i can't express the feelings i have for these two into words

hey my friends, i have to say a thing or two. first i can’t express how grieved and appalled i am by the Orlando shooting. i haven’t been able to gather the words yet, and this still isn’t enough. to everyone affected, know i’m praying for you and hurting with you, tho i can’t fathom how those directly involved must feel. please feel more than free to come talk to me if you need to. i’m not great with these things but I’m here, and I can at least send you cute animal videos. i will make sure to reblog some to help spread info on how to help the victims and their families (and i’ll do my best to avoid any posts that have misinformation, so pls correct me if i get it wrong). but also know I’m not going to excessively post about the incident, because as someone with anxiety i know how important it can be for tumblr to be an escape, and I need that myself, just as much as I want to provide that for my followers. i live in Texas, so I’m going to take any chance i can get to educate anyone who’s ignorant or hateful. and on that note here’s what I really want to say:

to my fellow aces\aros: i’ve heard whispers some of y’all are trying to make this about you. it’s not. please don’t.

to my fellow “Christians”\believers: if you can’t be understanding about this, just please shut up. this is where i’m not going to be so nice. if you’re going to claim to be a follower of Jesus and also be opinionated right now, then please come fight me and leave everyone else alone. your shit is idiotic.