i can't even with how she's just sitting in her own little world

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Austisic!Peter and MJ. MJ knows Peter's autistic because of all the subtle things he does. Like, she's super observant and stuff so she knows when he's getting overstimulated or when he needs something to stim with. She doesn't mention it, but she has a shit ton of stim toys and super soft pieces of fabric in her bag (under all the books to kinda hide them). I love the idea that she knows he's Spiderman and she always gives Spider-Man something to stim with if she sees him.

the first time mj notices it is during their sophomore year of high school, when she’s watching him during band practice. she watches everyone, sometimes to draw them, sometimes so she can mimic them, sometimes just bc she feels like it. but she likes watching peter the most. he makes her head calm down a bit, like how it does when she listens to music or when she opens a brand new hardcover book.

he’s sitting there holding his triangle (what a nerd, who plays the triangle) looking focused on when exactly he should ring it. he’s tense all the time lately, and he’s always pulling ned aside to talk about “big bird” whoever that is. but then suddenly flash comes up behind him and plays the trumpet directly into peter’s ear. anyone would jump at that, and peter definitely jumps. but what catches mj’s eye is what happens when everyone is laughing, when peter sits down and people kind of stop focusing on him. he drops his triangle down and shakes out his wrist, he quickly hits his hand to the side of his head and closes his eyes really tightly.

it’s a familiar thing to look at. mj doesn’t hit herself, but she gets that urge sometimes when she’s trying to keep her meltdown at bay. when she can feel the sensory overload and the overstimulation trying to take her over and she wants to push it back down, and sometimes she’ll feel herself wanting to physically hit it.

she goes back to reading, but she only really begins paying attention to the plot of the book once peter appeared to calm down. then she felt calm again too. before they go she slips one of her stim toys into peter’s bag when he’s up putting away the triangle, and she doesn’t say anything when she sees him quietly playing with it the next day.

the second time she notices is late into their sophomore year towards the beginning of summer vacation. peter is sitting on the subway after class, probably on his way home. he’s seemed happier lately, it radiates off of him. apparently he got his stark internship back, and he’s even regularly coming to decathlon practice again. mj tells herself that she only cares about his decathlon attendance, she is the captain after all.

mj is sat behind him on the subway and she hears him muttering to himself. again, this is normal for anybody to do. but he’s writing in his notebook, and he’s making funny sounds. she peers over his shoulder and sees a bunch of formulas and spider doodles and science jargon and then leans back into her seat.

peter loves science. LOVES science. everybody knows that. they all go to a science school, but peter’s the only one she really knows who actually gets dreamy eyes when he talks about astrophysics and chemistry, and he can talk about it for hours. literally, hours. and right now it’s clear that his love for science is standing strong, he’s in his own little world right now. mj can hear him making happy squeaks and it feels familiar.

when she finds herself delighted she usually makes noises, happy trills and squeaks. neurotypical people give her funny looks when that happens, it’s annoying and rains on her parade. it isn’t as if she can even help it, and she doesn’t understand why it’s so weird. she tries to keep those noises in, but they still come out when she reads a particularly good passage in a book. and that seems to be what’s happening to peter. his shoulders tense everytime a happy warbled squeak comes out, and he begins scribbling more furiously into his notepad

he looks over his shoulder to see if anyone’s heard him and then startles when he sees mj sitting there. she raises her eyebrow at him and he blushes and turns around, and she can see him begin to bounce slightly in his seat.

mj goes back to reading but in the back of her head she feels things popping up. spider doodles in peter’s notebook. talking about a big bird with ned. dropping out of all his extracurricular besides decathlon. the whole incident in washington DC. she doesn’t know why she’s thinking about it, or why she knows that it’s all related. or even how she knows it’s related. she just chooses to read instead. if she slips another stim toy into peter’s bag, well, that’s out of her control.

the third time mj notices is during the summer. and it isn’t really with peter, at least not the peter he wants her to know about.

she’s at a small shop at around eleven at night, dressed in pajamas with her bag slung over her shoulder and a pack of hot cheetos in her hand. and then suddenly the shop is being robbed, and a gun is being pointed at her face. and her mind disconnects. her head is equal parts chaos and calm, thoughts are rushing around her brain but they’re going so quickly that it almost feels as if there are none. of course this is how she’s gonna die. of course she’s gonna fucking die in a corner shop at 11:07 pm in her flannel pajamas all because she wanted a bag of hot cheetos. of course that’s –

“you and i have to stop meeting like this,” peter chimes in, swinging into the shop and kicking the robber in the face. the gun falls onto the floor. “oh, my bad, you aren’t the criminal i thought you were. you guys really need to stop wearing masks, i can’t tell you apart.”

but oh wait. that isn’t peter. that’s spider-man. but that’s definitely peter’s voice. huh.

mj breaks herself out of her head and runs towards the gun on the ground just as the robber reaches for it, and she stomps onto his hand before he can grab it. the guy screams and mj just shoves her boot harder onto his hand.

“we make a great team!” spider-man cheers, shooting some webbing onto the guy’s legs

a few quips and thwips later and the robber is being seated into the back of a cop car. mj is sitting on the curb of the sidewalk munching away on some hot cheetos. and spider-man is walking up to her.

“you okay?” he asked, voice strained tightly.

“mhm,” mj hums. she’s pretty sure that she’s okay. time will tell. “are you?”

spidey startles. “of course i am, it’s my job, i love this stuff!”

“just because it’s your job, and just because you like it, doesn’t mean you’re okay.”

spidey kind of shrugs at that and sits down next to her on the curb. “i’m okay, just a bit shook up. he had a gun pointed at your head.”

“yeah,” mj sighs. “want a cheeto?”

they sit in a comfortable silence while they share the bag of cheetos, neither really wanting to talk but neither really wanting to leave each other. mj notices that spidey keeps shaking out his wrist, keeps bringing his hand up to his face to tap harshly at the lenses of his mask. she reaches into her bag.

“here,” she says, shoving a stim toy into his hand. “this one can be chewed on and pulled apart, it’s really neat. don’t worry, i haven’t chewed on it at all so you’re good to go.”

spidey gawks at her, mouth falling open. his lips are really red from the snacks. “um…. thanks. do you give these to everyone?”

mj pops another cheeto into her mouth and chews quickly. “nah, just you.”

spidey leans against her side and begins to aggressively pull on the toy. “thanks, mj.”

she decides not to point out that she never gave him her name.

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Could you do a Jeff Atkins imagine of being Clay's twin sister and a good player on the girls soccer team and like Monty and Bryce keep harassing you because you're good looking but you can't stand them because they're jerks and Jeff comes to you're rescue when they get aggressive because he considers Clay and you friends and most of all he likes you (and you obviously like him back)??

title: i am lying in wait

word count: 1143

note: it took me writing this fic to realize how much i actually love jeff atkins he’s a cinnamon roll can i just like……. save him……….

Most of the time, attention had never bothered you. In fact, you were used to having all eyes on you. Being one of the best players on the Liberty High girls’ soccer team had proven time and time again that having people notice you all the time just came with the skill. You could, however, discern which attention was unwanted.

High school boys, for the most part, were really fucking stupid. You’d come to this conclusion on your third day of freshman year when Bryce Walker and Justin Foley had come into school smelling of weed and obviously very high. You made a mental note to never get involved with a boy until you were out of high school and into the world of college; you changed your mind when your twin brother, Clay, introduced you to Jeff Atkins, a boy in your grade whom Clay had met in his World History class.

Three years of flirting with one another had led nowhere. It was obvious that you liked Jeff and he liked you back, but it never happened. You were too shy to say anything to him about it and he wasn’t sure if he could bring it up on his own, so there you were, stuck in an endless flirtationship.

Soccer practice was always during the same time basketball practice was, but the basketball players were always done and out before the soccer kids were. You were running defense drills when the boys showed up to sit in the bleachers that lined the field; Bryce and Montgomery were there, as usual, with those shit-eating grins ever ingrained on to their face.

“Looking good, [Name],” Bryce shouted after you.

“Hell yeah, babe! Those shorts are extra short today,” Monty added.

If your face hadn’t already been burning from the effort you were putting into today’s practice, you’d be flushed from embarrassment. Thankfully, your coach came to your rescue the first time, yelling at them to not distract her players. It kept them from making remarks for a while until she left to get some more soccer balls from the gym to practice passing.

As the remarks went on, they grew more and more aggressive. It was obvious these guys were creeps, they always had been, but it made you feel like shit when they objectified you like that. You had to focus extra hard on passing to your partner to block out the comments. Nevertheless, they persisted.

Jeff was just leaving the library, his backpack slung carelessly over his shoulder as he made his way to the soccer field. He always stayed for your practices so he could drive you home and talk with you. Tutoring with Clay was getting done just as the coach was clearing the field, telling the girls to rest up for the game that weekend. He could have sworn he’d be able to hear those sickening catcalls from two of the biggest jerks on campus from three miles away.

As the bleachers came into view, he could see you seated on the very edge of the bottom row, your head down and your eyes focused on switching into a more comfortable pair of shoes instead of your cleats. Bryce and Monty had moved to sit in the two seats above you, and it was clear you were as uncomfortable as could be. With no signs of the two stopping, Jeff approached.

