i can't even with this beard

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So hi awkward question a friend asked if your armpit hair is also painted on (like your beard) I told her I don't think so but O don't know, are they? Not that it's in any way relevant. Cheers and goodnight

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(( OOC: Why is this so freakin’ funny!?!?!? 

Uh… Yes… that is my armpit hair… no…. I don’t paint on my armpit hair? *weeps* 

…. I can’t believe I’m posting gifs specifically to show my armpit hair. )) 

“You can tell Liam’s situation is different then Louis’s because of how Liam’s talking”

“Liam and Cheryl’s relationship seems wholly unsuspicious”

“There’s such a difference between this situation and Louis’s, nothing fucky to see here”

Right, I know the first person I call when I’ve been dating someone for three months is Dan Wootton so I can let everyone know that we’re trying for a baby. Then I’m going to go ahead and court pregnancy rumors by wearing potato sacks for months before I’m even pregnant, and make sure to time all of that promotionally, as is the non-fucky baby way. Glad we all have that cleared up. 


When we were at the hippopotamus exhibit (at the zoo), Bill was walking a few feet ahead with Mr. Jackson, Prince and Paris. They’d all seen the hippopotamus and moved on. I was hanging back with Blanket. He was straggling a bit because he was just so amused by this hippopotamus. He thought it was the greatest thing. Prince already had his dog, and Paris had just gotten her kitten, so Blanket thought he should get a pet too. He called out, ‘Daddy, I want one of those as my pet.’ The zookeeper and everybody, they all laughed. But I knew that little guy wasn’t joking. If they still lived at Neverland? I’m sure a hippopotamus wouldn’t have been entirely out of the question. With all the other crazy things we’d been asked to do, I half-expected Mr. Jackson to say, 'Guys, I need you to find Blanket a hippo.’ Instead, Mr. Jackson just humored him. He said, “We’ll have to see about that.”

The zookeeper said if Blanket liked the hippo, he could help feed it. They gave him some apples and he tried to throw them in, but he couldn’t get them over the fence. I picked him up so he could get high enough to toss one over. After he did that, I put him back down and turned around to follow the others. I didn’t take my eyes off him, but half a second and he was climbing up that fence, trying to get up on the railing so he could keep throwing apples in there. He was slipping around and trying to pull himself up. It was about a ten-foot drop down the other side. I had this whole scenario flash through my head. I could see the headlines: Michael Jackson’s Son Eaten by Hippo. I grabbed him by the shirt collar saying, 'Get your little ass down here before I lose my job lettin’ you get eaten up by a hippopotamus.’“-Javon Beard~Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in his Final Days

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Emma was really mean to Isak during the party scene when Isak sees Even kissing Sonja. Don't get me wrong she has every right to be upset that he used her as a beard, but still idk I feel like she's being a bit unsympathetic with the whole it's 2016 get out of the closet. I can't even imagine how difficult it is for someone to get out of the closet but idk I felt like she was unsympathetic about it, and then she goes on to out him which is just plain unfair.

halla anon! :)

NO, she is not very nice, at all! and i guess that’s not the point either. BUT, i think it’s very realistic and shows how well julie did her research. 

actually, let me give you some examples! one of the girls in the podcast “sammen om skammen” (a norwegian fan podcast) said something very similar in one of the earlier episode. that she couldn’t understand why it was such a big deal for isak to come out, because it’s 2016 and he goes to a city school in oslo, where being gay is widely accepted. i also saw many similar comments on the skam page, both on isak’s trailer (“i don’t think it’s that interesting to see a story about a gay boy, it not a problem being gay in 2016” etc.) and during the first weeks of the season (like “obviously, jonas isn’t going to have a problem with it, why can’t he just tell him”). probably mostly ignorance from otherwise ok people (which had my blood boiling a lot of times let me tell you).

but the interesting thing is how this so drastically changed throughout the season. the most liked clip from not only s3, but all of skam, is vært litt spess i det siste, where isak comes out to jonas. and the comments there were so nice and positive and talking about how isak was brave and jonas was great and people sharing their experiences with coming out. and obviously i can’t be sure that those were all the same people as before. but in the case of that girl from the podcast, i specifically remember her reacting to emma’s statement (which was very similar to something she has said weeks prior) with something along the lines of “that doesn’t matter, isak has to decide that for himself, when he is ready!!!” and they were all very vocal about that in the podcast. so i think julie (and all the people that have advised her) are really good at pointing out our prejudices and misconceptions, and addressing them in a way where people actually learn something, without feeling like they are being “taught a lesson on what is right and wrong”. which is so great!! (and i can’t wait for it in s4, it will be glorious, i can feel it!!)

as for the outing, i can’t really agree with myself on how harshly we should judge her on that! because how different was what she did really from what noora and eva did?? or sonja? based on what we know, it’s very hard to tell, and i’m not sure i want to demonise her based on that. however, i wish the show had taken the time to emphasise how outing someone is a really hurtful and potentially dangerous thing to do! 

