: what do you mean I can't push the pain medicine button again?
  • Pisces: I'm getting bad vibes from this nurse I can't do this Nope honey were going somewhere else

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IwaOi + "Bring me out from the prison of my own pride. My god, I need a hope I can't deny. In the end I'm realizing: I was never meant to fight on my own." ("On My Own" by Ashes Remain) ^_^

(Omg, but isn’t this just… them being teammates… DO IT TOORU BRING EVERYTHING OUT OF YOUR TEAM—this song is so dramatic!)

What kind of ace am I?

The question repeated itself in his head, turning into a sort of background hum. Hajime could still feel the pressure of his teammates’ hands on his back in silent solidarity, but he was alone now, and they were gone, and were they really teammates anymore now?

He sat up in bed, unable to dispel the dark cloud over him. Sleep wouldn’t come easy tonight. He’d eaten, showered, gotten ready for bed—but how was he meant to find the calm he needed? Was this why people turned to drink?

The buzzing of his phone distracted him from dark thoughts, and he answered on the second ring. “Yes?”

“Hey,” Oikawa said. His voice was relaxed, and Hajime had no way of knowing if he was pretending or not.

“Hey,” Hajime replied. “Why are you calling?”

“Hm. Well. Just thinking about things.”

Things. Things like the match. Things like their time on the court being over. “What things?” Hajime asked, though a part of him wanted to avoid the subject.

“I was just wondering—do you think Ushiwaka-chan looks more like a cow, or like a trout? Because he has a trout expression, but his actual face—”

Oikawa didn’t get to the end of the question, interrupted by Hajime’s bark of laughter. It was bad laughter—the kind that sort of wanted to be tears—but it was laughter nonetheless. Hajime held a hand over his eyes, curling around the phone. He quieted himself so Oikawa could finish speaking.

How could he have doubted that they were still a team?

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Okay but I ship T'Challa/Tony HARDCORE, and one of my favorite things to think about is when they get together they are on a date, and Tony goes to grab the check, only to have to snatched out of his hand and he is just shocked for a moment because he can't remember the time last time he DIDN'T pay. And T'challa is just like "I am the richest man in the WORLD. You are about to get so spoiled your head will spin" and proceeds to SHOWER Tony is presents and surprise get-a-ways and kisses.


Someone bein Tonys sugar daddy for once(even though its unnecessary… its just to make him feel loved) OMG


I want… I want at least three fanfics involving this…..

((I have to admit… my eyes were first drawn to T’Challa/Tony HARDCORE and I was like… ‘my days about to get very interesting.’ This ended up much CUTER and a lot better than I initially expected. LMAO))


OMG can I interpret this part as:

Hitsugi feeling guilty/ repenting/ accepting the face that it’s fine for Chitaru to be mad at her,

then Chitaru being a freaking psychic, holds her hand and tells Hitsugi she won’t say whatever kind of hurting words Hitsugi thinks Chitaru will say to her because of all the shit Hitsugi’s done.