“Come on, [Name], we just think you’re really sexy,” Bryce was throwing down endless nicknames that made you feel worse by the second.

“Hey, Jensen!” Jeff called, smiling brightly in your direction; he could clearly see how relieved you were when he showed up. He grew closer and you stood up, focusing your attention on him instead of the two assholes behind you in the bleachers. The baseball player wrapped a protective arm around your shoulder as he glared up at them. “These guys giving you trouble?”

“Just a little,” you said, shrinking against his side.

“Aw, come on, babe. We were just complimenting you,” Monty supplied, a sickening smirk on his face, one that mirrored the one on Bryce.

You wanted to fold in on yourself, melt into a puddle right there on the sidelines, do anything that would get you away from the two basketball players who made your life a living hell when they were around. What they said was gross, something that really shouldn’t ever be said, yet here they were, clearly making you uncomfortable.

“Listen, de la Cruz. She’s not your babe. I suggest you stop treating her like she’s some piece of meat you can have. She’s clearly uncomfortable with what you’re saying to her and it needs to stop. Learn how to treat a girl and maybe you’ll finally get one,” Jeff retorted quickly, his free hand clenching into a fist.

He didn’t even wait for them to respond; they looked dumbfounded. As they stared, Jeff grabbed your duffel bag, slung it over his other shoulder and coaxed you to his car, a sympathetic look on his face.

“Sorry if what I said back there seemed possessive or something like that,” he apologized as he tossed your bag in the back seat and opened the passenger door for you. “I just know that they’ve been harassing you for a while now and I was getting really mad about it.”

“Thanks. I didn’t have the courage to tell them to stop and even if I did, I don’t think they would have taken no for an answer.”

“It’s no problem.”

The car was silent as Jeff pulled out of the student parking lot. You turned to look at him and rested your hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently.

“Seriously. That was really nice of you to do for me.”

He didn’t turn to look at you, but you could see the smile that pulled at the corners of his lips as you spoke your second thanks. When your hand pulled away from his shoulder and you looked back to the road in front of you, his right hand reached overs to grab yours.

“It’s not right that he was calling you babe and all that. Those are reserved for, like, boyfriends.”

You raised an eyebrow and glanced at him out of the corner of your eye. “Really? Are you trying to tell me something, Jeff?”

The blush creeped adorably fast onto his cheeks and you giggled quietly, intertwining your fingers with his.

“Am I?”

“You know, if you wanna call me nicknames like that, I’m okay with it.”

The roses bloomed an even deeper shade of red, adorning his cheeks with an adorable flush that made him look heavenly in the golden sunshine.





“You think if we go to Rosie’s right now, we could consider it a first date?”

“Gonna ask me out, Atkins?”



Disney Lyric Starters
  • [ Classic, modern, golden days, you name it, i got it. Feel free to change pronouns etc. Also this is a looong post]:
  • "Some day, my prince will come."
  • "Some day, we'll meet again."
  • "Some day when spring is here, we'll find our love anew."
  • "And soon you'll find you're dancing to the tune."
  • "There isn't any let up. I hear them calling, calling."
  • "Every time she/he'd find a minute, that's the time that they begin it."
  • "They always keep her/him hopping."
  • "She/He goes around in circles till she/he's very, very dizzy."
  • "They have stars in their eyes."
  • "Side by side with your loved one, you'll find enchantment here."
  • "The night will weave its magic spell when the one you love is near."
  • "This is the night, and the heavens are right."
  • "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?"
  • "Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?"
  • "How many wonders can one cavern hold?"
  • "I want to be where the people are."
  • "I want to see, want to see 'em dancing."
  • "Flipping your fins, you don't get too far."
  • "What would I pay to spend a day warm on the sand?"
  • "Sick of swimming. Ready to stand."
  • "And I'm ready to know what the people know."
  • "When's it my turn?"
  • "I can see what's happening, and they don't have a clue."
  • "With all this romantic atmosphere, disaster's in the air."
  • "She'd turn away from me."
  • "He's holding back. He's hiding."
  • "Why won't he be the king I know he is, the king I see inside?"
  • "Love is where they are."
  • "If there's a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I've already won that."
  • "No man is worth the aggravation."
  • "Honey, we can see right through you."
  • "It's too cliche. I won't say I'm in love."
  • "I thought my heart had learned its lesson."
  • "You keep on denying who you are and how you're feeling."
  • "Get off my case. I won't say it!"
  • "I steal only what I can't afford."
  • "These guys don't appreciate I'm broke."
  • "I can take a hint, gotta face the facts. You're my only friend."
  • "I'd blame parents except he hasn't got 'em."
  • "Tell you all about it when I got the time!"
  • "I think I'll take a stroll around the block."
  • "Let's not be too hasty."
  • "They're quick, but I'm much faster."
  • "Barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly."
  • "Both a little scared, neither one prepared."
  • "Finding you can change, learning you were wrong."
  • "Certain as the sun rising in the east."
  • "There's something sweet and almost kind."
  • "I wonder why I didn't see it there before."
  • "Who'd have ever thought that this could be?"
  • "True he's no "Prince Charming"..."
  • "Who'd have guessed they'd come together on their own?"
  • "We'll wait and see a few days more."
  • "What I love most about rivers is you can't step in the same river twice."
  • "To be safe, we lose our chance of knowing."
  • "Can I ignore that sound of distant drumming?"
  • "Is all my dreaming at an end?"
  • "For a long time we've been marching off to battle."
  • "Our aching feet aren't easy to ignore."
  • "Think of instead, a girl worth fighting for."
  • "I want her paler than the moon with eyes that shine like stars."
  • "It all depends on what she cooks like."
  • "Bet the local girls thought you were quite the charmer."
  • "Yet the only girl who'd love him is his mother."
  • "Whatever you do, I'll do it, too."
  • "Show me everything, and tell me how."
  • "It all means something, yet nothing to me."
  • "It's all so close, and yet so far."
  • "I wanna know. Can you show me?"
  • "I wanna know about these strangers like me."
  • "Why do I have this growing need to be beside her?"
  • "Come with me now to see my world."
  • "Don't you disrespect me, little man!"
  • "You're in my world now, not your world."
  • "And I got friends on the other side."
  • "Sit down on my table, put your minds at ease."
  • "I can read your future. I can change it around some, too."
  • "You come from two long lines of royalty."
  • "I'm a royal myself on my mother's side."
  • "Your lifestyle's high, but your funds are low."
  • "Mom and dad cut you off, huh, playboy?"
  • "You've been pushed around all your life."
  • "Won't you shake the poor sinner's hand?"
  • "I hope you're satisfied, but if you ain't, don't blame me!"
  • "All that time never even knowing just how blind I've been."
  • "At last I see the light, and it's like the fog has lifted."
  • "If she/he's here, it's crystal clear I'm where I'm meant to go."
  • "All at once everything is different now that I see you."
  • "Come on, let's go and play!"
  • "I never see you anymore."
  • "We used to be best buddies, and now we're not."
  • "I've started talking to the pictures on the walls."
  • "It gets a little lonely, all these empty rooms."
  • "People are asking where you've been."
  • "They say "Have courage," and I'm trying to."
  • "We only have each other."
  • "It's just you and me. What are we gonna do?"
  • "Okay, can I just say something crazy?"
  • "I love crazy."
  • "I've been searching my whole life to find my own place."
  • "I've never met someone who thinks so much like me."
  • "Say goodbye to the pain of the past."
  • "We don't have to feel it anymore."
  • "Can I say something even crazier?"
  • "I've been staring at the edge of the water for as long as I can remember."
  • "Every road leads back to the place I know where I cannot go."
  • "It calls me, and no one knows how far it goes."
  • "I can lead with pride. I can make us strong."
  • "I'll be satisfied if I play along."
  • "What is wrong with me?"
  • "But no one knows how deep it goes."
  • "If the wind on my sail on the sea stays behind me, one day I'll know how far I'll go."
  • "Now I know I can be happy as a clam because I'm beautiful, baby."
  • "Scrub the deck and make it look shiny."
  • "I just love free food."
  • "Ouch! What a terrible performance!"
  • "You don't swing it like you used to, man."
  • "Send your armies, but they'll never be enough."
  • "You try to be tough, but your armor's just not hard enough."

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i'm so so so sorry for bothering, i just absolutely ADORE YOUR BLOG. LIKE HOLY HELL, YOUR BLOG IS THE REASON WHY I GO ON TUMBLR. ITS MY FAVORITE BLOG, WHY AREN'T YOU FAMOUS FOR THIS BRAH. but i do have an ask! how about an RFA + V + Saeran reacting to the MC fluently playing an instrument? i understand if you can't but it would really make me happy if you could! 🖤

A/N: You totally aren’t bothering!!! Don’t ever think that!! ^^ BUT OMG WOWOWOW REALLY??? US?? THIS BLOG?? YOUR FAVOURITE?? ARE YOU SURE??? i am but a lowly 404;;;; ~Admin 404


               -He could hear this faint, whimsical sound through his headphones but he had no idea where it was coming from??

