i can't even with this beard


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So hi awkward question a friend asked if your armpit hair is also painted on (like your beard) I told her I don't think so but O don't know, are they? Not that it's in any way relevant. Cheers and goodnight

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(( OOC: Why is this so freakin’ funny!?!?!? 

Uh… Yes… that is my armpit hair… no…. I don’t paint on my armpit hair? *weeps* 

…. I can’t believe I’m posting gifs specifically to show my armpit hair. )) 


Da da da dum. My contribution to the Hair Discourse. Ha ha ha. 

I drew Bald Lance. I don’t know how I feel about this other than I like him with the beard better. I think he would grow a nice clean beard once he went bald. Mostly because I head canon that it takes Keith forever to grow one and it would be a competitive thing at first but then he’d actually like it and keep it. 


When we were at the hippopotamus exhibit (at the zoo), Bill was walking a few feet ahead with Mr. Jackson, Prince and Paris. They’d all seen the hippopotamus and moved on. I was hanging back with Blanket. He was straggling a bit because he was just so amused by this hippopotamus. He thought it was the greatest thing. Prince already had his dog, and Paris had just gotten her kitten, so Blanket thought he should get a pet too. He called out, ‘Daddy, I want one of those as my pet.’ The zookeeper and everybody, they all laughed. But I knew that little guy wasn’t joking. If they still lived at Neverland? I’m sure a hippopotamus wouldn’t have been entirely out of the question. With all the other crazy things we’d been asked to do, I half-expected Mr. Jackson to say, 'Guys, I need you to find Blanket a hippo.’ Instead, Mr. Jackson just humored him. He said, “We’ll have to see about that.”

The zookeeper said if Blanket liked the hippo, he could help feed it. They gave him some apples and he tried to throw them in, but he couldn’t get them over the fence. I picked him up so he could get high enough to toss one over. After he did that, I put him back down and turned around to follow the others. I didn’t take my eyes off him, but half a second and he was climbing up that fence, trying to get up on the railing so he could keep throwing apples in there. He was slipping around and trying to pull himself up. It was about a ten-foot drop down the other side. I had this whole scenario flash through my head. I could see the headlines: Michael Jackson’s Son Eaten by Hippo. I grabbed him by the shirt collar saying, 'Get your little ass down here before I lose my job lettin’ you get eaten up by a hippopotamus.’“-Javon Beard~Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in his Final Days

“You can tell Liam’s situation is different then Louis’s because of how Liam’s talking”

“Liam and Cheryl’s relationship seems wholly unsuspicious”

“There’s such a difference between this situation and Louis’s, nothing fucky to see here”

Right, I know the first person I call when I’ve been dating someone for three months is Dan Wootton so I can let everyone know that we’re trying for a baby. Then I’m going to go ahead and court pregnancy rumors by wearing potato sacks for months before I’m even pregnant, and make sure to time all of that promotionally, as is the non-fucky baby way. Glad we all have that cleared up. 

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I'm SCREAMING !!! You guys couldn't have predicted this album better: songs about Kissgate and the aftermath, lots of happy songs about a strong rs, shade at her beards, and even that one Diana song that I honestly didn't anticipate, and of course a few #nohomo (but so few I can't believe) !! Damn you guys are good!!

Thanks Anon. Once again: we’re a small fandom, it’s a team work & objective/mature reflections, many Kaylors here bring something to help assemble the puzzle :) 

And to be honest: considering the Kaylor aspect (us knowing the girls are still together) & Gaylor Swift’s history, Joe’s real purpose in the story “leaked” in tabloids in May (lol: hi @tree-paine ;) : him being basically a Kar lookalike + the low key/secret narrative : it couldn’t be more obvious there’d be Kaylor songs in Rep, happy & lovey dovey ones.

And then Black Out day happened (with a few nice clues) + the LWYMMD video & the AT&T commercial : crystal clear…

And with every new song, every new music video, new pics from the book (hello Rainbow dress), the Reputation prologue, etc etc …. 

The way she’s teasing us, she must be sipping white wine while lurking here, smirking a lot & thinking: “Buckle up my Kaylors, it’s just the beginning” ;) 

There are so many things now that i don’t know where to begin….Thanks for the Reputation masterpost @karlitakloss ,bc it’s going to be the biggest one…

I hope you guys will bring lots of rainbow flags at her concerts, bc damn she’ll love it ;) 


FUN FACT Matthew Daddario is incapable of sitting still at panels or he just fucking stares into the abyss and gets lost thinking about cows but as soon as a question comes he will answer with something sassy or sexy and I didn’t think I was capable of loving him anymore but he always has to be doing something with his hands wether it’s touching the table or playing with his fingers and it’s just wonderful to watch as is the friendship between all of them when they whisper in each others ears and giggle during the panel or Matt chimes in how terrible Clary is and how he’s the best character also he is even more beautiful in person his hair is fucking amazing as is his beard, also parabatri sat together :’)