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Keys and Christmas Lights – Valentine’s day Sterek Dance!AU on AO3 (inspired by this)

Stiles’ fingers clenched in Derek’s hair, holding him with desperation as he stormed his lips. Derek reacted with a shameless murmur of appreciation, letting Stiles to slowly take control over his body. He felt this long fingers slipping out of his hair, stroking his skin with the same rhythm as Stiles’ biting into his lips. They ran gently through his shoulder, causing an involuntary shiver when finally slipped between Derek’s thighs, drawing him even closer to Stiles’ hot body.

“I knew…” Stiles said between one kiss and the other, “I knew you don’t like candles,” he whispered in a hurry. Stopping for a moment, he added with a warm huff, “So I used Christmas lights instead.”

For the fandom and for this extraordinary girl whose talent dazzles me every single time… yes, I mean you kala-fiorek ^^ and yes, she drew that amazing art!

  • Noodle: hey remember when my hair was blue lol
  • 2D: *glaring*

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Any chance you can explain the AIMH and chicken nuggets thing? I'm lost! And I can't seem to find anything that actually explains it...

LOL okay so some guy on twitter @’d Wendy’s and asked them how many retweets they’d need for Wendy’s to give them a year’s free supply of chicken nuggets. Wendys said 16 million. It became a viral thing and lots of celebrities and companies have been retweeting for him. He’s currently got about 1.8 million retweets.


So the Larries obsessed with AIMH are freaking out that he may actually dethrone their big and only Larrie accomplishment so are trying to @ him to tell him to stop because they won’t have his “nugget fetishizing” get in the way of their gay civil rights issue.

And that’s the story of how the Larries went to war over a tweet about chicken nuggets.

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How in ever loving god do you draw hair? For some reason I just can't perfect this somewhat easy task. (I know I could google it but I'm on Tumblr right now sooo I'll ask you instead)

Actually anon, you should’ve asked google because I never had a proper way with things 😂 but i’ll try to put a structure in my usually unstructured ways. 

Here we go:

So of course, start with the bald head! be sure to have the whole head so it’s easier to place the hair on it!

Now after we got that beautiful round head, we choose where “the parting area” will be.

There! now that we have it marked, start drawing the hair. All of them must be rooted from the parting area

pff they kinda look like antennas ahahahhaha ANYWAYS, TIP ON DRAWING HAIR GUYS. USE FREE-FLOW!! I’m not sure how to explain this but here’s a pic

Let your hand flow naturally. if you add too much pressure or too much control in the lines, they will look stiff! 

Next, if you are going to line art your hair. YOU  DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW THE SKETCH ENTIRELY.

Let your lines flow naturally, don’t trace your sketch! Tracing will make the line stiff.   

I guess that’s that guys…it’s probably a bit confusing but this is my first time making a how to so 😂😂😂 Also, btw, this is how i do it. But other artists probably have different ways lol. Hope it’s helpful *crie*

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You just killed me there sorry thank you so much


TOP 10 TV SHIPS  03. Luke and Lorelai

“I don’t think I ever really loved anyone. Until Luke.”

so remember a while ago when i was disappointed in my coworkers that i wasn’t signed on the paper and basically yesterday i was told that i didn’t deserve to be signed because i don’t understand the matter fully and that people who do statistics for papers don’t get signed on papers

i was also told about shit ton of work i’ll have to do for their other projects in the future without any promise of recognition and next week i’m having a private conversation with my boss in which i’m gonna tell him that i wish to be an equal part of the team and that constant putting down of my colleagues and treating me like some lowlife errand girl is very demotivating and that i have no ambitions spending my entire life planning treatments and carrying mail around and that my idea getting into this job was that i will participate in the research part of the job as well and i’ll demand to be included

i think i am at a point now where i need to stop being a better person in order to avoid conflicts and basically start talking back to people who are being assholes to me

friendships between mlm and wlw are the purest thing i’ve experienced in my life

all the sapphic ladies i’ve been friends with get so excited when i talk to them about cute boys even if they themselves don’t like men, it’s good and wholesome


This blog has reached 1k followers!

Truthfully, when I first started this blog I didn’t expect much from it, but I definitely do not regret my decision.

Joining the Tumblr community, I met so many amazing people and many I look up to, but what means the most to me are my followers.

I hope this blog will forever continue to grow with much more wonderful people.

Thank you all so much😭🌹❤️
  • What my parents say: You really need to learn how to work with the men in your field.
  • What they think they mean: You're too aggressive and need to tone it down. Your workplace will be filled with men who won't let you push them around like you do with your fellow women.
  • What they actually mean: Your workplace will be filled with men who have been told since college that every idea that pops into their mind is solid gold, while your female peers have been encouraged to accept all (not necessarily constructive) criticism. As a result, you need to avoid bruising these men's egos by carefully manipulating them into thinking your ideas are theirs while still taking credit for your work and moving up the ladder. Or marry rich. Good luck.

I believe there’s no need to introduce this masterpiece. You should totally go and see it if you’re ever in Paris. It’s breathtaking.

I said I was gonna revisit GD Lisa and I did. The first version was sloppy and I never posted it in high res. 

Me (after 13-hours straight of marathon studying): Anyone else’s brain feel like it’s been liquidated?

Some Rando in Study Group: No. I want to do more practice problems and and reading but there just isn’t enough time in the day to do all the studying I want to do.


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Buttergays: (n) the nauseated euphoria felt when you’re really gay.
In a sentence: I feel buttergays in my stomach.