               -Until he took off his headphones to ask you about it and heard it 10x louder

               -It sounded.. magical! Soft and airy, he had no idea what it was though?

               -He found you sitting in the shower, holding some sort of long, metal thing in front of your mouth and his head tilted to the side like a confused pup

               -“MC? What is that? And why… are you sitting in the shower with it?”

               -You quickly got embarrassed and set down your instrument, trying to look busy with your sheet music

               -“I, um,” you started to turn bright red, knowing you’ve been found out. “It’s called a flute. Lame, I know, but I’ve been playing since I was younger and really liked it more than the others. I even got into a symphony with my playing… and as for sitting in here, well.. the acoustics are better in here. It sounds nicer to my ears than if I were to practice in the living room. Oh god, did I bother you? I’m sorry, I can just-”

               -He cut you off (and lowkey scared you) when he jumped into the shower next to you, excited as all hell

               -“Sorry? Sorry for what! When you play, it sounds just like the fairies in LOLOL! Wait, can you play music from LOLOL? MC! If you can, you’ve got to teach me! I want to play it too!! Look at it!!”

               -He picked up the flute incorrectly and you could feel yourself cringing, trying to pry the instrument from his hands before he broke a key or lost one of the pads. He turned it into a game and you had to chase him around the house just to get your pride and joy back from Mr. Destructive


               -You never told him where you were going later at night sometimes and it scared him to death

               -What in the world were you doing?? Seeing someone else?? What if you were out and about and something were to happen to you?!

               -So, he decided to wait up for you the next time you took off

               -You turned on the living room light and practically jumped out of your skin when you saw bright red eyes looking up at you from the arm chair

               -“Ah, hi MC! Would you like to tell me where you’ve been tonight?” he stood up and walked towards you as you stood there, trying to get your heartbeat to calm down. That’s when he noticed you were holding a large… and oddly shaped case

               -He pointed to it and looked at you quizzically, expecting an answer

               -You sighed, “It’s my saxophone. I’ve been going to this coffee shop Jaehee recommended to me so I could play some shows. I missed playing my baby and just had to get it out of my system!” you raised the case to your chest, rubbing it gently, giving him your best pair of puppy dog eyes hoping it would get you out of trouble

               -He looked at the ground and you couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but before you could ask, you hear his voice dip low and ask you, “Saxophone? You play… the saxophone…?”

               -You made a noise of agreement and jumped again when his head shot up to look at you, stars practically in his eyes. You’ve never seen him this excited for an instrument in your life and it was actually pretty cute?

               -“MC! The saxophone is one of the smoothest sounding instruments… so jazzy… so… sexy? Oh god, MC, you’ve got to show me how good you are. Right here, right now. Play a private show just for me- you might get one in return” wink wonk


               -The two of you decided to add a live musical element to your coffee shop!

               -But you also really… wanted to be a part of it. It had been so long since you picked up your ukulele and it had been killing you

               -The musicians who played your shop were really good, but you wanted a little kick! You wanted some upbeat music! Something that was soft but kickin’!

               -So, you signed yourself up on the list.

               -Jaehee looked down at your name and tried to find where you were hiding so she could ask you about it, until she saw you up on that small stage

               -You were strumming to your heart’s content, singing just as happily, your eyes closed and your face the brightest she’s ever seen it

               -People surrounded the stage, moving slightly to dance along, but nothing too extreme

               -She absolutely loved it! It was must softer than a guitar but had a strong enough sound to get people on their feet

               -From then on, you decided to follow her around with it, playing her own theme music whenever she felt stressed, because you knew it would make her happy, and you’d get to hear that precious laughter again

               -10/10 you play her Disney and Steven Universe songs because?? They’re short and cute?? And it makes her fall in love with you even more because you’re a total dork


               -He was already playing a complicated piece on his piano when you walked into the room and sat next to him, laying your head on his shoulder light enough he could still move his arm around

               -“Hello, love. What are you up to?” He asked, pulling his hands from the keys so he could grab your hand instead

               -“I was enjoying hearing you play. That piece requires a partner, right?” you asked, feeling him nod to agree with you

               -“Yes, but I’ve never played with a partner. I just play it as best as I can without one”

               -You sat up and stretched your fingers out, placing them on the keys as he raised an eyebrow, questioning you

               -“Well?” you prompted, “You need a partner, and now you’ve got one. Come on! You start, sweetheart.”

               -He shook his head to clear his confusion, as he started to re-play his piece

               -When you started to play the partnering piece flawlessly, he was so shocked that he kept messing up his own keys until he gave up and watched you dumbfounded

               -“I never knew you could play the piano… much less as flawlessly as you do. And here I was, trying to sway you with my skills- in the end, you have won me over with yours instead”

               -You felt your face turn a crimson red before he kissed the side of your head, smiling against it gently before turning back to his set of keys. “MC, I won’t let you distract me this time, shall we try again?”


               -He could hear banging and crashing from outside of his computer room and he immediately got concerned for you

               -What if you were trying to get a glass from the cupboard and everything else fell down on you??? That cupboard is unstable! Not.. saying that it… happened to him before, or anything…

               -He ran out towards the source of the noise to see Saeran sitting on the couch with his electric guitar in hand, and you banging on a set of drums

               -Skidding to a stop, he looked at you like he was a deer in the headlights

               -He watched as you smiled in determination, keeping the beat of the song loud and steady, passionate enough to get a little sweaty from it, but you didn’t let that stop you! He stood and stared as he took in every feature of your face and every little movement of your hands, arms, and upper body. You were shining in a way he’d never seen you- and he didn’t mean from the sweat of course

               -When the two of you finished your song, Saeyoung practically scream and both you and his brother jumped out of your skins


               -He laughed and apologized, but he explained how amazing you guys sounded! You were so in sync and the beat you created was amazing! Definitely the kind of beat to get someone up and raging

               -“OH! Wait!! You guys!!! I can play with you too! Wait right here!”

               -He ran back in and furiously started to play his small, shiny triangle until Saeran threw a couch pillow in his face and called him an idiot


               -He was relaxing, listening to a wonderful violin piece, waiting for you to join him

               -Until the song ended… and he could still hear the soothing sound of a violin?

               -As he was looking for the source, he stumbled upon you standing on the balcony, holding an almost pristine violin in your hand, playing it softly as you swayed back and forth, spinning along as you played as well

               -You looked like an angel to him, accompanied by your own heavenly music and he couldn’t look away

               -Hearing the shudder of a camera, you opened your eyes to find him just putting down his camera and smiling warmly at you

               -Without another word, he left the balcony and you in complete confusion. Where was he going? How could he leave the room like that and not say another word? “How rude!” you called, hearing his laughter approaching the door again

               -“I’m sorry,” he apologized, pulling his own violin into view, “Would you allow me to accompany you on another piece?”

               -You started to play one of the love songs you know, smiling as you heard the hum of his violin joining you in perfect time, matching note for note, harmonizing like it was heaven

               -The both of you seemed to open your eyes at the same time to look at each other, laughing at yourselves

               -The two of you took turns playing your favourite love songs, or songs that reminded you of each other until the sun started to set. “MC,” he started as he pulled you into his chest, kissing the top of your head, “I must say, this is definitely my favourite way to relax. Can we do this again?”


               -You ate the last bit of ice cream and now he wouldn’t even look at you

               -“You’re being a kid, Saeran! I can get you more ice cream!”

               -All he did was pull his 3DS closer to his face, signaling that he was ignoring you

               -Having enough of it, you decided you were going to get his attention one way or another

               -Pulling out your amplifier and your baby that he didn’t know about, you placed the amp on the table close to him, plugging in the guitar and turning it up as loud as it could go

               -Foot up on the table, guitar in hands, smirk on your face, you were ready to get his attention. You raised your arm and

               -You. Just. Started. SHREDDING.

               -He practically jumped 3 feet into the air off of the couch, scrambling to catch himself, he clutched his heart and stared at you with his eyes wide enough it’s a wonder they didn’t pop out of his head. You turned the amp off and put your hands on your hips, shifting to stick one side of them out, a blank emotion on your face

               -“Hi. Are you going to listen to me now?” You asked, taking your guitar off and placing it gently on the couch

               -The moment your hand left the guitar, he practically tackled you to the floor, attacking your lips and the side of your neck with kisses, no words exchanged for a solid 20 minutes. Who knew he was into guitarists?


anonymous asked:

Could you write Neil waking up and finding Piper sleeping between him and Andrew? 🙏🏼😭

my dear, precious, lovely anon. i was in the process of writing something else when you sent this ask, and let me tell you, i dropped EVERYTHING to write this immediately. thank you. i definitely got carried away with it. also on AO3.

send me prompts :)

Andrew wakes with a small start, silent as always. Memories of hands and teeth are thankfully fading away as he takes in his surroundings, dragging himself back to the present. He hears Neil’s soft breathing to his right, feels Sir’s claws slightly digging into the skin of his leg, sees the blob of fur that is King tucked against Neil’s side.

