i can't express my love for these two

Naughty or Nice?

I love drawing silly expressions. I love them even more when it’s a cute couple trying to play video games together. Although these two are literally together XD

I think Mark may be getting a bit frustrated :3

Speed Paint

You know, at first I was pretty bummed that there was no unobstructed kiss scene in the finale, but then…

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This scene showed that true love can be expressed in ways other than a kiss.

I love it.

You can understand someone’s point of view and not agree with it.

Brought to you by the two hour long “conversation” I just had with my mother. 

I said this to her at least three times.

She still doesn’t buy it. 


Okay game over Starco forever! it’s just everything about them I love it, I love this OTP and I can gush over it for days (and probably will.) because just they are just so perfect together