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My 18 year old friend recently got engaged to a 28 year old neckbeard and i can't believe how much she's change because of it. She went from being very kind and tolerant to being essentially a female neck beard. This dude got fired from his job for making rape jokes about his female boss. It just sucks that she thinks his behaviour is normal!!

i’m 24 and the thought of dating an 18 year old or even just thinking about how i was six years ago….there’s so much potential for abuse i hope your friend will be ok

So I commissioned this amazing Emperor Hux from the lovely @panda-capuccino . I love it! Make sure to look at it up close to see all of the stunning detail! Look how regal and handsome he is with his beard. Armitage the First? I wish I could be his consort …

  • Revan: What exactly do you wanna know?
  • The Exile: Simple: what have you all been doing since the Star Forge?
  • Revan: Everyone adjusted to the peace and quiet different. Some of us were naturals.
  • Jolee: Don't hate the player.
  • Carth: Canderous got hopelessly depressed after not dying heroically on the Star Forge!
  • Canderous: Usen'ye! Baseless slander!
  • Carth: But you said—
  • Canderous: I am hopelessly depressed after not dying heroically on the Star Forge! We need a new enemy! Something to fight...where are you all going?
  • Revan: Canderous wasn't the only one having a hard time adjusting to inaction...
  • Bastila: ...What?
  • Carth: Fortunately, we found a tutor.
  • Bastila: Help me, Jolee. Help me be the best at being lazy.
  • Jolee: You're not ready, padawan.
  • Bastila: I can try!
  • Jolee: No. There is no try.
  • Juhani: The peaceful times did not last too long. Turns out this planet has some native lifeforms.
  • Mission: AAAAHHH, RUUUUN!
  • Zaalbar: <I CAN'T DIE AS FOOD! OH, THE IRONY!>
  • Bastila: While everyone debated if dying as food was technically ironic, T3 went and made friends with the dinosaurs.
  • HK-47: Annoyance: Because of course he did.
  • T3-M4: <Aw, who's a good boy? Aw, you are, good boy!>
  • Revan: T3, get down!
  • Canderous: Tell him to fight me!
  • Mission: Whoopsy-daisy!
  • Carth: Oh-ho, why, oh-why-oh-why?!
  • Mission: I told you! It was a simple mishap with my vanilla-satin scented candles! Sheesh!
  • Canderous: We lost eighty-percent of our rations in the fire, so fuzzy over here started going around and eating native plants!
  • Zaalbar: *walks up to a mushroom* <Oh, hey there, sexy.>
  • Carth: Oh, and as it turns out? The mushrooms are basically glitterstim ON GLITTERSTIM.
  • Zaalbar: *untranslatable, coked-up roaring*
  • Revan: Yeah? Well at least I didn't spend my summer learning Lehonese!
  • Bastila: I thought "Lehonese" was Rakatan for "Rakatan".
  • Revan: And now we're the only two people in the universe who speak a dead language! How appropriate!
  • Bastila: Yehone kuriba. (I'm so alone.)
  • Jolee: That's right around when we tried to raise some money for new bases by selling off our movie rights.
  • Carth: Lucasfilm really screwed the pooch on that one.
  • Mission: Oh, we were rich!
  • Revan: And then we realized water parks were way more awesome than bases!
  • Bastila: So we built the galaxy's greatest...water park.
  • Non-Bastilas: Yay!
  • Bastila: Yay.
  • Canderous: AND THEN MISSION—
  • Mission: Whoopsy-daisy.
  • Mission: I didn't burn down the whole water park! Just the "park" part!
  • T3-M4: <And then we formed the best band ever!>
  • Bastila: Juhani thought it might attract...chicks.
  • Juhani: Which worked.
  • Carth: Godspeed! You Galactic Emperor!
  • Juhani: AeroSith!
  • Carth: How about deadg1zka?
  • Revan: Hey, I heard you're looking for a singer.
  • Juhani: Um, yes! Chick singers are awesome!
  • Carth: Can you sing, though?
  • Revan: Can I sing?
  • Juhani: Revan sings. So good.
  • Revan: Thank you.
  • Carth: Oh, and we're definitely not just saying that because she could kill us.
  • HK-47: Strained: So. Good.
  • Mission: HK decided to make his own enemy, so he built an evil droid army to invade our valley!