His heart rate has now returned to normal, but there’s no way he’ll make it back to sleep. Not after that particularly unpleasant dream. He navigates to the edge of the bed without waking Neil and managing to annoy Sir, both of which were on his to-do list. Andrew quietly walks to the door and pulls it open, casting one last glance over his shoulder to make sure everyone is still asleep. Silently congratulating himself for a clean getaway, he steps into the hallway, remembering to leave the door cracked on his way out. It was Neil’s idea, not only leaving the door unlocked but cracking it open as well. Andrew still isn’t completely comfortable with it, but he understands the necessity.

He pads through the apartment, aiming for the kitchen and the glorious distraction of hot chocolate. It has been his go-to comfort for years, and it always makes him miss Bee. He resolves to call her tomorrow to check in. It’s been too long.

Halfway there, he hears a small cry coming from the room at the end of the hall. His steps speed up as he makes his way to the door, knocking tentatively once he’s reached it. There is no answer, but he can still hear the barely-there sounds of distress coming from within.

He slowly opens the door and steps inside, eyes landing on the sleeping little girl fiercely clutching a purple rabbit to her chest. Her face is turned into her pillow, like she was unconsciously trying to muffle her cries. She is shaking, her body tense from head to toe.

Andrew keeps his distance, knowing full well how varied her reactions can be. “Piper,” he says. Then again, louder when he gets no response. “Piper.”

She jolts awake, eyes flitting around the room in fear until they land on him. She breathes out a sigh of relief and flops back down onto her pillow, rabbit tossed aside. “Thanks,” she says, bravely smiling up at him like all is right with the world now. Who she’s trying to convince, Andrew isn’t sure.

He doesn’t reply but moves toward her instead. He silently extends a hand, and she studies it for a moment before reaching out and taking it, letting him pull her from the bed and out of the room.

Andrew leads her into the kitchen, turning around to pick her up and place her on the counter. She starts kicking her legs back and forth, hitting the drawers on every downswing. He absently thinks that this should annoy him. It doesn’t.

He has just put the almond milk on the stove to boil when she says, “Did you know that almond milk was really popular during the Middle Ages?”

Andrew stops. Turns around. Stares at her for a moment. “We’ve been letting you spend way too much time around Kevin,” he says dismissively, putting his attention back to the task at hand.

Without even looking at her, Andrew can feel how hard she rolls her eyes. It reminds him of Neil. “At least Kevin watches stuff other than Exy and Jeopardy.”

Andrew swings back around immediately. “Excuse me? Did I or did I not sit through all eight Harry Potter movies last weekend?”

“Well…” she falters for a moment, then lifts her chin in defiance. “You didn’t like it, though,” she points out. “And the whole time, you were just complaining about how Dad and Harry are basically the same person. Something about an ‘idiot hero complex’.” She’s got him there, and she knows it. Dammit.

He inclines his head in acknowledgement and mutters, “Touché.”

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Kalagang #10

1x12 I Can’t Leave Her

Already final episode? Oh, wow. Well, here we are. Last Kalagang moments of season one. I had fun rewatching all of their scenes as well as analyzing the development of their beautiful relationship. And I can’t wait to write more about Kalagang moments in season two! Hope you guys enjoy season finale post.

Previously on Sense8, Wolfgang and Kala had their first kiss. But even after Kala admitted her feelings towards Wolfgang, he still went to see kill his uncle.

Original post [x] @willgorsksi

And so far, he’s doing fine…I should say, until he finds out – actually Will tells him – Sergei was wearing a bulletproof vest and more of his men show up to kill Wolfgang. There’s no place to run, he’s out of bullets…he begins to think ‘this is it’. Not surprisingly, Wolfgang thinks of only one person. Kala.

Original post [x] @kalagang

He visits her, instead of letting her visit him. I think Wolfgang didn’t want her to see or be in his violent world…even if nothing would actually hurt her. Wolfgang lets out a heavy sigh. He doesn’t want to say what he’s about to say. He is not sure if he could even look into her eyes when he tells her that he’s about to die.

Kala obviously senses his emotion. Fear also takes over her body.

Original post [x] @sensatesgifs

He’s almost panting when he looks at her and says he’s come to say goodbye. I think in that moment, Wolfgang was more scared of not being with Kala anymore than of dying.

The way Tina delivered that line was so on point. Kala is like ‘really? seriously? you couldn’t come up with less reckless plan than THIS? and you still decided to go to your uncle after what I did to stop you? I even let you kiss me!’

Wolfgang: How was I supposed to know he’d be wearing a bulletproof vest? Who wears a bulletproof vest in real life?

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

One of the many things I love about these two is even in the most serious and life-threatening situations, they create this strange mood of romantic comedy. And I’m sure when Wolfgang said that line, most people were thinking ‘dude, you carry a rocket launcher in the back of your car. I mean, who has that in his car in real life?’ Hmm. LOL.

Kala: [What are you doing?] I’m not like Sun, I don’t know how to use my fists, but…that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight.

This is the moment when our little innocent Kala shows her badass side. I love that she took the courage to be in that dangerous and violent environment – places where she wouldn’t dare to go – for Wolfgang. To fight for him.

Original post [x] @stilesbanshee

And Wolfie is definitely turned on by badass-Kala. He’s thinking ‘I thought I knew the reasons of loving her, but nope, this woman is full of surprises and I’m starting to love her more.’

There is no doubt, no fear, no hesitation in her voice. Only the determination to save Wolfgang and love towards him.

Original post [x] @stevenrogered


Original post [x] @alyciadebnamcareys

I just wanted to put this GIF because it’s Wolfgang in the fire. The fire – more like an explosion – which was created by Kala. This image sort of made me think that this fire, symbolizing Kala, has protected Wolfgang. However, we soon find out that fire meant something else to Wolfgang in his past.

Original post [x] @reyskywalkker

Wolfgang reveals to Sergei that it was none other than Wolfgang himself who killed his father, Anton. Wolfgang strangled him to death, but what made Anton Bogdanow completely disappear from the world – from Wolfgang’s life was the fire. So, in a way, fire might have been something Wolfgang hated for it recalls the memories of that day. Maybe not. One thing for sure is that fire is the last memory Wolfgang has about his father.

But we all know that fire means something different to him now. It makes him the warmth of the sun he felt with Kala on the rooftop of Ganesha’s temple, a bonfire she walked around in her wedding, and the light inside of Kala that makes her shine and beautiful…but also reminds him that he is the darkness.

Wolfgang: [Oh, God. Why?] You know why. You always knew. And still, you did nothing. […] You said…your blood is in my blood. So is his.

Original post [x] @sense8gif

Here, we really get to see a monstrous side of Wolfgang. The monster that was created by his own father and himself. Feels no remorse. Heart filled with pain and rage. Only the darkness exists in him.

Wolfgang: My father was a monster. And so are you. And so am I.

Original post [x] @fyeahwolfiekala

When Wolfgang says ‘and so am I’ you can see the sadness has consumed him for a moment. It just shows how much he hates himself for who he is – the exhaustion and despair after God knows how many times he tried to redeem himself.

Original post [x] @sense8sgifs

Sadness immediately turns into anger as Wolfgang pulls the trigger. When Wolfgang shoots Sergei, to me it felt like he was thinking of someone. He was shooting as if the person sitting on that chair was Wolfgang himself.

When Wolfgang killed his father, he hoped this monster inside of him would go away. However, it didn’t happen. Instead, when he grew up Wolfgang realized he became just like his father. He is so desperate to get rid of his monster, but still can’t find a way. And I think that’s another reason why Wolfgang looks so furious because he knows no matter how many times he kills off monsters like Anton, Steiner, and Sergei, it won’t get rid of the monster inside of him. It would only make him more like them.

Wolfgang: That’s why you have to marry Rajan.

Wolfgang thinks she deserves happiness – something he cannot give her, at least that’s what he thinks. He believes he will always be that monster. The darkness that she’s afraid of (Kala said she couldn’t sleep with all the lights off in 1x07). He thinks he doesn’t deserve her.

Another reason why he tells her to marry Rajan is – Wolfgang has never experienced this kind of feeling to anyone until Kala. And as much as it makes him feel alive and different, he is also scared. He’s afraid he might get hurt by this unfamiliar emotion. (Max Riemelt also mentioned this in Facebook live session)

Moreover, after showing his monstrous side, Wolfgang knows for certain that Kala will never be able to look at him the same way as before. So Wolfgang decides to push her away first, because he thinks he won’t be able to stand her rejection.

Original post [x] @ladyofglencairn

But what Wolfgang didn’t know is that Kala’s feelings towards him are stronger and deeper than he imagined. Wolfgang may think she cried because of fear and disappointment; when in fact, Kala was actually crying for him because she felt his pain. If Kala was truly disappointed by Wolfgang’s monstrous side, then she’d have looked away. But Kala never takes her eyes off of him because she still sees something beautiful and good inside of him. She feels his love towards her as well as her love towards him.

Kala: [We have to wake her up] [How?] [I don’t know] I do. Set her down.

(@tidesandtowers​ thanks for pointing out this scene for me!) This is not Kala and Wolfgang’s interaction, but when Will tries to find a way to wake Riley up, Kala appears to help them. Kala seems she was still crying and trying to recover from what happened between Wolfgang and her – more likely the pain she shared with Wolfgang. She talks to Will in a quavering voice. This highlights how much Wolfgang means to her – how much his presence has grown in her heart.

