i can't even with this beard


Despite having a tough season, he never looked better. He shaved completely only once - probably because for the Ferrari Aperta ad.

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So I commissioned this amazing Emperor Hux from the lovely @panda-capuccino . I love it! Make sure to look at it up close to see all of the stunning detail! Look how regal and handsome he is with his beard. Armitage the First? I wish I could be his consort …

anonymous asked:

I didn't even start to dislike her when she was bearding the first time. It's after she was allowed to open her mouth and show who she is I started to disdain her ignorant and racist ass. I wouldn't follow someone who stans someone like that.

yuuuup, that girl is awful. she treated lottie like shit, after the “break up” she went and said shit about louis and called harry names. not to talk about her shading babygate with “who’s the daddy” with that bridget jones thing and the wedding thing that she made fun of the tradition….like why the fuck i would stan a nasty person like that while calling myself a larrie?? it makes no sense….

 I just wanted that ET Online video with Danielle Campbell today and  was just like 

Did she just get an invite to a Variety event so she could talk more about baby Freddie then Louis ever has in the last several months? How does that even happen, by the way? How is it that a woman who is not the supposed parent of this baby ends up being the one to talk the most about him?

I think my favorite part in the interview was the irony of Danielle saying “I have  my job and he has his” (second favorite being the “I care a lot about him”, like how you’d refer to that co-worker at your job who you order Girl Scout cookies from).

She’s cancelled events for her own fandom, her own family runs a Lounielle update account - basically her primary job right now is to beard and play a part in a million dollar pretend baby conspiracy. 

Random thoughts in no order:

  • The long hair and the beard at the same time.
  • Height difference.
  • Sebastian looks so tan and Chris so pale.
  • Sebastian’s skin looks so smooth and soft it’s obessing me.
  • Sebastian smells like heaven.
  • Sebastian speaking Romanian.
  • Chris doing his first photo op ever with Seb??
  • Height difference.
  • Chris’ shirt is a blessing.
  • Seb’s thight, skinny black pants are also a blessing.
  • Sebastian being a real dork in the pictures and during his panel.
  • Sebastian apparently being a little shy? Around Chris?
  • They both look so good and beefy.
  • Height difference.

i can’t!!!

I just like….sit between his lap while he reads.

Listen he can drop down from the heavens and impregnate me shit!!!!!!

I feel attacked with this photo…..go so fucking attacked!

……..*internally screaming*

someone explain to me how

he manages to look this good.

with no beard and long hair

long hair with scruff


slick back hair no beard

short hair scruff



Here’s a finished drawing of therealjacksepticeye, sorry that it took so long >.<;; If you remember seeing a wip of this on twitter, xxx & xxx , that was also me (there’s a transparent one that you can use anytime if you want). Also, used my right hand as a reference (left handed) thus the right hand looks weird (Does it even go that way??? I don’t think that’s how right arms look like?).