i can't explain my love for them


TOP 10 TV SHIPS  03. Luke and Lorelai

“I don’t think I ever really loved anyone. Until Luke.”

And someone asked about you.

I told them I loved you.
But I didn’t tell them that you still had me even if I don’t have you.

Goodness, did I love you.

—  No One Told Me Remembering Is Worse Than Forgetting

I’ve got a post-Inquisition scene in my head and I wish I had any artistic talent because dang, it would look good as a picture. I could probably scribble a thumbnail, but that’s as far as it would get on my end.


“Love is not love which alters, when it alteration finds. When life gets hard, when things change true love remains the same. I look at Nathan and Haley, and somehow I feel safer. I don’t know if I can explain that but, they give me hope. And I’m afraid to say it out loud because maybe if life finds out it’ll try to beat it out of them, and that would be a shame. Because we all could use a little hope sometimes, you know? That feeling that everything is going to be okay and that there’s going to be someone there to help make sure of that. So here’s to Nathan and Haley, here’s to hope, and here’s to a love that will not alter.”

maimishou  asked:

(Jet don't look at this message.) I'm curious. Do you not like Kyoko? Based on your replies to Jet's posts it sounds like you don't and I'm curious as to why. Personally after the events of Rrbellion she's replaced Homura as my favorite.

I love Kyoko? I’m confused about this entire message, she’s literally my favorite and the girl with whom I have the most in common philosophically. I don’t mean to suggest Kyoko Did Nothing Wrong because lol, but no, I like her very very much. 

I just listened to my coworker explain Jesus seeds. 

Jesus seeds are candy corn, and when you eat them, Jesus’ love is planted and grows within you.

I asked what horror film this was from. She looked at me like I was crazy and said “Sunday school. It’s how we teach kids about God’s love.”

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First, it was those dating scandals, which are really nothing but crap, but I can somewhat understand but not accept since some people think they own the idols they love.
And now there’s labeling minsoo as a delinquent and judging him just because of his tattoos?! Seriously ?! How narrow minded can some people be? Yes forget how incredibly talented minsoo is and how he designed most of them forget that he’s an incredible leader and person who has a golden heart and judge him because of the ink and drawings on his body, which is his and only his.
Seriously, I don’t understand some people. Just take all your judging and negativity away from teen top; they only deserve love and happiness.


They give me so much life. Just the look of absolute love on their faces give me feelings I actually can’t explain really. Call me a cheesy cornball if you will, but these two are some of the best people I could ever look up to. This, I’m sure many could agree on with me. I love you Will and Kate. 


I didn’t need to actually see them to know, I just heard Takao’s voice and…

MY SHUUTOKU BOYS, I’M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU. I missed you so much, I saw you in your game against Kaijo but still, OH BOYS, I REALLY REALLY MISSED YOU, YOUR ORANGE UNIFORMS ARE SO WELCOME IN MY LIFE (?)

Also, looks like Takao and Midorima are finally themselves again. And I’m so glad, so glad to be able to see them they way they usually are again, without all that sadness in their eyes, in their voices. Takao teasing Midorima and Midorima’s usual reply… Welcome back, my dear boys. WELCOME BACK

don’t you ever just get this overflowing feel of happiness in your heart when you see at your bias group smile and have fun on stage? Then, you suddenly realise how much they mean to you and how much you love them and your eyes get a little teary and you feel all mushy inside.

if ABC can run a viagra commercial during OUAT then they can give us Captain Swan sexy times.

watching this show with my kids and honestly a love scene would have been less awkward that having to hit the mute button so i don’t have to explain to my kid what erectile dysfunction is.

(shit, i’ve already had the sex talk with them but that was uncomfortable)