Original post [x] @amanitacaplan

I thought it’d be nice to put the ending scene. Always gives me chills. Besides, even after he pushed her away, Wolfgang appears right next to Kala. What can I say? KALAGANG IS THE ENDGAME!

Bookworm Nesta/Cassian Modern HC

 - Usually, when Nesta reads, Cassian has noticed, she retreats to the small section she had claimed the library in their small apartment. They have a small window seat, which Nesta has decorated with pillows, that overlooks a small park underneath and is surrounded by shelves making it convenient for Nesta’s book. And of course, she had added a chair for Cassian for whenever he wishes to join her.

 - Cassian has always loved to watch her read, watch the little tell tale signs on her face when a scene was getting brutal or quite the opposite. 

 - Nesta has always begged him not turn into an Edward Collins - “Cassian the last thing we need is for you to turn out to be some overgrown vampire bat that just loves to stare creepily at me.”

 - Deep down Nesta loves it and the bastard knows.

 - One day Cassian has returned late from work (somewhere around 2:00 AM) and the first thing that greeted him when he opened the door of the apartment was the sound of crying. Low hiccups. And he instantly knew who that sound belonged to.  

 - Nesta was sitting in the window seat, weeping quietly, a book clutched to her chest. 

 - It always amazed him how the girl who could kill someone with a glare, is also the girl who weeps over fictional characters and books. But he knew his Nesta now, he knew that even though she may not be the most open person or the warmest, when she loves, she does it with all her heart and so passionately. It may take someone years to earn her love, but when he does, he knows that the love he just received will never be extinguished. 

 - Cassian made a quick detour to the kitchen where he mad a cup of tea before making his way toward her. She’s still clutching her book when she looks up at him, tries to wipe away her tears quickly but Cassian was having none of it. He placed the tea on the small table beside the chair that Nesta had longed proclaimed was his before he picked her up and places her in his lap whilst he sat on the chair.

 - “What’s wrong?” he asked as he stroked her back, willing her with his eyes to tell him what happened so he can ease her worries.

 - And with that Nesta hides her face in his chest as she starts telling him about the story, small hiccups causing her to stop every now and then. The way she talks about her characters, as if they were real and alive, always baffles Cassian. But by now he knows that for this short period of time they were real to her. 

 - She must have spoken for hours because by the time she was done Cassian could see small rays of sunshine breaking the stillness of the night sky. Her mood had changed since two in the morning and by then she was smiling tiredly looking at Cassian the same way he always looked at her when he thought she didn’t notice him looking.

 - And with as much force as she could muster she rose from his lap to place the book back on the shelves before grabbing his hand and directing him toward their bed. 

 - The last thing Cassian remembered before falling asleep was Nesta’s lips on his cheek as she whispered how much she loved him. And he realized then how lucky he was to have fallen in love with a girl who reads. Because he may have lost her for a few hours then to her own world, she always comes back to him. She takes him to unforgettable places, giving him the most colorful imagination know to human, and when she comes back, she always comes back a bit stronger and more Nesta.

 - And he could not have asked for any better.

Can I Call you Dad?

Summary: Y/N is Jensen’s adopted daughter, who also happens to play Dean’s daughter on the show. It’s obvious that you two love each other, but Y/N is holding back from being a part of the Ackles family.

Warnings: swearing maybe?, angstyness sort of, FAMILY DRAMA!!!(duh duh duh)

A/N: ok so as of late I’ve been obsessed with adopteddaughter!reader fics and tbh I haven’t written one (I don’t think?) so I decided to give it a go! Feedback is welcome, and thanks for putting up with my writer’s block as of late.




@bluecookiesandbooks (hmu hon- your tag hasn’t been working in a while😢) @thecoffeestudyblr




Three months.

It had been three months since Y/N had been adopted into the Ackles family.
To be honest, it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Her family was awesome, her job was amazing, and everything seemed to go well. But that was the problem. Everything seemed to go too well.

So she shut down. Her initial excitement had been worn off and replaced by stony silences and an absence that sent her parents-

No. She couldn’t call them that. Not when they could have had better.
There was no doubt in anybody’s mind that Y/N and Jensen were practically father and daughter. Not only did she play his kid on Supernatural, but she also shared many of his interests. They were like two halves, and the adoption process only made it more like they were a family.

Y/N really wanted to be a family with them, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that this was some big joke, big mistake. No way the Ackles family would want her.

“You need to talk to her.” Danneel blocked Jensen’s way to the kitchen, making him jump. She smirked a little.

“Damn it, Danneel,” Jensen muttered. “What?”

“You need to talk to Y/N,” she said plainly. “She doesn’t talk to me, and you two have that weird bond thing. I’ll never understand it. But you need to do something.”

“I tried.” Jensen threw his hands up in defeat, making his way to move past his wife. She sidestepped, blocking his path. He raised an eyebrow. She matched. Jensen sighed.

“Listen, I’ll try talking to her again,” he said, putting a hand on her shoulders. “She’s going to have to fake time to adjust to this family. It’s a new thing for her. We’re going to have to let her go at her own pace.”

“But she’s part of this family! Doesn’t she deserve to know that?”

“She does,” he gave her shoulders a reassuring squeeze, “and I know that we’ll get her around eventually. She just needs to adjust. We just… need to make sure she’s got everything under control.”

Danneel’s eyes widened, as though a warning sign to Jensen. It was really too bad that he missed it.


“What? You know it’s true. She can't really be part of this family until she comes around. We can’t force her to be with us. She needs to decide for herself. She has to make this work, not us.”


“It’s going to be hard with a new addition, but I know we can make it through this-”

“Jensen!” she cut him off, looking pointedly behind him. He frowned, turning. There, in the hallway, stood Y/N. Her face was hard as she stood motionless.

“How much-” he started.


The air was heavy around them. Nothing broke it- not even the sound of JJ in the other room playing.

“Y/N-” Jensen started, but she had her jaw clenched and was already walking towards her room.

“Way to go, Jay,” Danneel sighed into her hands. “What was all that about?”

“I was just saying that she needed to-”

“That’s the problem!” She said, exasperated. She threw her hands in the air, almost whacking her husband in his face. “Y/N doesn’t want to have to ‘need to do’ anything. She wants to be accepted into this family without feeling like she has any obligations toward us. If she has to ‘do’ something then she feels like she’s living with us as a renter, not as a family.”

“Oh,” was all Jensen said. It made so much more sense now.

Of course, he knew that she’d want others to reach out to her before she reached out to them, but he had been so afraid of pushing her boundaries that he hadn’t realized that maybe she’d wanted him to.

He pressed a quick kiss to Danneel’s cheek. “If you’ll excuse me,” he looked at her with all seriousness and a smile, “I have a daughter to win back over.”

He walked away without seeing the smile on his wife’s face.

Standing outside her door, Jensen took in a deep breath. He’d messed up- big time. He needed to do something to make it up, but there was no way she could forgive him.

Oh, how he wished he could take back what he said.

He opened the door and stepped into the doorframe. As he suspected, Y/N was facing the wall opposite him, headphones in and oblivious to the world.

Except she wasn’t playing any music.

Most likely, she had plugged them in and forgotten to turn them on. She did that often, when she was caught up in her thoughts or emotion. Jensen noticed that when they first brought her to be a part of their family- the family that he was determined to fix.

“You know, you are allowed to be a part of this family,” he smiled softly at her. She kept her eyes glued to the wall.

“Only if I do all the work?” she asked in a monotone voice.

“No,” he frowned, “Y/N, you know that isn’t true.”

“Do you regret it?” she asked suddenly. He could feel how badly she wanted him to accept her, to love her, but he couldn’t figure out why.

He’d give the damn world to her if he could.

“Not for a second,” he said thickly. Jensen rubbed a hand down his face. He would not tear up. This was about Y/N, his… his daughter.

“Why’d you do it?” she whispered. “Adopt me. There were a thousand other kids who would’ve been better applicants and better children. I can’t remember to take out the garbage half the time, and then what if JJ starts asking questions? What if she doesn’t accept me? There were better options-”

“Is that what this is about?” he interrupted, sitting beside her. “Y/N, when we… when you joined our family, we weren’t looking for the best qualified to babysit. If we wanted some kid we didn’t know so that we could make some new bond with them, we wouldn’t have asked-” he stopped short. Y/N looked up at him, finally, with watery eyes.
Jensen was sure his owned matched.

“Y/N,” he croaked. He cleared his throat. “We wanted you to join our family. Not some kid we didn’t know. We wanted you. We still do. You were already… you were already like a daughter to me, so me and your mother- me and Danneel, we decided to make it official.”

Jensen slid an arm around her, and- seeing her lean into it- pulled her flush against him. He tried to ignore how she trembled slightly.

“We don’t regret it,” he whispered into her hair. “Not for a damn second. And we never will. We love you too damn much.”

“I love you too, dad.” Y/N jolted, sitting upright. “I- I’m sorry. I didn’t-”

“Hey, hey,” Jensen pulled her back again. “It’s okay. It’s all okay.”

They stayed like that, wrapped into each other, for a long time. Jensen lost count of the minutes spent on that couch.