  • Jolee: But the droids malfunctioned and attacked the dinosaurs.
  • *offscreen dinosaur-droid battle occurs*
  • Carth: I have seen some amazing things in my life, but this...this takes the cake.
  • Revan: Candy found a new enemy. One that would keep him busy for the rest of our time here.
  • Canderous: For far too long our people have been oppressed, crushed, under the weight of ourselves! If we don't start standing up to our mortal foe gravity, by Mandalore, who will?
  • Bastila: Are we really going to let this play out?
  • Carth: Why not see where it goes?
  • Canderous: Buckle up, Wookiee! It's time we take this fight to the enemy!
  • Zaalbar: <Please no.>
  • Canderous: Chaaaarge! *drives swoop bike off a cliff*
  • Juhani: But that just meant the light side had one more swoop bike than the dark side.
  • Canderous: Gentlemen, we simply cannot let the light side have tactical superiority over the canyon! This means war! Light. VS. Dark!
  • Zaalbar: <Shit.>
  • Revan: That helped us realize just how outdated this whole light side-dark side thing really is.
  • Carth: So we had a meeting to debate a new form of government.
  • Jolee: I vote anarchy.
  • Canderous: You can't vote anarchy, old man!
  • Bastila: Monarchy. Whoever holds the yellow double-bladed saber shall rule.
  • Canderous: Military dictatorship!
  • Revan: Matriarchy.
  • Mission: Oh! How about malarkey?
  • Carth: Mission, that's not a type of government. It just means meaningless talk and nonsense!
  • Everyone: ...
  • Carth: Malarkey won.
  • T3-M4: <Hey, you haven't mentioned the dark place!>
  • Mission: Oh yeah! Somehow T3 got stuck in another dimension!
  • T3-M4: <Hello? Anyone there? THIS IS AWESOME!>
  • *looking at the "Stranger Things" Christmas light wall*
  • Carth: "Beep". He just...keeps saying "Beep".
  • Revan: Oh, and we found Candy dead!
  • Mission: Sweet.
  • Juhani: We decided to bury him in a shallow, unmarked grave.
  • Canderous: Aw, dammit! I can't find my armor!
  • Revan: Turns out he was just...skinny-dipping.
  • Canderous: Guess I'm going au natural! Nice and breezy!
  • Bastila: AAAAAHHHH, RUN!
  • Carth: OH, THE IRONY!
  • Bastila: But that wasn't even the weirdest thing that happened! Canderous. Grew. A beard...
  • Canderous: It's kind of...itchy.
  • Mission: And then this morning Revan spiked Bastila's couscous with her spice-spice shrooms!
  • Revan: You know, for the lulz.
  • Bastila: Ochina wumma conbithki!
  • Canderous: Anyone seen my tanning oil?
  • Revan: Dammit Canderous, we have guests! Put some clothes on!
  • Carth: Oh ho, Cheap Jedi Mind Trick!
  • Juhani: Pink Droid!
  • Canderous: SUCK IT, FORCE!
  • Revan: It's been AWFUL! Instead of a peaceful retirement, it's been the same damn shit, with the same damn idiots!

Argh I’ve been Absent and this isn’t even full colour (she’s half done but is currently buried somewhere in the mountain of stuff I have left to unpack) but HERE IS THIRA my special favourite queen being presented to the court of the Iron Hills when she was due to wed Dain.

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Honestly, they sounded so ugh I can't even tell the lyrics. What song are they singing again?

They sang Total Eclipse of the Heart. And, as per the usual with anything Team Beard touches, neither of the two goals of that video were accomplished. 

1. She still cannot sing and no one is going to sign her to a recording deal. Singing karaoke with someone who was in a musical TV show for 5 years and has starred in two Broadway shows just highlights how horrible her voice is.  

Perhaps a little training would further this goal, but no, she wouldn’t and couldn’t do that- that would require work. She rather sit on a stool and look smugly at Darren as she destroys yet another song.  Sad for her that’s not how the industry works. And I suppose lucky for us as we would never want to unleash her “talent” to the world at large.

2. I mean how are they saying he is straight? Cause straight Darren not only did not show up in that video clip singing the duet, he didn’t show up at Coachella at all. And honestly, did not even try.