i can't explain how much i love these two


TOP 10 TV SHIPS  03. Luke and Lorelai

“I don’t think I ever really loved anyone. Until Luke.”

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why do you ship vhope? Coz I can't really explain why I ship my ship.

hmm….that’s a bit of hard one for me too haha.

I think it’s because of their chemistry together and how they are just so touchy and happy when together haha. I also love how tae admires and is such a hoseok fanboy haha, and how hoseok adores tae. They’re two sunshines ^_^

Now here are some gifs of vhope cause you can never have too much vhope in your life~

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(here’s a prime example of how much hobi adores tae hehe)

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(another, though more recent example of hobi’s adoration for him~)

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before this gets too long, i shall wrap this ask up with one of my favorite gifs of them ^_^ my love for vhope is never ending~

Fairy Tail Parenting- The Talk
  • Natsu: You see son, when a dragon wants a child very much, he adopts one- but the kid's gotta be super cute
  • Lucy: When two people love each other with their whole hearts, they use a special bond to make a baby
  • Erza : It's called "sex" and it's very simple- you see ...
  • Gajeel: I never knew my parents... my dad was a dragon... Levy, you got this, right?
  • Levy: I'm not doing this. Here's a sexy magazine kid, it explains it.....
  • Evergreen: You want daddy and I to show you how we made you?;)
  • Laxus: *blushing* UMMMMMM.....WELL.... *cough* it involves...
  • Mirajane: Don't be a wimp, Laxie. Kid, your daddy and I had sex and he decided not to use a protection spell... and you happened.
  • Sting: Children are born from cuteness and rainbows?
  • Rogue: Intercourse. It's a messy unflattering process that results in small cute humans
  • Freed: That's not an appropriate topic, ask your mother
  • Bixlow: When a dude likes a chick he woos her and then whoohoos with her and boom ,a baby
  • Wendy: Grandina never told me about this.... CARLA IT'S YOUR JOB
  • Bisca: It's not, but we'll tell you the truth later
  • Gray: Shit I don't know how to tell you this, you're ten, is ten old enough?
  • Juvia: It's love that makes a child as wonderful as you
  • Lisanna: Well technically my first child was an alien magic cat ,and he hatched from an egg... so... you hatch babies?
We've watched Fanfiction! That's how good this episode was! Fanficion! We had it all, we had angst, we had tears, we had funny moments, walking on the beach, driving a convertible, a nice dress, goofy in love face, we had a glass of water on his face! Abbot explaining to Cho that they are NOT brother and sister! We had an amazing airport scene and we had a kiss! Tell me if that's not an amazing fanfiction we've just seen? I CAN'T WITH THESE TWO! I CAN'T!

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Can you explain the difference between singular and double consonants in Italian and how they are differently pronounced and how to differentiate between the two? I just can't get it! thank you! (also ps I love your blog soooo much!)

Hey, great question! The main difference is obviously in pronunciation. A double consonant would result in a longer/stronger consonant sound and a short vowel sound.

For instance cāne ~ cănne / āno ~ ănno / pāla ~ pălla, etc. If you have a single consonant, your vowel will have therefore a longer sound, and vice versa.

A correct pronunciation is really important and is required for an efficient communication, especially when you have similar words with different consonant sound lengths (anno/ano = year/anus). Check the link below for pronunciation.

Tiny imagine.
  • *imagine everyone back in the EF while princess Emma Swan is ready to become Queen.*
  • Snow: I can't believe this David. Our little girl is queen...
  • David: I know Snow. I can't believe it as well. I'm so happy about her. But...where's Emma?
  • Snow: she's in her room getting ready...
  • *meanwhile, someone enters Emma's room.*
  • Emma: I-I thought we...
  • Regina: You tell them or I will.
  • Emma: Regina... I.. was going to...but.
  • Regina: you tell them. Tonight.*disappears*
  • Emma: *thinking* how? I mean I love her more than anything. But I can't...the kingdom needs a king and a queen not two queens and...Shit I need to think of something...
  • *later*
  • Snow: David have you seen Emma?
  • David: There she is...but what is she wearing?
  • *Emma appears in front of everyone wearing a knight uniform instead of a dress. Everyone remains silent.*
  • Emma: I'll explain. I don't want to become a Queen. We have a Queen. I have a Queen. And I love her. So much. She once told me that I need to be her knight to protect her. And that's what I'm going to do. I love Queen Regina. And she does as well.
  • Regina: *cries and walks to Emma.* I love you my savior. Thanks.
  • Emma: I love you,too my Queen. Thanks as well.