“Can I call you dad?” Y/N’s voice was barely above a whisper, and Jensen almost didn’t catch it. He smiled into her hair, pressing a kiss to it.

“Of course,” he replied softly. “But only if I get to call you my daughter.”

“Deal.” He felt her smile against his shirt. Maybe this could work out.

Who says you can’t go home? (last chapter)

This one is long overdue! I lost inspiration for this story a while ago and had to put it on hold. I’m so glad to finally give this story the ending it deserves and I’m sorry for making you guys wait so long.

Time to give Bucky and Jess some closure ;)

Story: Bucky and Steve wait for Jess to wake up.

No warning for this chapter, this is just all fluff and feels.


Previous chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6


Who says you can’t go home (chapter 7, last one)

She had never been in this house before. Never walked down these stairs or cooked in this kitchen, nor had she ever slept in this bed. Yet every corner of this place felt familiar. She knew it was home.

The bench on the front porch was bathing in sunlight, a soft wind rustled through the leaves of the nearby trees. It was still early and the afternoon was quiet and lazy. The only other sound was the gentle laughter of the man sitting on the bench.

His long legs were stretched out in front of him and his long dark hair was tied into a messy bun. He put his book on his lap and greeted her with a loving smile while his hand reached out, trying to grab hers.

’Jess, come here,’ he whispered,’ Jess?’

She didn’t answer him.

‘Why won’t you come home to me?’ he sighed.

It was a dream, always the same one. Jess could feel Bucky right beside her but she didn’t know how to reach out to him. As if they were in two parallel worlds, existing in the same place and time but never able to connect. She knew he was there yet she couldn’t find him.

Steve walked in to find Bucky by the side of her bed, holding her hand firmly in his.

‘You need to get some rest.’

‘I just woke up from an 11 year long nap, I’m fine,’ Bucky threw back, keeping his eyes on Jess and gently rubbing her hand with his thumb.

‘She just needs time,’ Steve’s voice was softer and more reassuring this time,’ she’s the first to ever…this is unprecedented, we have no way of knowing how her body will react.’

‘Right, and yet you let her do this.’

Steve tried to defend himself,’ She didn’t actually leave me much of a choice, Buck.’

Bucky stayed quiet and Steve sighed defeated. He didn’t want there to be any anger between them but the truth was he couldn’t really blame Bucky for being angry. He would be too if the roles were reversed, he just needed Bucky to understand.

‘Did you think I didn’t try to talk her out of it? Trust me I did nothing else for weeks, months even, but she wasn’t having any of it, you know how stubborn she gets,’ Steve added and much to his surprise Bucky let out a little chuckle.

He looked over his shoulder to meet Steve’s eyes,’ Yeah, I know. I know, Steve.’

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shall we dance?

 @whimsical-writer said: Fluff Prompt: Carolina doesn’t ask for two AIs, and thus South gets the Happiness/Joy AI (I don’t know if we know which that is of Eta and Iota :“u)

Characters: Agent South, Agent North, Iota

Warnings: None

Words: 1089

On AO3

South hated dance classes as a child. Ballet, especially, was infuriating – she wasn’t allowed to run and shout and jump but had to stand at the barre with everyone else, back straight, chin up, arm just so. Every class more rigid and structured than the last, until Quetlyn called her “sausage-legs” and South punched her in the face. And, well, that was the end of ballet classes.

(“Good job,” North had whispered to her afterwards, so serious already at ten years old. Their parents had felt differently.)

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// Apartment 5108—Sehun and Ahri
// Adult Fiction
// Just a tad mildly smutty

A/N: @minsoakes did a fabulous NSFW A-Z (Read it!) which inspired this piece. I didn’t read hers prior to writing this so if there are some similarities, it wasn’t on purpose and is purely coincidental. Under the cut and enjoy!

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#192 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “a fluffy fic about travel to New York with Van? That they walk everywhere and there are many hugs and kisses bc it’s winter” and “the reader gets out of bad relationship, and they turn up at vans and he takes them out to do all of the things they couldn’t do in the relationship?”

Warnings: Domestic violence.

“Van… This is… This is way too much. I can’t-”

“Course you can, Y/N. It’s not too much because it’s not like I can’t afford it. More money than I know what to do with. And I owe you from the millions of favours you’ve done for me and the band over the years, yeah? And ma says you went over and helped her out with some cake thing the other day?”

“Yeah, but-”

“But nothin’. You deserve good things, Y/N. You’ve had horrible fuckin’ luck with that. Had a bad run of things. I can't… I can’t fix everything for you. Would if I could, trust me, but… Let me do this. Come with me to New York and have a good time and just forget everythin’ else for a bit. It will be class. I promise. It’s not like you’ve got much else on, right?”

Right. The past fourteen months had seen the slow withdrawal of you from everything in your life. Patrick seemed wonderful at first, they always do. Then he mentioned he didn’t like the way your friends spoke to you, even though they spoke just fine. He said work was stressing you out, so you started calling in sick more. Little by little, his whispering advice became the one guiding force in your life. You stopped seeing the girls. You hardly spoke to Van or the guys at all. Social media was deleted; it could have been a lifeline and Patrick knew that. You relied on his income to keep you fed and housed. Family were never spoken of. You existed in a bubble that seemed so safe. He’d made it that way. You versus the world. Then, inside the bubble when things turned bad there was nowhere to go and nobody to save you.

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Bughead prompt: A little sweet he can't resist, often leads to being kissed! - Veronica Lodge

I had to go and look up where this quote was from! Fudge to give him the final nudge, ay Ronnie? I was gonna make this cute and fluffy but then oops angst happened! Enjoy my loves.

(I wrote this on the notes section of my phone, and am currently sitting on a wall to get wifi, the things I do for you lot, huh? ❤)


“Hey, B!” Veronica beamed, strutting down the hallway towards her friend. Betty looked upwards in acknowledgement, the small smile she offered grim at best, not even close to reaching her eyes. “What’s wrong?” Veronica asked, tone switching to concern instantly. Betty began to shake her head, unusually askew ponytail swaying as she looked down dejectedly, fingers playing with the frayed edge of her sweater sleeve.

“It… it’s nothing,” Betty murmured, refusing to meet Veronica’s steady gaze.

“Come on, B, I know you. And I definitely know when something is up? Tell me, maybe I can help,” Veronica coaxed, resting a reassuring hand on her arm. Betty bit her bottom lip as it began to quiver, blinking quickly in an attempt to dissipate the tears gathering along her waterline.

“Jughead and I had a fight,” she got out with a shaky inhale. “Our first fight.” Veronica’s eyes hardened at the pain she saw settling on Betty’s face.

“What did Edgar Allen Poe do?” she all but demanded, shoulders moving back as she prepared for some classic Lodge confrontation. The colour drained from Betty’s face.

“No, it was my fault,” she whispered, Veronica having to lean forward slightly in order to catch the words. She blinked in surprise. The idea of Riverdale’s very own Perfect Polly (and yes, she was aware of the irony) doing anything to anger someone - let alone the boy that fawned over her like she hung the stars - was unimaginable.

“Oh… what happened?” she asked, too curious to be sorry about prying. Betty sighed, shoulders curling forward in defeat.

“It’s stupid, I don’t even know why…” she cried, hands gesturing futilely. “He just caught me at a really bad moment, Mom is still a wreck about Polly, and I had an awful headache and he wouldn’t stop talking about how we weren’t getting anywhere with the investigation anymore and I snapped!” Her breathing hitched as she closed her eyes against the memory of her outburst. “I said that maybe…” she paused, shaking her head, unable to repeat her words. “I implied there were more important things than our investigating and his novel, in more unkind words,” she whispered, voice cracking as the tears finally started to spill over. Veronica grimaced, unable to stop herself from picturing the way Jughead’s face would have fallen at his girlfriend’s outburst. Betty swiped furiously at her face. “You should have seen him, V, he looked so sad but he just nodded and left. I-I didn’t mean it, I wanted to take it all back straight away but he…” she had to pause to catch her stuttering breath.

Veronica’s heart ached for the crestfallen girl before her. Sure, she’d been surprised when she’d first learned of their secret tryst, but she couldn’t deny the good they had done for each other. Betty had a glow that radiated from her very core, lighting her up even on her darkest days. And she’d never seen Jughead so… comfortable, like he finally felt at home in his skin, like he wasn’t waiting for the other shoe to drop. And Betty had gone and knocked over the whole damn display rack just because of the wrong thing said at the wrong time. Veronica ran her eyes over Betty one last time, mouth dropping open slightly as the pieces fell into place.

“You love him.” It wasn’t a question. Betty’s eyes snapped up to meet her own, shining with fresh tears, but their depth of verdant green crystal clear. Betty sniffed, running her sleeve under her nose.

“Yeah,” she said, voice cracking, as if it were the simplest statement in the world. “And now he won’t even look at me.” They stood, face to face in the hall a while longer before Veronica straightened up, chin lifting into the air slightly.

“Well, if my girl is in trouble then it is my duty as designated best friend to help her out,” Veronica announced, hoping to pull a giggle from Betty’s downturned lips. The reluctant smirk she offered was good enough. “Every woman knows that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and given that I suspect Jughead is secretly harbouring at least three stomachs this should be an easy feat,” she quipped, eyes sparkling mischievously. Betty couldn’t hold back her laugh, breath stuttering still on her inhale. Veronica’s eyes softened. “I know it’s hard, but I can say without a doubt that the frustrating enigma that is Jughead Jones the Third is head over heels in love with you too,” she said, tipping Betty’s downturned face up with a delicate finger under her chin.

“You think?” The hope in Betty’s voice was enough to melt the iciest of hearts. Veronica nodded firmly.

“I know.” The creases in Betty’s forehead smoothed out slightly as Veronica linked her arm through hers. “Come on, Julia Child, we’ve got work to do.”


When she tried to leave her spot next to Betty on the worn out couch in the Blue and Gold office she’d yelped in surprise as tight finders dug into her forearm, keeping her firmly in place. She raised a sharply arched questioning eyebrow.

“I need you here, in case…” Betty trailed off, unable to bring herself to think of the alternative. Veronica nodded in understanding, resting a reassuring hand over the one still tightly clinging to her arm.

Jughead was cautious as he stepped over the threshold, into the office he considered a second home. Betty’s heart stopped before picking up again in double time. She stood up on shaky legs, nervousness coursing through her veins. Veronica took a moment to look closely at Jughead’s face, the faintest traces of red rimmed his suspicious eyes as they flicked around the room, determined not to meet Betty’s head on.

“Hi, Juggie,” her barely audible voice still rung out loud and clear across the stiflingly still air in the room.

“Hey, Betts.” His voice was thick and gravelly with unshed emotion. His eyes finally landed on the box on his desk, gaudy and bright, tied with an elaborate bow that Veronica insisted had to be the look they went for. “What’s that?” he asked cautiously. Betty’s had came up to run through her ponytail, an action of comfort.

“They’re… I made you brownies,” she shrugged, the gesture seeming silly now that he was standing in front of her. How could sugar and chocolate possible make up for the hurt she caused? Her heart stuttered at the disbelieving chuckle he let out, eyes beginning to glow with classic Jughead mirth once more. Betty felt her confidence grow. “I’m so sorry, Juggie, I didn’t mean any of the things I-” she stopped, feeling her words start to pour forth wildly. She pointed to the delicately folded paper tucked under the ribbon. “I wrote everything down just in case,” she mumbled bashfully. His heart swelled at her gesture.

Veronica watched with apprehension as Jughead gingerly picked up the note and began to read. Betty hadn’t let her read what she had written, placing her hand over the page as her cheeks dusted with pink. Veronica smiled sheepishly at her nosiness, lifting her hands in apology as she left Betty to her declarations. Jughead’s breath hitched audibly as his eyes fervorously scanned the words written in Betty’s sloping hand. He looked up at her suddenly, eyes wide and gleaming.

“Really?” he asked, tone wistful. Betty nodded, smiling through quivering lips.

“Yes, I love you,” her words were just a breath as he reached for her, cupping her cheeks with shaking hands and pressing his lips to hers with an undeniable fire. Her hands fisted in the soft fabric of his sweater. He pulled back to rest his forehead against hers, heart pounding under her palms.

“I love you, Betty.” Veronica smiled in satisfaction as she slipped out behind them unnoticed as they remained wrapped around each other.


“Betts, these are the best brownies I’ve ever tasted. Seriously,” Jughead mumbled around a mouth full of cake from across the booth at Pop’s, crumbs falling from his lips. Veronica scrunched her nose up in disgust at his lack of table manners, turning to look at her best friend, expecting to see Betty’s face mirroring her own. But instead she was greeted with that glow, the one she’d been missing for those few dreary hours they were apart. Betty giggled shyly, reaching up to wipe away some of the mess on his face before pressing a tender peck against the corner of his mouth while he smiled at her with that expression he saved for her eyes only.

Betty glanced over at her best friend over the tabletop, mouthing a ‘thank you’ when she caught her eyes. Veronica nodded in acknowledgment. She hadn’t experienced much love in her lifetime yet, but she knew that the story unfolding across from here would be one for the ages.

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You said lucio/symmetra was your ultimate otp...i'm intrigued by it but since there's so little around I haven't fully gotten into it! Could you share some of your thoughts on it o: ? i'm definitely interested on what you think their dynamic is like! I know you said you wanted people to tell you about their ships but I can't stop wondering about this ship since you mentioned it...

ur all horrible enablers, shame on u

If I put all my feelings about this ship in a book, it’d look like that book where that one dude printed out all of Wikipedia, so instead have some headcanons I have on their dynamic (and also this turned out a bit longer than anticipated)

  • They’re way more similar than they think they are and everytime someone points it out they both argue like siblings when someone tells them they look alike.

  • Like, let me give a brief description and you try to guess whom I’m talking about: Super idealistic, believes in a better world for everyone. Wants to make people’s lives better and cares deeply about the suffering of others. Comes from a very poor family but has risen above that by virtue of their talents. An artist and uses their artistic skill in their fighting style. Has strong ideals and is prepared to face overwhelming opposition for them.

  • I think on some level they’re aware of how much they have in common but in the beginning they refuse to face the facts, because they do not want to be associated with someone like that.

  • And they hate each other. And, as everyone knows, hate is an attractional force. It’s not like disgust where you try to stay away from the other person. No, they hate each other and everytime they’re in roughly the same spot (like, a continent) they inevitably end up finding and shouting at each other over everything they could possibly disagree over.

  • And there’s a lot they disagree about and they miraculously find more everytime they argue.

  • If Satya says she likes a movie, Lúcio will hate it by default and argue with her about all the problematic shit in it and of course an evil heartless demon like her would like that movie. If Lúcio dyes his hair blue for Christmas, Satya will change her entire wardrobe because the colour blue is so unsophisticated and simplistic, she can’t be seen dead with it.

  • And there’s a breaking point somewhere, because both of them know they don’t have all the answers and the other isn’t all wrong in their accusations. Lúcio breaks down someday because damn her, Satya is right, the people in his favela are still poor, they are still hungry and thirsty, still sick and unable to pay the hospital bills, still miserable and he doesn’t know how to fix it, and maybe Vishkar would have fixed it and maybe giving up their freedom wouldn’t have been too high a price to pay.

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*same anon who asked for baby Newt & Theseus again* OH MY GOD!! That was ADORABLE!! I can't handle how cute that was & the little story/explanation you gave. "I've been wanting to draw these two again" PLEASE DO! I love Newt & Theseus in fanart/fics so much! And you linked mamin to it too! If they respond I might just die of happiness. You two are my fav fanartists & I get so excited when I see either of you posted something new. I'm still fangirling over the fact you responded to my ask. <3 <3

HELLO THERE! HEHE THANK YOU I’M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT Aaaahhh I love writing little tiny ficlets :’D I honestly just like to babble about the characters I love so I end up doing that HAHA I’m glad you find them entertaining!

Aaww, yeaa, she did respond! Mamin is such a sweetheart and I love talking to her about Theseus’ and Newt’s bond

ohmygod, I don’t even know what I did to receive that sort of praise but I am so so so flattered??? I don’t even know what to say??? It’s such an honor to be called someone’s favorite fanartist so thank you so much!

aaaa I actually did a continuation drawing that’s about the small filclet I wrote in the prev post! And I also did another ficlet thing heh

Newt wakes with a shudder, a sudden coldness cloaking over him and a sense of wrongness halting his breath with a shaky gasp. His hands twitch towards the blankets that have been pushed away, eyes still heavy with sleep. It ins’t until he hears the first soft whimper that his body jolts, instantly uncurling from his fetal position. Theseus. His mind registers with alarm that the warmth he had been missing was in fact, his brother’s embrace.

He sits up, face twisting in concern. The sight of his brother’s quaking, curled up form had his stomach knotting itself, and the unnaturally high-pitched whines of distress cut through the ringing silence of the night and right into his heart. Newt reached out a gentle hand to brush back sweat-soaked locks, the other moving to tenderly stroke down Theseus’ arm. His lips formed around his brother’s name, hushing and whispering gentle assurances.

He hated seeing his brother like this, usually so strong and composed, now small and fragile. Theseus was anything but. Newt carefully draped his arm and leg over the shaking form in a manner emulating Theseus’ usual sleeping position; ever the protector. Voice pitched low, he began to hum a soft melody, singing quietly to dispel whatever night-terror had dared disturb his precious family.

Newt may not be able to protect his brother from the real horrors of the world, but here, in their own space, he offers his love and comfort as respite- a soothing balm to ease the wounds inflicted by living. He embraces the role of his namesake, keeping vigilance over the night alongside the moon until sobs die away into occasional soft hiccup and the shudders finally still.

Newt doesn’t have the heat of his brother’s arms encasing him in their protection, but somehow -having Theseus in his arms, safe- he feels all the warmer for it.

Moramortia: Chapter 1

143k words total, 20 chapters


Scorpius isn’t on the Hogwarts Express at the start of seventh year, and Albus discovers that he’s become very ill over the summer. Determined to find out what’s wrong with him and how to make him better, Albus starts doing some research, and discovers Moramortia, a fatal illness with just one cure. Together, Albus and Scorpius (with some help from Rose) set out on an adventure to find the ingredients to make the potion that will hopefully save Scorpius’s life…

This fic has been just over a year in the making, and I can’t believe it’s finally done. Thank you to everyone who’s helped along the way, including those who have had to suffer through all the angsty snippets that I couldn’t help but share. Special thanks go to my amazing beta, @abradystrix – Bathilda believed in us, and we got here in the end!

Read it on AO3 / Pick a chapter


The Beginning

Find what you love and let it kill you.

Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness.

Let it kill you and let it devour your remains.

For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover.

-Charles Bukowski


Scorpius isn’t on the Hogwarts Express at the start of seventh year. This would be alarming in itself, but coupled with the fact that Albus has heard nothing from him in weeks, it’s downright terrifying. 

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Hello ! I want to request a prompt : Sana’s mother realize the boy her daughter like is Yousef. Thank you :)

Sana had just come home from school. Her day hadn’t been really good. To be honest, since Friday, none of her days were really good. Her mind was always wandering elsewhere, and when it wasn’t, she always seemed to witness or hear something offending, assumptions about her or looks she didn’t want to notice. Today, even her two hours of biology had been horrid. She was stressed out. Isak looked at her expectantly, probably waiting for some kind of answer to his quiet questions about Mikael. The thing was, she didn’t want to think about Mikael, because then she thought of Even, whom she didn’t want to betray. She wanted him to take his time, to take the decision of telling Isak about what had happened his own way. And then she thought of Yousef. Yousef… That’s where her mind wandered all day everyday. It was exhausting. Thinking about him, about her relation to Allah, about the aspects of her faith and his… Thinking about how she felt when she was around him, about his smile, and the way he moved around her, always keeping his distance to show he respected her.

She took off her shoes after entering the apartment, put down her bag and her jacket. Sana went straight to the kitchen, where her mother was sitting, reading a book.

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Miraculous AU: Manon the Little Ladybird 🐞
  • Miraculous Ladybug AU Idea
  • Manon: the Little Ladybird
  • Right. I had another idea.
  • It's a reveal fic. Kinda.
  • The gist of it is that Darling Marinette gets found out.
  • But it's not her parents. It's not Alya, it's not Adrien.
  • It's Manon. Adorable, bratty, Manon.
  • It can be before the Puppeteer episode or after (in my head it isn't).
  • Bloody Manon.
  • How I see it Manon is waiting in Mari's room to apologize for what she did while akumatized. Mme. Chammack is arranging a catering event with the Dupain-Chengs at the station as a small apology of her own to her coworkers, and they're so busy that they don't notice that Manon sneaks upstairs to see Mari, even though they told her not to go up because Mari had to do some studying for an important test.
  • But Mari isn't there. The room is empty with Jagged Stone playing softly and the repaired dolls are sitting on the desk, with a few papers with sketches of the other akumatized forms of people. There is a quick one of her on the bottom of the stack. On a sticky note next to the dolls is the reminder to make a new pair of Chat Noir and Ladybug for Manon, but she doesn't see that.
  • Manon picks up the Chat Noir and Ladybug dolls and plays with them nervously for a little while; after all just a few days ago she had used these to cause a lot of problems. Manon is sitting by the chaise, so she can't be seen from the skylight.
  • Which leads to Ladybug soaring through her skylight, bouncing off her bed and popping up in the middle of her floor. Manon is stupefied, and before she can call out to her idol and rescuer, there's a flash of red light and Marinette is standing where Ladybug once was and smiling at a red creature that was giggling happily.
  • Manon stands and stares.
  • Tiki see her, squeaks, and attempts to hide.
  • Marinette freezes and then slowly turns around to peek at who finally found out her secret.
  • After a suitable amount of Freak Out™ Manon promises to keep her secret and is the proudest seven to eight-year-old in the world when she's told she's the only person Mari's ever told.
  • She starts to ask to spend more time at the Dupain-Chengs with Marinette, who kinda adopts her as her little sister/protégé.
  • She learns all about fashion at the hip of Marinette and all about duty from Ladybug.
  • (Manon is the only one who sees how exhausted Marinette is after her patrols as Ladybug, is the only one who knows how many injuries she's bandaged over and the scars that mean Mari will never again wear a midriff bearing top, seen Marinette soak her twitching hands in water after hours of pinning, and sewing, and hand embroidering the clothes that will make her future.)
  • Manon blooms with her newfound sense of responsibility and after a few months her mother gifts her with a phone with four numbers programmed in: her mother's, the station, the bakery, and Marinette's personal number.
  • She adds Ladybug's compact number the moment she alone with an Ladybug emoji in the name slot. It's set as her number three speed dial.
  • All of a sudden Ladybug knows where all the shit is going down because Manon has her on speed dial and an alert on the Ladyblog.
  • Not only that but she has the schools number and she can call and get Marinette out of class by stating that she needed Marinette to come and get her, she didn't know where she was and her mom was at work.
  • (She only does this if it's really bad though.)
  • In an interview with Alya, she asks what the secret to her new response time to danger.
  • Ladybug winks, puts a finger to her lips, and declares "I have a little Ladybird helping me. She's slowly earning her spots."
  • After this Manon demands that her number be given to Chat Noir, and Marinette agrees. So the next time they get together before a patrol and before he can ask any questions she opens her compact to make a call, the only identifier a small red ladybug with no spots, before a voice chirps out a greeting and asks for his number.
  • After coming to terms with their off-screen sidekick, he gives her the number to his personal phone with the understanding that she was only allowed to text, and not call, that phone.
  • (Manon low-key ships LadyNoir, but that's mostly from Him always saving her big sister than any real idea on their relationship.)
  • Adrien is a sad kitty one day and shoots a text to her on accident.
  • He immediately gets a response and they become bros.
  • Manon is now determined to play matchmaker because this guy is the perfect guy for Marinette, and much better than that Model that never pays attention to her.
  • Insert Classic LadyNoir love square happenings complete with Marinette getting over Adrien (painfully) and Adrien noticing that "Wait. Dis a Boss-@ss-B*tch."
  • Then BLAM: Manon is being chased around Paris because if Akuma (no she was not found out, just reasons okay?) and in the midst of saving her Ladybug becomes injured and Manon is the one who directs Chat Noir (Ladybug in his arms, Ladybird-known-as-Manon on his back, no problem.)
  • On the roof of the Dupain-Cheng bakery.
  • Where Marinette lives.
  • Ladybug turns into Marinette right after they drop onto her bed.
  • While Chat gapes in stunned awe, Manon is on the move pulling the first aid kit out and after having Tikki ensure her that she could be woken "It was just the pain that knocked her out." Mari is summarily shaken awake and handed the muscle relaxant cream that she immediately spreads on her shoulders and sides with Manon deals with the big one at the small of her back.
  • Chat is a sad-ashamed kitty, but Marinette is okay with it, as long as he doesn't reveal his own identity. Her family and friends had just been put in danger, she refused to put his in danger too.
  • Marichat occurs intensely and mild pre-Adrienette colors school hours and group projects with adorable littlesister!Manon as a constant no matter what side of the mask.
  • That is all my brain has.
  • It is dry now.
  • Whyyyyyyy?!
  • Someone has to come and help.
  • Please.
Red vs Blue fic: Gift of the Magi (8/12)

Summary: Wash has already gone through too much, been broken too often. So when they get captured by Hargrove together, Tucker figures he has one job: until the cavalry shows up, keep Wash alive and (relatively) sane. No matter the cost.

Unfortunately, Wash is just as determined to protect him.

Parings: None.

Warnings: Rated M. Canon-typical language, aftermath of canonical character death, psychological torture, hallucinations, hallucinated child harm, mentions of torture and suicide, fake-out character death.

Notes: Also available on AO3!

Wash wakes up back in his cell. He’s stripped down to his undersuit—he feels raw and naked without his armor—and his whole body aches.

I disobeyed orders. Tucker will pay for it.

The thought drums through his head, over and over. All he’s tried to do, ever since they got captured, is keep Tucker safe. It’s the only mission he has left, now that Caboose is dead. And now, because he froze up, Tucker is going to be punished.

Just because he didn’t want to kill Palomo.

Tucker wouldn’t want him to kill Palomo.

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In Which York Assists Tex When She is Feeling Poorly

@secretlystephaniebrown said: Fluff Week: Tex gets a cold, refuses to tell anyone, York figures it out and tries to help her. 

Characters: Agent York, Agent Texas, Delta

Warnings: None

Words: 1700

On AO3

At first Tex thinks she can ignore it, the slight fuzziness on her senses, the uncomfortable warmth between her shoulders. It happens occasionally, days where she just feels vaguely off, but she always powers through. That’s probably what this is, she thinks, aggressively tightening a lug nut on her bike. Nothing to worry about.

“… until tomorrow. What do you think?”

She glances up at York, leaning against his bike with his helmet off, bottle of water in his hand. It’s just the three of them by the side of this desert highway, not another living thing stirring under the noonday sun. After a second, she realizes that he’s looking down at her, waiting for an answer. “What?”

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